On Eating Alone

So my Friend at work no longer works here , which on by itself sucks. Why have you forsaken me?

But this post is not about that. 

Now that she is not here I am lunch buddy-less.

See, I hate eating leftovers or bringing home cooked food to work, something about the microwave taste of food doesn’t appeal to me so I prefer to eat out, yup, I eat out EVERYDAY for lunch, and I LOVE it.

So now that she is gone, and the fact that William rarely eats out and Bob is moody and sometimes he eats out and sometimes he doesn’t I have been skipping lunch or eating crap for the past 2 weeks cos it SUCKS to eat alone, there is nobody to encourage me to pig out. Mind you I have no issue with eating alone, but not everyday 😦 .

A sample of my miserable lunches: 

On Friday I didn’t have any lunch, I just had some chocolate.

Then on Tuesday I had a stupid roast beef sandwich  AT MY DESK . I oh so hate sandwiches, I only eat them if I really have to and they are the least messy when you want to eat at your desk.

Then on Wednesday I had a stupid turkey sandwich, AT MY DESK, eating at ones desk SUCKS ASS.

But today I am going to eat real food dammit! I am going to go downstairs , pick up a shawerma platter with rice and hummus and tabooleh (yum yum yum yum, I don’t know how I could survive without the BEST Lebanese restaurant and did I mention it is in my building? Talk about LUCKY) and read my book while I eat.

On the positive side eating all these healthy sandwiches (gag) made me lose some weight 😀 .


28 Responses

  1. I remember that I spent a significant portion of my life (during my time in canada) eating alone. this has seriously affected me that by the time I came back to KSA, I was not comfortable for the first 3 weeks to dine with my family.
    that was messed up big time. But I know that this thing will not happen to you 😉

  2. Welcome to my life 🙂
    But lucky you, you have a Lebanese restaurant in your same building! That’s awesome!

  3. I forgot to mention that I rarely get a chance to have lunch!

  4. Bob is moody????? Everyday l sit at my desk, praying to all my gods that 7aki would ask me for lunch but my prayers go unanswered.
    The reality is l would go to lunch with 7aki everyday because it is always fun. The reality is Bob has issues that prevents him from going out with 7aki.
    BTW 7aki – you haven’t come by my desk all week for entertainment – what gives???

  5. Hamza: yeah see I got tired of eating alone at work, it’s not just the eating. We get to bitch and stuff you know, and make jokes and laugh.

    Q: Yeah I am lucky 😀 .

    Bob: lol. Well I didn’t want to mention the real reason , should I ? Cos I feel you are ” not as committed to our friendship” as other people are … HAHAHAHAHA .. I will air the dirty laundry.
    And about not coming for entertainment, there is something called WORK, do you know what that means? Now that I am a permanent employee and all.

    And besides, you were busy with other people 😛 .

  6. And another thing Bob, where’s the post you promised me?????? You are all 7aki fadi .

    Are you having fun “working” from home today? Lucky bastard.

  7. yeah make me feel bad….I miss it too…esp cuz now im eating leftovers….YUCK!!!

    I’ll be there for lunch tomorrow though 🙂

  8. wow!! Shawerma bel dawam?! Man, you’re lucky mama!! I hate eating at work :/

  9. I am guilty of eating at my desk too..
    I no longer buy food, I just pack my lunch from home… but eating at your desk sucks.. you are right..
    In the last couple of days.. a friend suggested that we should go down to the street and have lunch in the sun.. two days later.. she quite.. and it rained!!!! Wonder why! 🙂

  10. you have a Lebanese restaurant in your building??? 7abeeeeeeeeebti 7aki… i wanna work at your building, god i can never have enough shawarma… “ana ma ba7sed ana bano2 bs 😀 “

  11. Shanniearra: why have you forsaken me?

    Chika: I am lucky 😀 . I actually enjoy eating at work since lunch it my main meal.

    Life: See if I bring lunch from home it has to be a sandwich cos I hate heating up in the microwave and I really don’t think sandwiches are real food.
    Well I work in Toronto so you are not guaranteed good weather in the summer, but we do go eat outside in the summer.

    Mai: Biddi abakher 7ali bala ma ti7sedeeny, lol.

  12. I often eat alone… at first it was horrible but then I thought to myself… what IS so embarrassing about it?

    There isn’t anything embarrassing about it.

    Sure, you miss out on talking and such, but in the end if there is no one to eat with, that doesn’t mean you don’t it.

    I certainly don’t let people not coming to stop me from eating. Heck, I eat at Chilis alone sometimes. I don’t give a shit.

  13. awwwww KJ

    So my last “fun” job I was working at this upscale boutique where I wore 5 inch heels that messed up my knees permanently and stayed on my feet running around for people (commission pay) all while fake smiling so by the time lunch came I preferred eating alone and not talking to anyone (which never happened anyway)

  14. KJ: I do eat alone and I am not embarrassed, but I enjoy the company a lot. Back in Amman I used to love to go eat alone every once in a while, but here in Canada it is so common that it is boring.

    Asoom: Yeah I hate jobs with customer service where I have to be nice to people all the time, this is why I love what I do, I work at my desk and don’t need to be nice to anyone … lol..

  15. I don’t eat at work, but when I get back home I eat alone. Been doing this for 4 years, it’s really great in many aspects, you get to sit on a big sofa by yourself and place your legs wherever you want, watch the TV channel you like and get to fart as many times as you want without hearing complaints from your family, but it gets lonely after a while, sometimes I wish there was a wonmen in my life to bring me water when I need it or wash my feet while I’m eating

    ok don’t torture me i was kidding

  16. I like eating alone and sometimes I pretend I’m blind. I wear dark sunglasses and ask for assistance. It’s weird when I bust out my newspaper to read, but this is America, and I can do whatever I want, right??

  17. hareega: lol hareega. As I was reading “I wish I had a woman in my life” I was awwwwwwwww how sweeeeeet, he wants company and then comes the washing feet part …lol .
    It does get boring of you have to do it all the time you know, at home I don’t mind it .

    abraclay12: Yup, this is the beauty of North America you can do anything you want and nobody would bat an eyelash.
    lol at pretending to be blind… for real you do that??? that is too funny.

  18. actually kinda late to the party and am so happy to hear that you just got a permanent job at your same company since i thought you switched jobs, and that would mean no more 2il thulathee 2il mare7 stories (u, will and bob) …
    anyways eating alone makes me not eat at all which is def. better than eating with some ppl, but thankfully i have a partner in crime at my work …

  19. If I’m going to eat alone, I order delivery rather than go to the restaurant, but lunch at work is never a problem. We have over 80 people and almost everyone eats out. Yes I’d rather eat with my best friends, but when that’s not possible, the rest of my colleagues are “friendly” enough to eat with too.

  20. Bam: 😦 yeah you don’t read my blog anymore, sniff sniff. I am not feeling the love.

    Thanks for the congrats 😀 .

    Yeah same here I kinda don’t enjoy the food by myself, it’s just boring and trust me, the other options at work make me lose my appetite, lol, but Bob promised me to be less moody 😀 .

    Hani: As I told bambam, the other options at work are not very appetizing, I work with the Chen Dynasty and you can take so much cuteness and giggles and bad English.

  21. I can absolutely feel with you. I also tend to eat only some snacks or sandwiches at my desk when nobody else goes out for lunch. Luckily my colleges are just on vacation.

    On the upside I found out that it’s really healthy to resign some days from eating. On the other hand, when my colleges are gone for more than one week it’s really annoying.

    At least you got a good restaurant nearby.


  22. Ray: You are right Ray, I feel that I cleansed my body that week, not too much junk and fat.

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  23. 7aki… u have a great leb restaurant in ur building (where you can have SHAWERMA every single DAY!!!) so who cares who you eat with!!!

  24. Miss 7aki Fadi, I have 2 questions.

    1) How the HELL do u not like sandwiches? What is there not to like? COMPACT FOOD.


    2) How the HELL do you lose weight from eating sandwiches? What are u eating, air sandwiches? Am so confused over here.

  25. LOL Hal…

    No I am not losing weight because I am eating sandwiches, I am losing weight because of what I am NOT eating. See, when I don’t eat sandwiches I eat A LOT because I am a pig, ask Bob , I eat rice and meat and sauces and meat, and sauces and rice and … you get the drift I just love a big fatty meal

    So when I have a sandwich for lunch I have a turkey (healthy) sandwich (barf).

    I am OK with veal sandwiches and burgers and that’s about it, I just hate cold food.

    So so are you back? Did you have fun???

  26. 7aki … tli3ti “Miss” min warana? I’m sure 3ammo 7aki would be very happy to hear that he’s been erased!

  27. i had a BLAST!!!! will blog soon i promise. Also, am moving to new york. i dont care if i live homeless in the street. im doin it. 😀

  28. Q: inta mashkaljy kinnak?

    Hal: that’s great! Will be waiting for the post 😀 . About New York, go for it, baba 7aki is thinking about moving there so we will see.

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