Chocolate, Barbie House, Books and …. Crackers?

Ok so I have been done with A Thousand Splended Suns by Khaled Hosseini since Monday and I am dying right now because the books I ordered on-line have yet to arrive, sigh, so now I am reading through my stash of the Adbusters magazines. Seriously, I am suffering here for real.

I will review thousand splendid suns soon, I don’t know why  I am procrastinating, I just feel like sharing “7aki Fadi” only.

These are the books I ordered and have been waiting for for FOUR DAYS, they always arrive on the third day … I am gonna cry 😦 .


Which one should I read first? I was thinking of reading “The Namesake” first. Bob recomended it to me.

Poor little 7aki is home sick today so I didn’t go to work , 7aram my baby is throwing up 😦 . (Kinzi, I remmebered you and what you went through  so I am washing my hands every 5 seconds, mama 7aki CANNOT get sick ) but on the bright side we got to play  barbie house together all morning.

Check it out, isn’t it cute?


The bathroom flushes and the doorbell rings and the shower makes water noises, there are tiny spoon, fork and knife. little 7aki loves it.

OK I bought it for me pretending it’s for little 7aki for eid, lol, I am more excited to play with it than her , yeah I need to grow up.

These are my favorite crackers IN THE WORLD. I challenge you to find crackers that are better (do they have them in Jordan? If not sorry people in Jordan, tough luck 😛 ) . Seriously, they have 8 grains and seeds and they are sooooo good I like to eat them just by themselves. So if you live in Canada or in the states you HAVE to try them


Since I am talking about favorites, this is my favorite chocolate.


Shu kaman ? shu kaman? I guess that’s it for now.


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  1. ahhh our good old friend Barbie 🙂 I hate her now :/ o dakheeeeeeeel allah! ana halla2 ba6ny 3am et9arrekh men kotr el akel :/ no chocolate for me tonight!

  2. salamaaaaaaaaat for little 7aki, so no fa3es for her today?? alf salameh 3aleaha!
    7aki, come on girl.. 3an jad i miss you kteer we haven’t got the chance to talk for a loooooooooong time!!! miss you ya bent 🙂
    as for the chocolate and the crackers, ana jo3aaaaaneh, beddi, looks like i’m gonna go get me some, is the crackers that good, i’m not a big fan of crackers, bs looks like i should try it 🙂

  3. the name sake is good…i read it few months ago and i was dying to watch to the movie but it was not out yet but on my to jordan they had it as one of the options…so yippy:)
    and im so jealous i want that barbie house…this is why i wanted a girl…so unfair!
    im so stuffed right now..i cant even look at the food pictures…but those crackers do look good…and i always wanted to try the kinder surprise in those eh??

  4. shoot..i got distracted…i meant to say that i watched the movie on the plane on my way to jordan….the movie was not bad…stayed pretty close to the book…

  5. I can’t wait to hear what you thought about 1000 splendid suns. YAYYY you got love in the time of cholera! Hold off on that one and starting reading it with me and hamza when he gets his stash.

    I’m reading the fadia faqir book at the moment and it’s going really slowwwww, I’m like 1/4 of the way through and to be honest I’m considering not finishing it except it was a gift from the very nice author.

  6. Salametha little 7aki, men 3’air shar inshallah.

    Crackers and chocolate, something else to try other than the books you recommend. By the way I received the “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and will start (Listening) to it as soon as I finish the one I already started. This is the first book based on your recommendation. hopefully I will not get disappointed by it or by the crackers and the chocolate. 🙂 Kidding I am sure I will like them all.

    I will try not to read your review till I finish the book first. But can not promise doing that at your speed, you read too much and too fast!!

  7. 7aki, salamaat Lil 7aki habeebit’álbi! Aren’t they SO pitiful when they are sick, you just want to hug them. GOOD for you on the hand washing, I must’ve slipped up as Abu Kounouz didn’t get sick.

    You inspired me with the Barbie playing. I haven’t done that in weeks, and I need to get on the floor with Lil Kinz and do Barbie. 🙂

  8. YAY ! you know why ??
    you are about to start reading a book am reading that would be interesting
    so Read sophie’s world, but i dont know if u’ll read it the same way i do since am thinking of myself as sophie and letting the letters sink into my psyche and adding my own input to them.
    so i wouldn’t know how much you will like it since you are a speed reader, for me the biggest fun about the book is thinking along with the characters and trying to come up with my own conclusions 🙂
    so i think it will be a different experience than ur normal reading , literature wise its nothing jaw dropping but logically and experimentally its a sweet journey
    and salamet lil 7aki hope she gets better soon

  9. Only read Sophie’s World if you’re mentally prepared for it. I have to be in the right mood for certain books…
    As for your choice in chocolate… Nice… I love those too. Hey, do you remember Fanfare chocolates? Not sure how popular they were in other ME countries, but they came in a gold wrapper and they were little sticks of hazelnut goodness in a little brown tray. Oh MAN I miss those. I don’t think they make them anymore.

  10. chikaP: lol Chika. Man! You eat a lot, just like me 😀 .

    Mai: No fa3es, poor little 7aki we think she has the chicken pox, so no fa3es cos the pimples will burst.. 7aram little 7aki 😦
    Try the crackers with cheese or chocolate spread, yummy.
    Miss you too 😀 .

    Sam: Well yallah, why don’t you try for a third, MAYBE you will get a girl 😀 .
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE kinder surprise, but the surprise SUCKS here in Canada, I liked Amman’s better, shhhhh don’t tell anyone, I still collect them, hehehehe.
    You should try this one it is sooooooooooooooooooooo good.
    Cool, I will check out the movie too.

    Asoom: I really liked it Asoom, I thought it was so well written, I mean wow. I will review it soon.
    OK I will hold off on reading the cholera book. Let me know when you guys start reading it.
    Too Bad about the faqir book, oh well, it was free so I guess it’s OK.

    Fadi Malian: allah yisalmak.
    If you like crackers, this is the king of crackers, and that chocolate bar? Oh man it is so creamy and yummy and yum yum yum.
    I think you are going to like the book, it’s pretty good.
    So what are you listening to now?

    Kinzi: thank you Kinzi you are so sweet. I think it doesn’t matter if I wash my hands or not, it seems little 7aki has eth chicken pox, although she was vaccinated, apparently 20% vaccinated kids get it, it is going around in the school, poor little 7aki she is itchy all over 😦 .

    Bambam: If the book needs contemplation I do contemplate and I don’t rush through it , I am sure I will enjoy it, I love philosophy. Although I do read quickly I do lose myself in these books and don’t feel anything around me, until an annoying bastard on the train distracts me , hehehehe.
    I will try my best not to just read it but really READ it.
    Thanks for this short review, now I am even more excited to read it 😀 .
    Allah yisalmak.

    TeacherLady: hmm so it’s intense eh. I will see how it goes, it’s winter so I think the mood will be there, no distractions 😀 .

    OMG OMG OMG, of course I know fanfare, I so miss fanfare. Not sure if they make them anymore or not .
    This chocolate bar is the closest to fanfare; hazelnut cream, wafer covered with yummy chocolate. When I eat it I am in chocolate heaven.

  11. Salametha Little 7aki! inshallaah sooon she’ll get better!

    My Fav are Hersheys!

  12. first things first….salamet-ha lil 7aki…flu is getting around so fast thouse days..snif snif

    I bought Love in the Time of Cholera end of October, and I only read 5 pgs so far…lol

    i know i am not going to watch the movie until i finish the book…and see who can better vision the or the director… The Kite Runner is going to be screened in Dec …

  13. I am listening to “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber.

  14. Miskeenah Little 7aki…. must be the lack of rice in her diet.

    HEHEHEH @ Barbie House 😀 I used to play that with my sister all the time.

    *realized what he just said*

    *rushes to corner*

  15. hey hey..start reading the rest of the books. Leave the time of cholera till the end

    I hope this will buy me sometime till I get the books….10 more days?

  16. Maher: Allah yisalmak, thanks.

    Dana: Allah yisalmek, thanks. She has the chicken pox not flue 😦 .
    I am looking forward to watching both movies

    FM: cool.

    KJ: LOL. You never fail to crack me up. Lack of rice? Ahahahaha
    Why are you going to the corner? Is there a Barbie house there? LOL LOL.
    We used to dress my youngest brother as a little girl, HAHAHAAH, but see he was younger than us, you are older than your sis so you have no excuse to be playing with girl dolls, LOL.

    Hamza: Will do 😀 .

  17. Oh my God!!! I love those crackers!!!! they are the best ever! I cant wait to have kids so I can haver an excuse to play dolls and girls games 😀 (I hope it is a girl!!!) I love them!!!
    I hope little 7aki gets better soon….
    Take care!

  18. u still play with barbie?.
    thats so cute .. and disturbing ..

  19. How come Barbie looks different?

    In my days, Barbie had different hair and wore a skirt or something

    Be rest assure that I didn’t own/play with Barbies when I was young, I just happen to know….

  20. Davgay; hey, long time no see 🙂 , hope all is well .
    Thanks , little 7aki is getting better.

    mo: No no i play so little 7aki can have a play partner, heheheehe.

    Firas: LOL Firas. It’s OK you can confess that you played with them 😛 .
    This is Barbie the new woman, there are doctor Barbie now and teacher Barbie and all Barbies that you can dream off. It seems Ken is being stereotyped now, the beach boy , dude where’s my car kinda dude. Just a boy toy , lol, I swear.

  21. frickin barbie ..

  22. Actually 7aki shi is older by 2.5 years 😀

    And she also once dressed me up in mom’s clothes and put on me make up and she took me to the streets for half an hours

  23. For the old FanFare chocolate lovers…

    That chocolate taste is back in a new wrapping.

    Galaxy Amicelli with hazelnut filling.


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