Little 7aki does not have the flu, my poor little 7aki has the chicken pox so I had to stay home and take care of her since Wednesday.



Watched most probably every single Disney movie ever made, I like to exaggerate but I watched enough.


We did every craft imaginable like sticking Cheerios and Macaroni on construction paper and stickers … etc etc. The above pictures are supposed to be the same, guess which one is mine, hehehe.


We played in the snow, We took her on a sled ride then we made a tunnel with the mountian of snow baba 7aki had to shovel 


I read her every single childrens book we have in the house, her favorite is “Green Eggs and Ham”


I stole my brother in laws Xbox and we played hockey on it


We played with her Disney princesses. These guys are so small each one fits in the palm of my hand, she has Ariel, Belle, sleeping beauty and Cinderella and shhhhh don’t tell little 7aki but Santa is getting her snow white too.

We practiced her phonics, my little 7aki can use the laptop all by herself , her tiny little fingers are so cute when they are moving the pointer on the little touch pad, she’s getting really good at it.


This is my best friend that took me through all this, no it’s not alcohol, that would have been nice though, lol, it’s calamine lotion to battle the itch.


I got my books but did not touch them yet. I have not read a word that is not a blog for SIX DAYS now.

Little 7aki learned how to play Uno.

We played her version of chess, we would line the pieces up on the board in all these different combinations and start flicking them like marbles, lol, I think it’s more fun than strategizing and there is this other game where you have 4 pieces that go around and they have to reach home, she only wanted to land on the stars, she LOVES rolling the dice.

This post took me 4 days to write.

Conclusion: My brain is turning into mush.


19 Responses

  1. ya Allah! salamit-ha! I hope she gets better soon!
    But you know what the good part is? It’s that she’ll never ever forget these days spent with you!
    Me and my other two sisters had this all at the same time, and we still remember how great it was to spend such a quality time together with our parents:)
    I liked the blue paper more :p

  2. ya 7aram, salametkom both… inshallah jaretkom elzen5a

  3. Ohhhh maskeeneh little 7aki
    Salamitha ya rab .. inshallah she’ll feel better soon

  4. *gets hyper*

    Can I join you in UNO?

  5. poor little 7aki..salametha…we have not dealt with chicken pox and i pray it stays this way…..well u guys did some fun things…ziad wakes up everyday wishshing he is sick so he can stay home…uggh!

  6. Mom of the Week Award goes to 7aki Fadi!!!

    good on ya, girl, you a a Fun Mom, Rare Shickle!!

  7. I love the cheerio art.

  8. well lucky her that she got it over with at a young age if you ask me …
    kinda sux if you are older 🙂
    so lucky her and salamitha

  9. Poor mama 7aki needs a holiday alone in a spa for four days, being treated by hunk masseuse who will rub the pain and stress out of every muscle, joint and tendon all while sipping coconut milk

  10. Nido: Thanks sweety 🙂 . Little 7aki is doing really well.
    I agree, we bonded so well and had such a good time together, I really enjoyd every second of it.
    I like the blue paper more too 😀 .

    Moey: Allah yisalmak Moey, thanks . And lol @ jaretkom elzen5a

    Qwaider: Thanks so much Qwaider :).

    Hamza: OMG I get hyper too, I LOVE Uno. Is there an online Uno game we can play together? You me KJ and Asoom … hehehehe

    Sam: Yeah, little 7aki everyday used to ask about going to school that day and I say yes and she would say, I don’t want to go. Then after 4 days of staying at home she told me, mommy I hate staying home, I hate being sick and I hate my “poopy “ spots, lol she is swearing at her spots.
    I am actually glad she got it since from now on I don’t have to worry about her getting it when she is older, they say it’s dangerous for older kids/people.
    Allah yisalmik , thanks.

    Kinzi: Thanks 😀 .

    Roba: It was delicious too hehehehe

    Bambam: Thanks Bambam and I agree with you, I am really glad she got it now.

    KJ: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 . You are the best commentator EVER, I am going to send this comment to baba 7aki right now.

  11. *thinks his days are counted*

  12. hehehe KJ. Yeah baba 7aki is a big and tall guy .. be afraid, be very afraid..LOL

  13. aaaw, poor little 7aki, salamet-ha inshallah!
    bs i secodn Nido…having chickenpox was one of the best weeks of my childhood, my dad stayed home and i was an only child for the better part of a week 😀 selfish tinkerbella, i know…lol
    bs sounds like you two had fun…bs LOL @ the mush, dont worry, it takes more than a couple of days 😉

  14. my memories of chicken pox is so much related to watching disney movies all day long!

    I also remember learning how to play some cards at that time, and I really got close to my parents because they spent all their spare time with me (I wasnt allowed to play with my sisters of course so that the won’t catch it)..

    Hopefully, she’ll be grateful for the time you spent along 😀

    alf salama 3aleeha 🙂 !

  15. I’m sorry but right now, chicken pox sounds like a lot of fun to me. A LOT.

  16. oh,, salmat 4 little 7aki.. i wish her to get well soon.. the good thing about all this that u r giving her a good ‘mama and me’ time, a very precious memories that will last forever.

  17. gjoe: Allah yisalmek 😀 . We are having a blast.

    Hal: Yes it is fun BUT I need some adult entertainment, some alcohol wouldn’t hurt right about not.

    psg: allah yisalmak. You are right , we are bonding 😀

  18. oh i’m so late (but better late than never :p)
    salameta..hope she’s doing better now…i remember mom using the same lotion for me when i got chicken pox w ana z’3eereh…they were so itching and the feeling was so yuck! 😦

    it’s so sweet how u spend time with her doing all those things..i’m sure it made it much easier on her 🙂

  19. OA: Poor little 7aki it was super itchy but she’s such a great kid, she did not even itch it once !!!

    She went back to school today 😀 and all her friends were missing her and waiting for her, 7ayaty little 7aki.

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