Can’t Be In Denial Anymore

I was in denial for all of September and October that the summer is not over yet but I can’t be in denial anymore since IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE.


 I need a hug 😦 .

And some roasted chestnuts ( Kastana) won’t hurt either, maybe a cup of hot chocolate and my fireplace at home would be cool because I will be freezing my arse off in 15 minutes.

OH OH OH did you ever make mana2eesh (some Arabic pastry) on the kerosene heater? Man I honestly am amazed that I am still alive because of all those bad habits my family (all Jordanians?) used to practice. 

Yummy mana2eesh that were cooked on kerosene fumes, yum yum…

And North Americans are complaining because there is a little bit of Lead on the kids’s toys. They are wusses, we need to send those Canadian kids to Jordan to build some emunity …lol


21 Responses

  1. 7aki you paint such a nice picture – hot chocolate, chestnuts, fireplace etc….now only if l could have that with a house on a mountain top that would make it impossible for all the stupid and annoying people in the world from reaching me.

  2. Lead!?!?!?….I am immune to lead…..we grew up eating paint chips that fell off the wall, we swallowed the mercury in the broken thermometers used to take our temperature, or riding in the back of pick up trucks! I am surprised there is anyone alive in the 25 to 35 year old age bracket in the US. Google “lawn darts”…there is reason why they aren’t sold in the US.

  3. know..I’ve always wanted to write a post about my 5 ways of surviving the “canadian” winter.

  4. kerosene heater?!

    its called Fujika

  5. Same here… I’ve been in denial .. but .. It’s really getting cold!
    Best part, is the fireplace 🙂 I keep lighting that baby .. and love the warmth 🙂
    Baked potatoes in the fireplace are awesome too

  6. *hugs*
    My I complain about how I have to wake up earlier to heat up the car now…and soon I am going to have to shovel…and how your nose will almost fall off after walking 5 minutes outside…
    but hey…Christmas break is coming soon

  7. no sympathy, it’s still hot where I am! at least you actually have 4 seasons!

  8. o come u wuss…it only few flurries! and at least in canada when it is cold u turn the furnace on and u r warm..what the hell am i supposed to do here…turning the heater on costs over $1000/mo and u r not really that warm…I am actually wearing long sleeves, and long pj’s at home! i never wear long pj’s exept when im sick! o yeh and socks…and winter has not started yet…i’ll take southern ontario’s winter(yeh not saskatchewn no way) over jordan 24hrs of cold! o and i bought blankets! heavy blankets…i have never used any of those at home ..waaaaaaahhh…

  9. o yeh and the lead thing…i laugh every time i hear of the concerns…i do not know we survived and are alive today…the stuff that have gone into our mouth…yeh the pain chips…we used to pick those off the wall…gosh were we ever gross!

  10. Bob: yeaaaaah, that sounds nice. Maybe I’ll book something for new years on a ski resort.

    Luai: I swear to God I used to play with that Mercury, it always fascinated me how whenever I wanted to touch the mercury beads they would move away, lol, I think that’s why we didn’t die of mercury poisoning because we couldn’t touch the little buggers.
    lol at lawn darts, I didn’t even know what that was.

    Hamza: Go for it, any tips are welcome.

    Mab3oos: HAHAHAHA. No no we had the deluxe version man not this, our “Sobba” was frigging huge.

    Qwaider: Man it’s freaking cold outside .. brrrr …
    We have a gas fireplace, so it’s just for warmth and looks.

    Dana: *hugs back* I thought heating up the car is a myth? I thought new cars don’t need that, well that’s what the car guy said. Do you have 1970s car? Lol
    Yay for Xmas break 🙂 I can’t wait.

    Asoom: I ahte you 😛 and We have 4 seasons? Are you kidding me? We only have a 3 month summer and the rest winter, we kinda skip spring and fall.

    Sam: Yeah Amman is really cold wallah, believe it or not I have not felt the cold in Canada as much as I felt it in Amman, here the homes are efficient and in Amman the house is like swiss cheese.
    Yallah hang in there, before you know it the year will be over and you will be back to -24 temps.

    LOL, you ate paint-chips? Ta7seesh. Explains a lot … HAHAHAHAHA(joke)

  11. I swear the car works just fine without heating it…the only time I heat it is in the morning when my brother is around. He says heating the car for 10 minutes is good for the engine, and our LEBANESE mechanic approved that; I avoid long mechanical and chemistry of gasoline discussions 3a sa3et el sobo7 and heat the car for 10 minutes.
    If it was upp to me I would remove the snow piled from a day before with the wind shield wiper
    I think it is an Arab myth, just like the one which claims you should drink water from the tap right before you leave home in the winter. Apparently you do it to bring your body temperature down, and therefore not be shocked with the cold.
    I dont get it…you ate paint chips as a kid?!?!

  12. aawwwww sorry u feel bad :(…bs to be honest, very little sympathy here, sorry, 😛 im dying for snow!!!!
    and theres nothing, only stupid rain and stupid cold but no snooooooooooooooooow

  13. I hate cold

  14. Dana: No I didn’t eat paint chips , Sam did LOL.

    Heating up the car was actually needed because the car oil used to get cold in the winter until they invented anti freeze oil that can handle up to -45 degrees (I think) so there is no longer a need to heat it up . Is your mechanic 90 years old? lol
    What you are doing is really just idling the car tell your bro that idling the car is not environmentally friendly.

    Tinker: lol, come to Canada you’ll get all the snow you hope for.

    FM: keef bas til3at il FM .. lol … I don’t mind the cold really, I just mind the fact that it will be cold till May

  15. I hate the cold and it is from October to May. And the summer sucks here in Michigan; humidity and rain!! What did I do in my life to face all this punishment? 🙂

  16. FM: you’re in Michigan, maskeen, it seems that all the really bad snowstorms detour and don’t hit Toronto and hit Michigan instead.

  17. I know, see how lucky we are for being your neighbors 🙂

  18. I ususaly tend to not argue when I dont care. So both are righ. I can refer you to him and you two can debate over it. lol
    as fo mr, i recycle my garbage, I cant do anything more to the environment…this is so much work as it is

  19. SNOWING?

    *looks outside*

    It is 33 C :S

  20. still hot and summery here in sunny dubai! donno if thats good or bad, but i personally cant stand the rain and gloomy weather! (ironic since my name means a rainy cloud! :-/ )

    :hug and a mug of hot chocolate with a bag of marshs to be roasted over ur fireplace!:

  21. KJ: I HATE YOU …lol

    VA: I like the rain and the cold, I just don’t like how long hte winter is. Today I have the day off. YAAAAAAAY

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