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I Wish For

Little 7aki looking at coins in a fountain: Mamaaaaaaaa, what is this at the bottom of the fountain?

Me: It’s money sweety, pennies.

Little 7aki: Why is there money ?

Me: People throw the pennies there and make a wish. Do you want to make a wish?

Little 7aki: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I give her a bunch of pennies to make wishes.

Little 7aki throwing the first penny: I wish for a baby brother and sister .


Then she didn’t waste the other pennies and started wishing for all the materialistic stuff in the world …lol.


18 Responses

  1. Awwwww!! how cute!!!
    she’s awesome! 🙂 Masha2allah 3alaiha

  2. 7ayaaaaaaaaaatiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, smalla ma azkaha 😀

  3. She probably should have wished for a handful of pennies only to realize that she already had it.

  4. 7abibti!!! such a cutie allah ye7meeha :hug tafgheeeees:

  5. extra pressure on mother 7aki fadi. 😉

  6. aw what a sweetheart….so cute!

  7. 3asal…and i so understand ur fa3es now 😀

  8. Qwaider, Mai, VA, Sam and OA: Thanks!

    Dave: Exactly Dave exactly, if she knew these pennies can get the candy she would not have wasted them on wishes.

    Hamza: lol, you caught on that didn’t you, I was thinking about that when I wrote the post. The pressure is mounting from all fronts!

  9. what a nice way to break it to your kid that Santa does not exist and fountain wishes dont come true 😀 and u got her to smile as well, great work 😉

  10. Blast from the past…. I used to do that! Actually I still do… never comes true, but it brightens up the day. It’s usual the simple things that do that. 🙂

  11. hmm is there something you’re not telling us?! lol jk
    Little 7aki amazes me…shes such a great child!

  12. Hehehee!! Isn’t that just adorable!! Well, I bet you’re gonna have your hands full enshallah as she grows up 😉

  13. My little cousin was visiting from the States once, he was 3 at that time, and after throwing a couple of pennies and nickels into the fountain he gave me my money back and decided to be smarter than every body and fish the pennies out instead of throwing them away…cracked me up

  14. Mariam: What do you mean Santa doesn’t exist and fountain wishes don’t come true 😦 . I am Santa and the fountain wish maker 🙂 .

    Dana: It’s like the wish you make when you cut the cake. Simple things put a smile on my face

    Shanniearra: no no nothing to hide, we are enjoying “practicing” emmensly .. LOL .

    Chika: My hands are already full wallah.

    Dana TO: lol, Nahfeh.

  15. I think it is time to discuss some things with Baba 7aki 😛

  16. KJ: We are practicing 😀

  17. loooool…what a cute first wish! the stuff that comes out of kids mouths!
    my baby nephew loves babies bs my sis (who doesn’t want any more kids) explains to him if he wants baby brothers/sisters he has to share his toys and he has to share mommy and daddy at which point he quiets down and says noooooooooo…LOL

    and hehe, the practising is the best part

  18. […] My little 7aki  just turned five on Friday. Wise beyond her years she still wishes for immaterial things, like the time she wanted to throw those coins in the fountain. […]

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