The Second life

I was watching a special show that talked about a virtual reality game / community called “The second life“.

It’s basically an application you install on your computer that allows you access to a virtual world where you can have a character that lives a second life virtually, your real actual life is referred to as your “First life”.

First you pick a first name then a last name from a list that is provided, then you pick the character you want to be, customize it, the height the weight the color of your eyes the clothes ,EVERYTHING , you create an identity.

You live in this virtual reality where you can buy a house, land, clothes, shoes, guns , even sex toys and anything you can imagine out there with money called Linden money which you buy with real money.

Second life is so convincing since in it you can get married , get a job , auction property on eBay. 

It’s free, naybody can join, but you can’t buy stuff if you don’t become a paying member.

It’s a community where it’s all virtual people with real people behind them. People are making a real living out of this and making a lot of money! Real money, the show featured a clothes designer that sells virtual clothes for 7 dollars a pop. She spends up-to 13 hours a day living in her second life!

I was freaked out, there are people who do not have a first life what so ever, they only have a second life as if it was all real.

I was fascinated and disgusted and sad all at the same time, I mean it’s cool if it was just for fun and games , imagine if I create a virtual 7aki Fadi and have an office and have Bob and William there… that would be hilarious and fun, but when you seize to have a first life and all day and night you live in your second life then , dude, you need therapy.

I went to check out the website and I saw they had a blog which had a guy announcing that he got married in his second life. Here is what he said:

“Hello! *smiles and waves* Because of stuff that’s happened in my Second Life, I’m in love and moving house in my First Life”

I clicked on the love link to go to flicker to see a picture of the happy couple


This is real for some people, this is their whole life, I was also amazed by the comments left on the photo:
” May your love grow as you’re blessed with many, many children!”
“It still amazes me what an effect that SL has with our lives. This romantic photo of you two makes me miss my girl even more.”

WOW, I don’t know what to say, have humans become so lonely and so depressed by real life to do this? I think I lost any hope for humanity after i saw this.

It reminds me of bambams post “Guys & Dolls…. I am scared for life now” .. shudder..


29 Responses

  1. Been playing it for like six months but not on a daily basis, it’s amazing.
    Thanks for Mr Internet.

  2. wow…well i guess it is an outlet for people whos real lives are instead of mopping around they live a virtual life…what the hell am i saying…this is disgusting! i hope those guys are only kidding…

  3. So if you are married in your first life and virtually married in your second life, does that make you a polygamist?

  4. You know, these things are spreading so much that it’s starting to scare me. In addition to the fact that it might have some psychological side effect!

    Anyway, I don’t have much time to play 😦

  5. my boss made me get attached to it… I play it whenever I have free time on hands

    dolls arent ppl, dolls arent ppl, dolls aren’t ppl
    why 7aki, why !

    hey now seriously i never got too much into the game, but online multiplayer games, mmorpg’s, are extremely addictive
    and that game especially is quite addictive. although to me it was boring because simply i can’t be bothered building a life, its so nihilistic you have no purpose what so over when u start in it.
    whats even more surprising is that real business and real ppl head it quite a bit of attention. reuters got offices there, so does AP . richard dawkins have given speeches there a few time, al gore did the same … and a bunch of others so i guess it could be the next IM application is what i thought when i started playing.

    that remind me of southpark – make love not warcraft (the much much more popular online game)

  7. crap… thats german …

  8. Jad: Is it? Do you like buy and sell stuff ? Do you have cyber friends? What do you do playing it? I am very intrigued to know.

    Sam: Some of them are obsessed, I guess everything in moderation is OK but I see it as another addiction to keep people away from living the real life.

    Dave: lol.
    But interesting question, I think it depends on who you ask. I think it could be qualified as cheating , and ewww if my husband had a virtual wife I would like sooo think hard / reconsider the marriage.

    Q: OMG I can’t begin to imagine the psychological effects. I think you become incapable of carrying on any type of human interaction or conversation.

    Moey: So look at Jad’s questions, how is it? What do you do there? Do you have friends? Do you have a virtual girlfriend? lol

    Bambam: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA dude that cracked me up!

    Mmorpg, wow interesting! And I can’t believe how corporations pounce on anything to make money! What a crazy world we live in.

    And lol at the link, it’s German man, lol.

  9. THis is totally bizarre but also not very surprising. I remember watching one of those primetime shows not too long ago (nightline, dateline, 48 hours, one of those) and they featured a story of a married couple with kids that lived in a nice house and drove fancy cars. The dad was a dentist (I think) and the mom was stay at home. The mom started having an “online life” that started out by her becoming addicted to those internet games and then she apparently fell in love with one of the other players and made this plan to murder her real life husband because that was what’s getting in the way of being with her online lover.

    I mean can you imagine? some people feel that their real life is getting in the way of their online life and go to these extremes. Anyway, it turned out that the online lover was really a woman pretending to be a man and the real life husband found out of her plan and ended up actually murdering his wife with the intent of making it look like a suicide. The real victims in all this craziness were the 2 kids.

  10. Back when I had some time, I used to play a similar game (although it is set in the middle ages) called Ultima Online, basically it started this genre.

    After playing for a couple of months, I had enough money, joined a guild, started regularily meeting up with the guild online so that we would go have wars with other guilds, and raid monster spawns and such.

    You will find that all the top players in the game are retired octogenarians (someone over 80). Not that I have anything against them, its just that you will never be able to compete against someone with that kinda time on their hands.

    Moreover, after a while (a few months) they all get very repetetive, and boring. Less so when you cooperate in the online game with your real life friends. At one point we would organise raids while each of has had a headset and were in contact with each other outside the game through a software called RogerWilco (basically like an online walkie talkie). Let’s just say the other players didn’t know what hit them.

    However, I don’t think everyone who plays this kind of game is an “adict” anyomore than you could say bloggers are addicts. Certainly if it is something you enjoy and you don’t spend unreasonable amounts of time on it, it’s not unhealthy.

  11. Here is something my company’s Paris Office produced – office workers portraying avatars in Second Life. it’s pretty neat :d

  12. i admit, i love the game!! but i had to stop at one point because i felt like i was missing out on my 1st life!! it is fun if you do not take it so seriously, but like almost everything on the net, it is addictive, at least this is how felt while playing it! All what was mentioned about it above, crazy, bizzare, addictive and so on, are all true….Mmmm…i might go back and check what happened to me in my second life!!!

  13. LooooooooooooooooooooooL.

    Yes I am aware of this game and its weirdness. I blogged about the woman who made millions of money in real life by working as a real estate agent in second life:

  14. Yeesh, I just read about pedophiles using 2nd Life for their escapades, too.

    KJ, I read about her in Business Week!

  15. well when ur first life sucks ……..

  16. “Linden”?? Was it a Saudi who invented this game?

  17. come ooooooon..These games are fun. there is a game I used to play called SIMS. It has the same concept but not online play. I used to build characters and engage in all kinds of bizarre stuff I can’t do in real life. I’d lock my character in a room and watch him pee on himself, stink, starve and then die.. :D…I married in the game and made my virtual sister engage in lesbian activities with my wife.. I am telling you..its HILARIOUS. 😀

  18. Hamza, don’t be cruel to your sims, for all you know, you are a sim 😛

    why is it this use of the word addicition is restricted to online activities ? If a kid plays basketball with his friends every day, are they addicted to basketball ?

  19. You know, I did an essay for my teaching class on SecondLife, it actually has some AMAZING uses in teaching, cuz alot of universities have virtual campuses and virtual classrooms so that professors can have assignments, classes, etc all in there. It is AWESOME!
    I actually have an avatar on SecondLife but as I realized when I was doing “research” for my essay, you can get sooooooooooooooooooooooo lost in it. The first time I went in there, I was only going in for 1 hour, and I spent 6 hours there without realizing it!!!!
    However, my first life is so busy so I hardly ever go in there any more 😛
    Bs you know… I’ve see in it the media alot lately…there was a couple who split up cuz the guy was having sex with another girl…except the sex, the “guy” and the girl he was sleeping with WERE ALL IN SECONDLIFE!!!
    Nothing happened in real life, bs she still considered it cheating… oh, and there was also an article about a straight guy when enjoyed having a gay affair on SecondLife but he was not gay at all, it was just a fantasy for him that he never wanted to play out in real life and was grateful for SecondLife so that he could do this.
    But yea, ppl make a lot of money (both in the real world and SecondLife), buying and selling stuff and also selling LAND too, I mean, WOW!!!
    Fun fact… do you know that you have to buy genitals in SecondLife? All ppl get are barbie-and-ken smooth areas but you can buy gentials so you can ..ehem… use them 😉

  20. I heard about this before. I hear about people who played husband and wife in it, and then got married in real life.

    Funny thing is, if I ever joined, I would join as someone who looks exactly like me, just like I blog about the real me. The real me though longs to get freedom once again in another country though. The real me is sortof living a double life (in her standards) since she hides a lot of things from people she knows in Jordan. Why am I talking about myself in third person?

    I don’t want to have to live a fantasy life to act myself. I want to do it now, right now, and in real world but I guess I can do it through blogging for now 😉

    I am starting to confuse myself, ok I am off. Never mind what I just wrote. Effft, I confuse myself all the time.

  21. And btw,

    Isn’t blogging some sorts of a second life if you blog anonymously? Even if you do blog about what is really happening with you, doesn’t it constitute a second life if you are not free to tell people everything you blog about?

    7aki don’t post anything like this anymore. My poor head can’t take all the confusion.

  22. I love the idea! It can be fun if it didnt turn into an obsession.

    I should check it out 🙂

  23. re tinkerbella:
    are you for real .. you have to buy your genitals in the game .. hahaha thats crazy

  24. Asoom: YIKES.

    Hani: Seems like fun!
    Anything done more than the normal amount of time is an addiction, if you choose to blog for 13 hours a day or be on second life for 13 hours a day or pick your nose (lol) for 13 hours a day then you are an addict.

    Iman: Hilarious!

    Summer: You are the coolest grandma EVER! Let me know how your second life character is doing, maybe I’ll create one and meet up with you, or or or maybe we’ll have a mommy blogger meeting on second life 😀 .
    But yes, I think this game/community is addictive , I have not joined it yet and honestly scared to because I know I will be hooked.

    KJ: LOVED your post! They had her on htat documentary, is she the Chinese lady? She is FUGLY

    Kinzi: yeah, they have an under 13 year old community but there is nothing stopping a person above this age of joining, I really think kids should not be allowed unattended internet access, some people in this world are disgusting and sick .

    Mo: I guess you have a point. But man, these people should try harder at making their first life work instead of escaping in their second life.

    Hareega: lol, no it’s an American company.

    Hamza: EWWWWWWWWWW . You are sick dude, you need therapy, I mean killing yourself is OK but watching your SISTER have sex???? Double ewwwwwww.

    Hani 2: OMG I was telling my husband yesterday that after this I really think the matrix is realizable, I mean hook humans to dream machines and we are totally a sim, ya3ni I am sure that they will be doing that one day.
    Hani, it could be addictive hence the people mentioned up there and it could be normal.

    Tinker: Wow htat sounds so cool! I am not disputing that it could be good but it just consumes some peoples lives completely.
    See Tinker, it is cheating, it’s like having chat sex, there is a person behind the screen
    As for the sex organ, I KNOWWWW, lol, they showed on the documentary the most popular sex organs for men, HAHAHAHHA, 7ashashet.

    Priv. Anon.: I was telling my coworker at work the exact same thing that if I joined I would create an Avatar that looked exactly like me. I told him I like me the way I am and he said it is self confidence and maybe arrogance since I tnought I would not improve or change anything about my appearance what so ever.
    As for blogging anonymously, don’t we all live a double standard life somehow, there are things you do and I do where we don’t want EVERYBODY to know about, just a select friends or family. People are assholes and they like to judge and they make things sound sleazy or dirty or not how it really was and I prefer things to remain private. Anonymous is the way to go for Arab women.

    About posting, LOL, I can’t help it anon, I think too much, hehehe.

    Observer: Heyyyyyyyy, why don’t you create a Haya in second life?
    Please create a Haya and tell us how men ad women are treating her
    Blog about it I think this is a great blog idea!
    Or not.

    Mo: It’s true, I saw it in the doc. lol

  25. hey 7aki, in my second life i am not a grandma!! are you kidding me? i am young, beautiful , daring and available!!! it is my second life so i can live whatever i have missed out on my youth! 😉
    i will go back to my second life but not soon…maybe in few more months and will see you there!

  26. I played it for a short time, frankly I just don’t have the time for it. But it’s cool 7aki (as long as people aren’t too attached), you get to live a life that YOU shape and also makeup on the things you don’t have in real life. But there was just too many sex shops and red light districts in it; it was just a tad too obscene.

  27. summer: No no I didn’t mean you were a Grandma on second life, I was you were the coolest grandma in first life, … hehehehe.

    you look hot in first life anyway, you are a very beautiful woman 😀 .

    Pheras: See this is the thing, people are just obsessed with sex.

    PEOPLE, stop telling me it’s cool, I really don’t need another addiction in my life , blogging is enough. lol

  28. Funny I was just talking to a friend of mine about Second Life. It’s very insane. I’ve tried it out of curiosity for a week or two, I was scared of how much people there have actually been living there! They have jobs, houses,spouses and all.. and by the way, any money you make there is convertible to real money, so it isn’t a waste after all. One more thing, you know actually made a Ramadhan tent there and are planing to do Hajj stuff too, now that’s really crazy.
    I felt a little sad for myself playing the thing.. I ended up uninstalling the program. If you want something less serious try this one was actually fun.

  29. Dua’a: How did I miss your comment?
    A Ramadan tent? WOW, that’s interesting.

    I will check out the link, thanks 🙂

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