A Dose of Brilliance: Brave New World

Where do I start.

This book is just amazing.

I just finished reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and I have to tell you that it is a must must must read.

This book caused me to miss my subway stop and not even realize I missed my subway stop until we were standing for a long time and I wondered what’s taking so long to move just to realize I was at the end of the line.

This book talks about a time when children are harvested in bottles to remove the need for mothers , fathers and relatives. The word mother and giving birth is considered a very shameful thing.

It talks about a time when children are conditioned in their sleep and all their lives to be satisfied, happy, work hard without asking any questions where all their carnal desires are met.

This book talks about a time when not having sex is considered abnormal, having only one sexual partner is abnormal and a big shame and it is considered “good manners” to pat a woman’s behind.

It talks about a time where you can erase your worries by having soma and everything feels good again and you are happy again.

A savage is brought into this world as an experiment and we see this world through his eyes and what a a journy it is.

Is this a Utopia where there is no illness, no growing old and no unhappiness? You can have whatever you want, consume as much as you want, be beautiful and young till the day you die.

Or is it a Dystopia because you can have anything anytime making everything lose it’s value? If you could have sex all the time ,with as many people as you want dosn’t it make it lose it’s value and it becomes like eating ? Wouldn’t a hungry person enjoy good food a hundred times more than a person who just got his fill?

An excerpt:

A man grows old; he feels in himself that radical sense of weakness , of listlessness, of discomfort, which accompanies the advance of age; and, feeling thus, imagines himself merely sick, lulling his fears with the notion that this distressing condition is due to some particular cause, from which, as from and illness, he hopes to recover. Vain imaginings! That sickness is old age; and a horrible disease it is. They say that it is fear of death and of what comes after death that makes men turn to religion as they advance in years. But my own experience has given me the conviction that, quite apart from any such terrors or imaginings, the religious sentiment tends to develop as we grow older; to develop because, as the passions grow calm, as the fancy and sensibilities are less excited and less excitable, our reason comes less troubles in it’s working, less obscured by the images, desires and distractions, in which it used to be absorbed; whereupon God emerges as from behind a cloud; our soul feels, sees, turns towards the source of the light; turns naturally and inevitable; for now that all that gave to the world of sensations it’s life and charm has begun to leak away from us, now that phenomenal existence is no more bolstered up by impressions from within or from without, we feel the need to lean on something that abides, something that will never play false – a reality, an absolute and everlasting truth. Yes, we inevitably turn to God; for this religious sentiment is of its nature so pure, so delightful to the soul that experiences it, that it makes up to us for all our other losses” ‘ Mustapha Mond shut the book and leaned back in his chair. ‘ One of the numerous things in heaven and earth that these philosophers didn’t dream about was this’ (he waved his hand), ‘us, the modern world. “You can only be independent of God while you’ve got youth and prosperity; independence won’t take you safely to the end.” Well, we’ve now got youth and prosperity right up to the end. What follows? Evidently; that we can be independent of God. “The religious sentiment will compensate us for all our losses.” But there aren’t any losses for us to compensate; religious sentiment is superfluous. And why should we go hunting for a substitute for youthful desires, when we go on enjoying all the old fooleries to the very last? What need have we of repose when our minds and bodies continue to delight in activity? of consolation, when we have soma? of something immovable, when there is the social order?’

‘then you think there is no God?’

‘No, I think there quite probably is one’

‘Then why…?’

Mustapha Mond checked him.’But he manifests himself in different ways to different men. In our modern times he manifested himself as the being that’s describes in these books. Now…’

‘ How does he manifest himself now?’ Asked the savage.

‘Well, he manifests himself as an absence, as though he weren’t there at all.’


Lots to think about and ponder after reading this book so I will leave it for you to decide.

It’s definitely going on my favourite books of all time list.

Currently reading: I am America ( And so can you) by Steven Colbert , and let me tell ya, I am laughing my ass off 😀 .

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26 Responses

  1. woman you’re about 2 steps ahead of me with the books! you sold me on a brave new world except I aready have like a list of 5 books so this one may have to wait, and we’ll be reading I am america soon (it’s on the list of 5)!

  2. God woman you read quickly! I am reading Curious Incident right now hehe

  3. duuuude, i happen to be reading this RIGHT NOW!!

    “You can only be independent of God while you’ve got youth and prosperity; independence won’t take you safely to the end.”

  4. Asoom: I am America is sooooooo funny, you’ll love it!

    KJ: So so so you like it? I love this book. There’s a sequel by the way, havn’t read it yet, it costs like 30 bucks, talk about pricey.

    Guy: YOU ARE!!! Isn’t this book AMAZING, I felt it was a bit slow to start until they found the savage.

  5. I keep meaning to read this book and have yet to get around to it… I guess I’ll read it right after I finally get around to watching The Godfather movies… Sigh.

  6. Great review!
    So, I’m out of interesting books to read, and would like a few readable recommendations. Any suggestions?

  7. Teacherlady: The first time I met my husband was watching a God father movie, the scene with the dead horses’ head is when he walked in, very romantic…lol

    Hey Roba, Check out

    Look for the my favorite books of all time. And the most recent books I read have reviews.

    But if you haven’t read “The Red tent”, YOU HAVE TO, it is the best book ever and every single woman out there should read it.
    “Lullabies for little criminals” is a great read too, it’s the authors debut novel, I like debut novels cos they are always unique.

    You like no fiction? “Shake hands with the devil”, talks about the Rwanda Genocide and teh role (or lack there of) of the UN, heart breaking but good.
    Fun non fiction books are “the tipping point” and “blink”, not sure if you read them but they are very good.

    I have a lot of books that I like, check out that page 😀

    Glad you like the review 🙂

  8. i think i’ll pass on this book….but that im american sounds pretty funny…i wanna read it…im so sad without a library around…it is another thing im becoming more appreciative of…

  9. I read this a few years ago , and its simply extraordinary , I’ve tried reading other things by Aldous Huxley but nothing can possibly compare , i currently have a severe addiction to dysutopian literature because of this book !you really should try “the handmaids tale ” and “oryx and crake” both by Margaret Atwood I’m sure you’ll enjoy them

  10. Sam: yeah you need to be into this stuff, if not it would be too intense 🙂 .

    hebe: Thanks so much for the book recommendations, I find them always welcome . Atwood did the forward for this book and I loved her writing. Funny you recommended these titles because I was at the book store today and I was eyeing one of her books so I will definitely check these 2 out .

  11. I just ordered it. If …it turns out to be a crappy book, qasaman 3athaman la arawstik min hoon lal 3eed.

  12. mab3oos: LOL!!

    Ana ma dakhalni iza ma 3ajabak 😛 .

    Hope you like it 😀 . But because inta daiman garfan, it’s very possible you don’t like anything heheheheh

  13. no no no not always. I am not Qwaider. But, the world these days bigarrif elli 3omro ma girif.

  14. Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the review 🙂

  15. mab3oos: true my friend true.

    Observer: Because you are secular you will love it, it’s kind of philosophical and provokes a lot of thinking.
    Glad you like the review.

  16. Walak Garfan … ikhs 3alaik!
    Haik ya 7aki .. batbahdal fee darkom oo ma bti7keeli 😦

    Baseeta… Tab jakar … mish ra7 agraa

  17. Hey 7aki, in the next few weeks, i am going to start reading book, i am more interested in Mystery/Crimes book.
    do you know any good ones?

  18. Qwaider,
    How in hell are you going to find the time to read?

  19. 😀 I read all the time man… I can’t live without reading!

    Ba3dain .. badal el sarma7a .. wil maskhara .. bagrali ktab! Binfa3 el basharyyeh!

  20. Maher: Sorry Maher I don’t know any mystery books 😦 , I wish I could help you.
    Check out chapters.ca you might find something there.

    Garfan, Qwaider: I am glad you worked it out…LOL.

  21. i wonder how many movie/film/series adopted elements from it but after checking the publishing date, 1992, i am more inclined to say that it drew more from them.
    especially Ralph 124c 41 +, which was written in 1911 😛

    but if u liked that am hesitant to suggest it but sure what the hell, if you can get your hands on an anime called ergo proxy do check it out.

    and you are a speed speed reader … or maybe i don’t have a train ride and that is the problem

  22. bambam: What was published in 1992? Brave new world was published in 1935, it still could have been influenced by the book you mentioned.

    I’ll check out the anime.

    About the speed reading, yup, 2.5 hours a day on the train can accomplish a lot of reading. Yesterday I finished my book on the morning ride and didn’t have a backup book, I swear bambam I almost died of boredom on the train it was terrible. I don’t understand how some people can just sit there and stare.

  23. oops i read the 3 as a nine in my morning slumber.
    as for idlers on the train am sure u reading the book is just a smart ploy to cover up that ur thinking of the next terrror plan just like the rest of those blankly wondering idlers
    i used to download ringtones for my phone and browse the net when i had to sit through that

  24. I think I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t like this books and in part I’m sorry for this, everybody say is a very beautiful book, so meaningful, so innovative, but I couldn’t see it. I read it and yes, some ideas were ok, but the books didn’t capture me. Why? Many reason I think. While I red it it constantly remind me of Asimov (the language, some characters…) and I love Asimov, so I think I saw Brave New world (in part) as a copy of Asimov’s work only without the logic and the clarity of Asimov.
    A book that I really find innovative for his time and that I loved (and I like better than Brave New world) is Brian Aldiss’s The Long Afternoon of Earth.

  25. […] Fall so far behind I become a no-body? Those who did read the book, isn’t this life becoming like Brave New World?”But that’s what holidays are for” the boss would say. “That’s what you should do when you retire”. […]

  26. […] What do I do? Do I go with the flow, or do I rebel? What happens to rebellious lab rats? Get killed? What does this translate to in this day and age? Fall so far behind I become a no-body? Those who did read the book, isn’t this life becoming like Brave New World? […]

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