A new addiction?

OK so for the past 4 days (is it four? I lost count) I have been playing those addictive grow puzzle games and I am hooked.

The goal is to reach all the maximum levels for every component you add, it is soooooooooo cool , you have to be careful about the order of adding these things.

I grew a cube, one of my faves

I grew an Island, was tons of fun and such a cute ending

I grew the castle thingy one , the steps on this one are long but fun

This was sooooooooooo cool, I’ll call it the grow space

And almost everything on the left side bar here

This I am unable to solve, (grow shapes) grrrr, if you do it give me the steps, it’s just so un-colorful so it bores me 😦 , but I want to solve it.

They are truly very addictive, when I am sleeping I am dreaming of the game components, lol. Seriously. And now that I finished them all I have no more puzzles to do and I am seriously in withdrawals. I guess I will start blogging again.

 Thanks bambam for showing them to me

PS: Bob and William are no longer working during the day, they sit there and work on the puzzles and compare notes, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


11 Responses

  1. hihih will definitely try those once my boss and client are not looking

  2. muahahaha am causing dissent across the oceans 😀

    well really glad that u enjoyed them, and see even the annoying island has a solution 🙂

    as for the khumasee one try cone, box, paper, cylinder, hole and ball.

    thanks for helping to spread the dissent 7aki 😀

  3. what the hell is that ?? i tried playing it i didnt understand anything … i didnt see any connection between the components … but i just keep winning from the 1st time !!!!!!

    WTH !!!!!

  4. KJ: Let me know how it goes 😀

    bambam: Gosh I could swear I tried this combo, ok I’ll try again.

    Isam: You lucked out big time, there was this one where it worked for me from the first try, I was so excited .

  5. congratulation for having the most worthless blog in the jordanian blogosphere. truly 7aki fadi.

  6. huda: Awwwwwww! Thanks, you shouldn’t have, you are soooooooo sweet!!!!

    Congratulations are in order for you too because it seems you are on your way to becoming a blog troll 😀 .

    So please make sure you troll safely. And remember, just say NO.

  7. Yes, I’ve played these games and after a considerable amount of time i came to the realization that I suck at them 😐

  8. oh oh oh oh
    am so jealous 7aki you have a charming troll … i managed to loose mine along the way 😦
    i think this one is of the lucky gremlin variety

  9. Bakkouz: Keep trying. Practice makes perfect.

    Bambam: She’s charming isn’t she 😀

  10. yeeeeeee…

    what is this!!! I have NEVER seen those games before.. they are addictive!!!!
    7abetek o ma 7abbetek..

    My 7 years old brother says (7abetek)!!! 😀

  11. lol life. Glad you like it.

    It is very good for younger kids too come think of it.

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