HATE HATE HATE (Warning: Mature language. It just seems immature)

This post is all rants so sue me.

I HATE the fucking subway, it is the most disgusting place/train on planet earth.
It’s where freaks, crazy people and hobos congregate.
It’s where people who think they are good singers sing.
It’s where people who haven’t taken a bath in 10 years sit when it’s cold, they stay on the train for hours.
It’s where drunks like to hang out at night.

The other day I was standing by the door to get out and there was this woman who was standing behind me , like 2 inches behind me I could hear her chew her fucking gum , DID YOU EVER HEAR OF PERSONAL SPACE ????? Man! The Fucking train is empty, I felt so claustrophobic at that instant that I wanted to elbow her in the face , yeah cause her face was right next to my elbow, lol.

And that fucking guy who whistles. REALLY? SHUT THE FUCK UP! I just woke up and I am trying to read.

What about that guy who was staring at me? I mean I know I am irresistible (lol) but man, ENOUGH STARING, you are freaking me out, and oh, that water bottle you are carrying, it’s see through, I can see the fucking BEER YOU ARE DRINKING, and I can smell it from a mile.

I swear to God I can fill a book about this shit. I have at least 10 more stories but I don’t feel like it 😛 .

I HATE food courts, it is the most gross place to eat.
So today I get my food and I sat down to eat and then I was dazzled by the site of an enormous PLUMBER BUTT sitting on the seat in-front of me , half the guy’s FAT ASS was hanging out, man!!!!

First of all I thought low rise pants were for women??!!! And aren’t you cold? I mean today it’s 0 degrees outside so the breeze must make you feel cold.

I had to go sit somewhere else because I was about to vomit the food I did not eat and I didn’t want to picture a fat ass while I was eating. JEEZ.
Well at least his ass was not hairy, lol.

I HATE it when I buy my daughter clothes and they don’t fit.
Yesterday I bought her tons of clothes and they are ALL SMALL, why oh why are the sizes all different from store to store? I mean HAVE A STANDARD PEOPLE????!!! Now I have to go back and exchange them.
To punish them I will buy clothes for me too, lol .

I HATE having a chronic cold / flu / some disease from Mars.
Man! I have been sick for a whole month now.

I HATE it when my husband PMS’s
Need I say more?

But on the good news side, I just got the job I interviewed for, WOOOHOOOOOOO.
This ended six years of being self employed AKA Consultant AKA slave.
Now I am a corporate drone 😀 .

P.S. I am not PMSing myself, so spare me the witty comments 😛 .


23 Responses

  1. oh darn..I was about to ask KJ to check his calender..anyway, I don’t understand WHY would you even look at a guy’s butt. and you call us perverts for staring at girls’ butts .and don’t tell me it was an unavoidable glance coz you just said that his butt is not hairy and I am sure that you will never arrive to this conclusion unless you have stared and examined both butt cheeks.

    as for the rest, they are just normal. My first subway ride in my life (the one I took from Islington to Queens) was the scariest coz during the whole trip, there was a guy who was positioned in an awkward way where you can’t tell if his vital parts are active or not. He might have been dead and nobody knew.

    Wow, that was a long comment..sorry 😛

  2. WOW!
    But you know what 7aki? It’s good to let out all our rantings and hate like this! it makes us feel better!

    I think what you said, is well said

  3. First of all congratulations on your new job ya corporate drone!

    Public Notice: it’s 2007 low-rise jeans are not for ANYONE

    LOL at your subway rant, my favorite scene from “the office” is when michael attempts to take the subway for the first time and then runs back up the stairs mortified saying “oh my god there is a man pooing in a cardboard box on the stairs” LOOOOOOL

  4. Hilarious! Damn it man. You hate people just as much as I do. And I SERIOUSLY thought I was the only one. LOL.

  5. OOPS!!! someone is in a baaaaaaaaaad mood..
    cheer up girl 🙂

  6. Hamza: DUDE, His Ass was almost COMPLETLY out of his pants.
    And the whiteness almost blinded me lol.
    I said I was gonna vomit, so how is that checking a guys but out?
    Man there was this one time where there was this homeless woman on the subway who smelled like a corpse, I went on the train from Union to king and I had to get out, I couldn’t take it I almost threw up … ewwwwwww .

    Qwiader: Yeah I hate a lot of things , lol, it feels good to swear, makes me feel better 😀 .

    Asoom: Ewwwwwwww pooed in a box , LOL . There was once this guy who took his pants off on the subway, he was completely naked waist down, LOL.. and EWWWWWWWWWWWW .
    And thanks for the congrats, you are soooo sweet.

    Pheras: OMG you hate people tooooooooo, high five 😀 . I swear to God I was gonna end the post with “I hate people in general” but it was after the rant about my husband and it just didn’t look nice, LOL. But pssssst people annoy the hell out of me. I might start an I hate people club, all my friends are in that club HAHAHAHHA

    Maioush: What gave my bad mood away? was it the swearing? or the I hates? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  7. you go girl,
    singing in the subway is fun, a more fun way to make money rather than selling 3elket SB

  8. On Subways: Watch The Brave One and you’d know what to do…

    On hairy ass: Oh come on be a sport. Give him a wedgie.

    On clothes: I think little 7aki (like mama 7aki) has to go on a diet

    On PMSing husbands: Let me meet him. I am sure two PMSing men will do wonders

    congrats on that, but then again wouldn’t seeing civilized people be a lot more boring ? and a plumbers butt is actually an entertaining toy, next time if you happen to have those carton drinks then try to play a game by sitting immediately behind him and linning up the cartons so that it will block the view after about 3 times am sure he will notice …

  10. Just let it out. There, there. 🙂

  11. yikes…i wouldnt wanna see u when pmsing if this is you when NOT pmsing!!! all your hates are legit…i hate men with butts sticking out..hell butts sticking out for males and femals should be elligal..there should be tickets issued for that!! the subway…i’ve never been on..so i cant say much…and clothes…well look at how they look like,..big small..we know we cant always go by sizes…although i’ve done some online shopping and im so glad that sears have gone by their right sizes….and yeh go girl!! punish the store..buy clothes for u too…that will teach them..*lol*

  12. “Well at least his ass was not hairy, lol.”

    loooooool at the silver lining!

    congrats on the job girl :hug:

  13. hugs, hugs hugs and chocolate. Bad, bad day. I hope you don’t mind that I giggled, some of those scenes were too funny to create a mental image of!!!!!!!!!!

    Mabruuk il job, bas. I will keep praying for you, as you put up with the human rat-race..

  14. Hareega: Yeah I love the subway artists. Here I was referring to normal people singing while listening to their IPods.

    KJ: HAHAHAHA about on clothes, dude, my daughter and I aren’;t fat 😛 , she is just growing taller at a very fast rate, her being three and all .

    Bambam: OMG I live in an ant farm??? Never thought about it this way … OK I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight 😦 .
    And HAHAHAH at lining the cartons. I just hope I never see his fat ass again though to implement your brilliant idea.

    Dave: lol . I need a hug 😦 .

    Sam: Wow you’ve never been on the subway? You lived a very sheltered life, lol .

    VA: Thaaaaaaanks!

    Kinzi: Yeah lots of chocolates 😀 .
    This post was all in the spirit of fun, I giggle too when I am pissed, the swearing makes me less pissed, lol.
    And thanks for the mabrook 😀 .

  15. i think you should visit the bus stations here in Jordan, aka RAGHDAN !!! i think you will enjoy posting about it !!!

  16. Its ironic that l like 7aki because she hates. I think hate made us good friends.

  17. The human race in general sucks, eh? And butt cleavage should be illegal in the mornings. Ew. In fact, illegal at all times, thanks, unless you’re Colin Farrell or equally sexilicious. Hhmmm….anyway….where was I?

    So yeah, I love it when people are in a bad mood and hating the world. It makes me feel like I’m not so alone in my permanent state of misery. I go around thinking ‘fuck u, u happy assholes’ in my head all the time. I’m really nice like that.

    And husbands PMS? That news absolutely sucks. I have nothing to look forward to in life, do I. Eft.

  18. tamer: LOL. No thanks I’ll pass.

    Bob: I love you toooo 😀 .

    Hal: You like Collin? He’s not my type. I am more of a Johnny Depp / Mathew MHOTahay (Matthew McConaughey) HOTween Phionex (JOAQUIN PHOENIX) lol …

    ok so where was I ….

    Yeah Men PMS all the time, I mean women PMS once a month men PMS when they are hungry or when they want to play or when they don’t get their way… oh, I thought for a second i was talking about my 3 year old daughter, LOL .

    I hate people all the time, I think it fuels my energy.

  19. looool…ok now I no longer want to ride the subway!!
    n yea, i agree, low risers should not even be made above a size 6 and for females only!!!!!
    and yes, the clothes thing drives me crazy too…even for adults, size varies from store to store, its soooooooooooooooooo freakin annoying!!!!!

    sorry bout the cold…salamtek 😦

    and yea, I am 1000000% with you on:
    “I HATE it when my husband PMS’s”

    but mabrook about the job, wooohooo! does this mean you will be leaving bob and william????

    PS I want to join your I hate People club since I really really hate people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to find a deserted island and move there, no ppl at all, only allowing certain ppl to make the trip out to see me and only by prior permission and clearance by me!!!!

  20. Tinker: LOOOOOL, yeah I want to be on this Island, I will see people by permission only 😀 .

    No the job is at the same place, I used to be a consultant and now I am permanent , but Bob may leave us early next year 😦 , he is a consultant.

  21. Sometimes ranting is all you need. Doesn’t it feel great! I agree with you on so many of those points it’s ridiculous. Congrats on the job!

  22. I’m in that club too 🙂

    The other day a had to see a hairy ass sitting on the ground right in front of me! eeeeeeewwww

    the size thing just kills me! I hate dressing rooms, i wanna check the size and take it home without having to come back the next day for exchange!

    Congrats on the job!

  23. Dana: THAAAAAAAAANX 🙂 .

    Elijah: EWWWWWW at the hairy ass but LOL.
    Thanx 😀

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