Try and be a “YES” Wife

This is what my father in law did to me on the weekend it’s abuse I tell ya!

Father in law looking at me while asking little 7aki a question: Does your mom make you rice at home?

Little 7aki: No she doesn’t.

Father in law addressing me: See , little 7aki says you don’t make rice at home. Why don’t you make rice at home? What does little 7aki eat?

I pretend I didn’t hear him and I ignore him

Father in law 2 minutes later talking to little 7aki AGAIN: Does your mom make you rice at home?

Little 7aki: No she doesn’t

Father in law addressing me: See , little 7aki says you don’t make rice at home. Why don’t you make rice at home? What does little 7aki eat?

I answer with a smile on my face: Of course I make her rice. She’s 3, she doesn’t remember what she had for lunch.

After the scenario repeating for 5 more times I say with a smile on my face: Yeah little 7aki never eats at home, I only give her water and bread. Rice is too expensive.

Grandfather 7aki looks at me in horror and everybody in the room is giggling now, my husband, my mother in law, my sister and brother in law. Every time I see him this scenario repeats, never fails.


Sigh, if I don’t laugh I think I will murder someone.

Just for the record: I make rice for little 7aki .. LOL.

Another delightful conversation:

Baba 7aki has a job interview tomorrow so my father in law tells me the following.

Grandfather 7aki: Try on Wednesday to make your husband relaxed and happy before he leaves the house in the morning so he is in a good mood before he goes to the interview.

Me:I will sure do that. That morning I am dropping little 7aki off to school instead of him doing it so he is not flustered and in a rush, little 7aki is a handful in the morning

Grandfather 7aki: Bravo 3alaiki. Also don’t argue with him that morning, try and be a “YES” wife that day

Me not believing my ears and suppressing a giggle: Well don’t worry about that, baba 7aki and I don’t talk in the morning anyway so there’s no worry that we will argue (LOL LOL in my head)

Grandfather 7aki looking in horror: You don’t talk?? Well you should try and talk to him on Wednesday and encourage him.

Me: I will try and talk to him , see, I never see him in the morning to talk to him (hahahahahahah again in my head , also my mother in law and sister in law laughing their asses off at my expense little does my sister in law know that her turn is sure coming, lol)

OK I may appear mean but honestly, my father in law drives me nuts, and he is too easy of a target cos he believes me when I say I feed little 7aki water and bread and that I don’t talk to baba 7aki.

He always does this while baba 7aki is not there, he always corners me when my husband walks out of the room, next time, I will tail baba 7aki everywhere.

Sigh, let me not share with you the sex advice he once gave me… shudder…

An email conversation between Baba 7aki and me today:

Me:I wanna take little 7aki to the Santa parade that weekend 🙂 I think it’s on Dec 2nd

Baba 7aki :bla bla bla … check the date since ur track record is shit for festivals/parades!!! LOL LOL LOL

Me:LOL, hakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer (loose translation, bastard)

So my friend just blew me off for tonight 😦 .

Baba 7aki: LOL! Keef bas! (loose translation, did you like that?)

And you friend is a hakeera … How dare she blow you off!!!

Why not come tonite and be a zawja mutee3a (an obedient wife) ??? LOL

No honestly , why not go to the mall or the bookstore or something tonite, or do a manicure/pedicure, or whatever. Its ur nite! 7ub 🙂

Me:LOL @ zawja mutee3a.

I will so blog what your dad did to me this weekend 😛 , I will keep you posted on the comments I will get. 2al be a “yes” wife 2al.

I am going to the mall fo sho cos I need pants for those lovely boots 😀 .

Thanks 7ab7ooby, I really “love you”, and I am “in love” with you and I also “like you” kaman hehehehehe

Baba 7aki:LOL!!! Willik 7aram on the blog !!

There is “like”, “love”, and there is being “in love” 😛


Ok so sometimes when he irritates me I tell him that I do “love him” but that I don’t “like him”, LOL. So we always ask each other:

Is there “love” or “like” today?

And now he added a new one, the “in love” part because we were watching a TV show and the woman said I “love you” but I am not “in love” with you so he likes to tease me like that.

Seriously? What does this crap mean? who comes up with this shit? love and in love, isn’t it the same? Damn you Hollywood for planting evil ideas in our heads.


24 Responses

  1. LOOOOOOL @ grandfather 7aki! I think we have some family member personalities in common!

  2. LOL! cute father in law! I would’ve killed him men el awwal 😛 am joking of course! bas yes be an yes wife! 😛 LOOOL!

  3. I am sort of like your father-in-law. I am so fricking gullible I would totally believe that you don’t make little 7aki rice. Man… being gullible sucks 😦 I wonder if anyone is writing about me being gullible…

  4. LOL Roba, maskeeeeeeeeeeeneh..

    Asoom: sigh, he drives me nuts.

    chikaP: Trust me, it crossed my mind one time, LOL. I need to becoem a zawjah mutee3a.

  5. I”m sure it is the cute and sexy way you say NO to Baba 7aki that makes him both like, love and be in love with you. I think most men would take a fiesty thing over a Yes Wife. 😀

  6. you only feed her rice? 🙂

  7. LOL. why would he give you a “sex” advice?

    I hope its not like the advice given by Monica’s father to Monica & Chandler in Friends 😛

  8. Next time Grandpa 7aki comes make him rice biscuits 😀

    Oh man.,.. this whole in love thing… well here are my two cents:

    I Like You = you’re a good person and good personality and we are on good terms

    I Love You = major crush / major relationship / etc

    I’m In Love = hopelessly romantic

  9. LOOOL..oh god that was hilarious!! jido 7aki is funny wallah…and he falls for u jokes everytime ya 7aram!!

    yeah all this love and in love terms are silly..khalas it’s simple..i love u means i’m in love with u..i’m there and i have those feelings period!
    and i liked how KJ put it…simple and clear 🙂

  10. evil ! I LIKE >:)
    shouldn’t it be baba 7aki in-law ??
    next time get lil 7aki into the game too i bet it will more fun mwahahaha 😛
    as for the love, lub, like, in, out does it really matter ? personally i prefer wub for the upper echelons and boo as an adjective

  11. OK, I’ll pay to have you share with us sex advice from your father-in-law. I kid you not. Iza biddik, I’ll buy you the damn pants myself. Aslan I’m gonna do a lalalalalaleeeesh when you finally buy skinny pants for those gorgeous boots. Boots are in despair right now, just so you know.

    Right, so back to the sex advice, MSHAN ALLAH. I’m so bored at work, this could totally make my day.

    Dude, also, does Baba 7aki have a single Brother 7aki that might be, oh, I don’t know, PERFECT for Rambling Hal?? I can do the ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’ game too, I’m very mutee3a.

  12. There is a huge difference between the two expressions:”I love you” and “I’m in love with you”.When it comes to a relationship between a man and a woman.

  13. Kinzi: shucks kinzi , you make me blush.
    I think most men who are real men like feisty women, only unconfident men need a yes wife.

    Wonders: LOL, See little 7aki loves rice so whenever we go to their place she asks for rice, as if she never has it at home.

    Hamza: Please hamza I want ot block it out of my head.
    But what was the advice her dad gave her, I can’t remember, lol.

    KJ: LOL KJ, Bob said the same thing, he said next time you invite them for dinner or lunch just make rice and nothing else. Hehehehe.
    Thanks for the 2 cents, I think they are worth more than that 😀 .

    OA: Glad my delima is making you laugh, lol.

    Bambam: Yeah baba – in law 7aki. I like the sound of that, I will use it next time he tortures me.
    Maybe I will get little 7aki to say that I make her sleep on the bathroom floor, hmm lets see how he reacts to that.

    Wub boo?? Ok I want to make sooooooooo much fun of that but I will refrain, LOL LOL, 7aram you are a guest at my blog.

    Hal: HAHAHAHAHAH, fa2a3teeny min ildo7ok, inti nahfeh.
    About the sex advice, sorry Hal I wish I could tell you but I blocked it out of my memory, I had to go to some hypnosis sessions to block it .
    About Baba 7aki having brothers, well he does have brothers, his is one of 4 boys but unfortunately all 2 are married and one is getting married in July (and that’s when I am coming to Amman remember).
    BUT, my brother is available 😀 , and apparently he’s hot, all my available friends drool when they see him, I personally think he is obnoxious, LOL.
    Hey you might know him already, since Amman is a corridor.

    Crystal: What is it?

  14. Hee hee! I’d go for him without even having met him just cause he’s your brother (aaawwwww, yes I’m corny) but also so I can be little 7aki’s aunt, because I rarely find kids I like, and I like her already. 😀 I don’t know if I know him, but guess what, I will meet him when you and little 7aki come over to use the pool next summer, MOHAHAHAHHAHA. This pool is gonna be SO USEFUL in my life, I can sense it already.

  15. whats wrong with wub & boo :((

  16. found the perfect thing for this post !
    click me ! click me !

  17. Hal:AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Me like corny.
    Guess what? I am sure little 7aki will love you too cos you will be her stylish auntie cos she loves shoes jewellery and purses and makeup. And oh, the constant tripping will definitely entertain her LOL.

    And that pool? It is going to be a STUD magnet I tell ya!

    bambam: Do you really really REALLY want me to tell you?
    OK, if you insist. I think it’s kinda gay, LOL…
    But it’s cute 😀 . hehehehe, (laughing nervously)

    OMG this link is HILARIUOS, I “like” it a lot. So relevant 3anjad, I am going to send it to hubs.

  18. […] Try and be a “YES” Wife – Vote for the five greatest Jordanians of all time – Books I […]

  19. LMAO, hahaha (realizes what has been said)….
    atleast i got cute as ta3dilet tagiyeh 😛

  20. lol…ya madam zawja motee3a…
    your father in law sounds like the in-laws from a syrian drama…i think he watched too much bab el 7ara..
    are you the kinda of person who likes to shake people up with jokes like this?

  21. ya 7aram !!!!! i don’t know if i’m more sad 4 grandpa 7aki 4 suffering 4m this mean post or more sad 4 u !

  22. bambam: lol .

    dana: well, I do, cos if I don’t I will be angry and that’s the only way I control my anger, with biting sarcasm.

    psg: hehehehe, it’s ok you can feel sorry for both of us, he’s a sweet loving father in law, he just nags a little 😀

  23. LOOOOOOOOOL,this post was hilarious…maybe I should share some of my FIL’s antics, it would make you appreciate yours! At least he’s cute 🙂
    (except for the sex advice thing, OMG, I think I would die!!!)
    hehehe… be a yes wife
    n LOL, you’re too nice ..the i like and i love thing… i’m really direct. i’ll tell hubby i love you or i hate you 😀

  24. tinker: please do share, anything to make me tolerate hehehehe.
    Please don’t remind me about the sex advice ..shudder.

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