Warning: A very shallow post 3

We went to the mall today for no particular reason and I saw these boots and I HAD TO HAVE them. Aren’t they pretty? They cost a lot but what the heck, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed them. I hate skinny jeans but for these boots I am willing to wear them, I will feel terrible covering these boots up, it would be a sin so I am gonna go to the mall and buy me some skinny pants.


(Click here to go to site – Danger Danger lots of pretty boots)

So it’s my and baba 7aki’s 7th wedding anniversary on Jan 12th and I already started looking for what I want baba 7aki to get me, yeah  I tell him what I want, I don’t like surprises, unless it’s a trip somewhere then it’s OK but clothes shoes and jewelry no thnaks. And baba 7aki is very generous, if I allow him to surprise me he spends A LOT, I mean INSANE amounts so after I get it I find out how much it cost and I freak out and I kinda ruin “The moment” so I rather pick something, lol, yeah I am not your normal female.

So anyway, I want this, the one on the right, isn’t it it purrrrrrty, OMG I love watches soooo much :

(Click here for more watches, DANGER DNAGER lots of blingy nice watches)

ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh, these are nice too:


This concludes my quarterly shallow session


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  1. i went to a really large mall today just because it’s the shopping season, just got back, instead of shopping i spent four hours reading magazines and books at borders. That was my best day off in a while

  2. I love your new boots, they are extremely nice!

  3. going for bling bling!

    Borders hates you the most. those that read the magazines and never buy them!

  4. mabrook el boots, i’m looking for one myself 🙂 a little cheaper though 😉 , any suggestions?

  5. 7aki, I love it when you are shallow! Deep even more, but golly those are cute…the ones I got in MI are like them but knee height w/o the gathered ankle action.

    lol…I do the same thing with my husband, and he loves it. No worrying I won’t like it, and I spend less than he does too. 🙂

    Mai, do you have Shoe Carnival near you?

  6. *LOL* love the boots…i need some boots myself…they have spring shoes here..but i’ll wait untill i go to canada..but skinny jeans?? hmmmm yuck!
    i dont even bother tellling hubby what i want anymore for occasions…i just go out buy what i want and thank him for what he got me while we are celebrating…….:)

  7. kel 3am o enta bkheir in advance! ba2ollek! I love watches too, khalee yejeblek sa3a ghalyee heik – Tissots are nice & affordable bas Guess have the new collection, check it out 😀

  8. DUDETTE! I tried those shoes on in New York, both these tan ones and the black ones, they’re Steve Madden, right?? And i LOVED them. Hhhmmm…..why didn’t I buy them? 7mara Hala, 7mara Hala, now 7aki has them and Hala doesn’t, this SUCKS.

    No am not envious or anything, I will just concentrate on all the boots I already have.

    Which are suddenly all so ugly to me…..


    (this is my way of saying mabrook, plus happy anniversary, plus u have great taste, plus enjoy them)

  9. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat……u got them from Aldo, not Steve Madden! What a rookie mistake I just made. It’s coz I thought they were these boots:

    Also, there is something seriously wrong with the eyebrows of the brunette chick in the Guess watches catalogue – it is seriously disturbing me and I am not sure if I’m going to be able to get over it.

  10. I don’t understand why would some people shop for clothing items on the web. The beauty of shopping is to go to the mall and actually try them and see them with your real eyes.

    As much as pictures describe, it won’t be the same like the real thing.

  11. Hareega: I used to do that before little haki came along, I would go after work and spend hours at chapters (the Canadian book store) . Now I don’t have the luxury anymore.

    Sel3: Thanks! Long time no see, hope all is well 🙂 .

    Mab3oos: Nothing beats the bling bling.

    Mai: Check out the site and go to the nearst Aldo store, this seasons collection is nice, there are other reasonably priced items 😀

    Kinzi: I love my shallow side too, LOL .

    Sam: lol Sam, but see I don’t like the effort of going out and buying it. He also wraps it nicely, hehehehe.

    ChikaP: yeah these are the guess watches up there, I usualy go for DKNY but it’s been a while since they had any nice watches that are big, see I hate small watches they are so grandmomish for my taste .So Guess it is for now 😀 .


    These boots are almost identical!!!! The madden ones are a deal, too bad you didn’t get them :p . lol. But mine are cuter cos they are mid calf length AND the leather is kinda distressed and oh so soft.

    So did you rotate them to see how lovely they look from the front and the back? I am in LOVE.

    Could Aldo Amman carry them?

    And lol at the guess model, see , I didn’t really pay attention to her cos I was looking at the “other” models. Can I order one of those?. Hehehehe

    Hamza: Yeah I don’t like that either, I only buy books online.

  12. DEFINATELY DEFINATELY DEFINATELY invest in a pair of skinny jeans! Not just for the boots, they’re so hot and actually look great with all kinds of different shoes!

  13. The boots are nice but really do you need to be taller? I’m barely keeping up with you wearing flat shoes. Just don’t wear them to work – cause l won’t be standing next to you.

  14. i like the functionalty of the Boots, they keep your pants clean when it rains.
    but i have to say that i liked the watches more. they look Glamorous..

  15. Asoom: Yeah I am going for it tomorrow 🙂 I already booked a couple of friends, then it’s off to the movies .

    Bob: I will wear them on Wednesday before you go on your trip :p I like to look down on you, lol, especially when your are off to the Caribbean sniff sniff.

    Maher: Don’t they look so glamorous, sigh, I love them.

  16. I loveee the watch you’re planning to get for you anniversary.. anything diamondy even if it isnt real is still good on my part lol. Happy Anniversary! thats so sweet.

  17. Ok, the boots are hot and I am in agreement. I only love skinny jeans with boots but that’s cuz I got some wide hips.

    And let’s face it they didn’t make the skinny jean cut with arab women in mind .. no not at all ..

    i bought something that looks like those boots from D&G back last winter. But they’re a little higher up almost right to the knee.

    But I agree these are nice!

  18. Watches are pretty

    The shoes are a atrocious. They must be obliterated untraceably

  19. I’m going to Aldo as soon as I get paid to see what latest victim I will kidnap (buy) with my new found wealth (salary). MOHAHAHHAHAAAAAAA. I will keep you updated.

  20. Batoul: Me tooooo, the watch has shawrkofsky crystals on it 😀 , the closest thing to diamonds, hehehehe. THanks for the wishes, inti sweet .

    inmotion: I have not even tried skinny jeans on to see how they look like on so today will be the test.

    KJ: Well, moogle is ugly 😛 .

    Hal: And I will keep you posted if I am going to look like a shawerma stick in those skinny pants, LOL.

  21. 7akiiiii i love those boots…and fall in love with them…i even matched a handbag to the black one….i was too lazy to take off my boots and try them on thu……mabrook
    i like shallow 7aki posts…
    if you want nice skinny jeans go to Marciano..they had major sales last week….
    omg i missed your blog so much

  22. *shuts Moogle ears*

    don’t say something like that in front of him!

  23. Dana: Thanks Dandoon. I already have a PERFECT purse for the boots, heheheheh.
    I missed you too dandoon, wain kunty ghatseh? Exams?

    KJ: Retract what you said about my boots and I’ll retract the moogle comment, LOL.

  24. hehe…it is a mixture of exams…presentations and term papers…
    bs seriously,, i have so much reading to do all over the place…i am talking about blogs and not texts..

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