Why was Wasfi Tal Street called “Gardens Street”

OK, I am tired of reading the same question over and over to why the Gardens street was called that.

Myth: It was called gardens because of the greenery.

Fact: There was a place on the street that had a restaurant, a pool a movie dome and some amusement park kind of rides that was called “The gardens”.

The street almost had nothing on it back in the day and “The gardens” was the most prominent place on the street therefor, like many streets in Amman, it got called by its most prominent place.

Another fact: When we were kids the gardens park used to have a monkey in a cage and you were allowed to feed it, so I was so excited to give it some popcorn, every time I extended my hand to give the monkey the popcorn and it extended it’s arm to get it I would withdraw my hand cos I was scared (I think I was KG2 or Grade one at the time) , I did it for like four times, then , all of a sudden and out of the blue the monkey got so frustrated and it slapped me soooooooooo hard on my face, LOL. STUPID UGLY MONKEY, I still hate it still. It hurt like a bitch.

Yeah , so it existed and I was there to “experience” it.

My favorite thing to do there was to watch a movie at the big dome there, wow it was sooo cool, you sit on the floor and the whole dome had the movie playing on all sides and the ceiling, they used to have roller coaster movies and airplane movies, if you laid on your back and watched you would think you were really flying.

At the gardens my sister learned how to swim (or didn’t learn how to swim). Her first swimming lesson? the instructor threw her at the deep end and told my mom: “Relax, her instinct will kick in and she will try hard to swim and maybe she will do it.” HAHAHAHAH . Stupid swimming instructor, are you RETARDED. Well it didn’t work, like DUH. So he had to go in and get her.

This concludes a history lesson in “Why was the gardens street called ‘The gardens Street’ “


33 Responses

  1. oh, cool! I’ve always wondered.

  2. the monkey who slapped 7aki St. (Wasfi Al Tal sabiqan)

  3. nice! any idea about the rainbow?

  4. interesting

  5. looooooool…once I go back home, I’ll send you why “Abdali” area was called Abdali 😉

  6. Hahahahahha, I had no idea, I was the one spreading the myth that it was called Gardens cause it was GREEEEEN!!! Eft, I hate being wrong.

  7. Yeah, I’ve always wondered, as well. I try to avoid it at all cost these days because of traffic.

  8. Yo, do you realize that you were actually SLAPPED by a monkey?

  9. The big dome was called “bisatt al ree7”: the magic carpet.
    The train clip was AMAZING. You would feel it is coming right at you.

  10. I could’ve sworn that you wrote about this earlier, I also “the gardens” relics where only removed not too long ago.
    I also could’ve sworn that it was called bisat 2il ree7 in my recollection of that distant time but i’ll take ur version of it.

    and correction i guess it wasn’t the only place there was that mezzah and grill place across the street from it, i think it was called the yasmeen but then again I don’t trust myself with names

  11. I was wondering like Moey about the Rainbow street.

  12. I think baba 7aki is reading this and is saying to himself “that is one lucky ugly monkey” to have pulled of such a slappilacious feat 😛

  13. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! You were slapped by a MONKEY!!!!!! That is the best thing yet.

  14. LOOOL her instinct will kick in? he mistook her for a duck shaklo 😀

  15. what do u think people will remember after reading this post .. why it is called gardens street .. or the monkey story ..

    oh man i would pay to see that lol

  16. mo – who cares about the gardens street… a MONKEY slapped 7aki!

  17. *can hear the kha-tish of the slap resonating in 7aki’s little ears*

  18. Saned: You are welcome.

    Globalorama: LOL..mashi ya Globalorama. I propose a better name, the monkey street.

    Moey: I think it was called the rainbow street because there was a movie theatre called Rainbow which is now a theatre for plays and not movies. That would be my theory.

    Sam: Yes, very .

    Hamza: ha? Is there something I am missing? Why do you need to go back ot tell us, yallah tell us NOW.

    Hal: LOL. Yeah I kinda was gonna respond to the comment on your blog , I have done that on other blogs before , and I was like this is worthy of a post.

    Dave: I hear the traffic is horrendous.

    Roba: LOL. Yes I do realize Shhhhhhhh, , don’t tell anyone.

    Robrichard: YES. Thanks for reminding me that it was called bisat alree7.
    I loved the rollercoaster one the most. I heard inno after a while they had pictures of women in bikinis, LOL. Can you imagine giant women in bikinis? I think that’s when we stopped going there.

    Bambam: I did “kinda” write about this before, I left a comment on Naseems blog once with the explanation and the story.
    No it was called the gardens and the dome was called bisat alree7 as the comment right above yours says (it was in moderation when you left your comment 😀 )
    Yes yes I remember the mezzah place. By the way, we used to live in Jabal Amman back then and it was like a day trip to get there, we felt it was soooooooo far when we were young and it was like a ri7leh, hehehehe.
    Did the yasmeen place have a pool? I have a distant memory that it was a ta7loobeh pool that was green it was so dirty.

    Observor: Read my comment reply to Moey.

    KJ: 😛 buzz off .. lol

    Hal2: You just caught on??????????? Ta7sheeeeeeeesh . Yeah , join the people who make fun of me 😛 . No tango for you … hehehehehehe

    Shaden: I know he is a mw3awaq . lol

    Mo: LOL. You would pay? You are mean 😛 .

    KJ: Inta lessa hon 😛 . Man the ka-tish was very ka-painful. Poor little 7aki – me .

  19. wow, i never knew that about gardens street…interesting.
    n poor 7aki…. that is one evil little monkey!!!

  20. i have been living here for like 10 years and didnt know it was called Wasfe el tal :s

  21. heheh
    thanks for the comic value, i just remembered the look on your face when the monkey slapped you..
    and now my boss thinks that I’ve gone mad again.

  22. tinker: yeah, poor 7aki 😦

    Maher: sa7 il nom lol

    sister: lol, you are evil, and I will never forget how that stupid guy threw you in the water, I mean, what was he thinking? How old were you by the way?

  23. HAHAHA…when you think 7aki has done it all, you hear that she’s been slapped by a monkey… what is it with you and chimps anyways
    LOL…my dad probably was friends with that instructor! This is exactly how he thought me and my brother to swim. That is after 10 minutes orientation on the arm movement. I am surprise I did not develop hydrophobia. Tell sis 7aki I feel for her
    INTRESTING about Gardens street! FINALLY, some realistic answer… where have you been all my life 7aki
    sa7ee7 how is little 7aki now?

  24. interesting stuff about gardens and nice memories 7aki..but i’m sure the monkey’s one wasn’t so much fun back then :p
    in UAE (back in the 70s) there were lots of monkeys roaming around! heik free without cages walla batee’7…once a stupid one jumpend on teta’s shoulders..ya 7aram she was about to faint..i’m glad it’s not the case anymore…i get paranoid so easily

    and the swimming coach what was he thinking?! kan bedek tkoun ana lol! ana kteer fdee7a when it comes to this..i’m sure kent suret furjeh :p

  25. 7aki, i think i was around 6 or 7 when he did that.. i remember mama was crying and screaming when i got out of the pool.. it was really embarrassing cos everyone in the pool stopped what they were doing and just stared at me.. but i got free ice cream!!!
    how’s the little one doing?

    Dana-T.O. thanks.. finally i find someone else who suffered the swimming lessons.

  26. Dana: HEHEHE what can I say, chimps love me. There’s is another story at hadeekat altooyour that involves another monkey, LOL, I swear to god HAHAHAHA, this monkey I was giving it 2ob2ab ghawwar and it decided to grab my sweater and would not let go, LOL, but we were behind the cage where you are not supposed to so the 7ares doesn’t see us so I deserved that one. hehehe

    All my life I’ve been in Amman, chillin with the monkeys, LOL.

    Little 7aki went back to school today, so I am in the process of un-mushing my brain

    OA: I hear they have a monkey pandemic in India where they brought it to battle something and now the monkeys are growing out of control there. Monkeys scare my, they have big sharp teeth.

    sister: HAHAHA, 7aram sister. So mom pulled you out of the lessons after sa7?

    7ayaty ilza3ra went back to school today 😀 .

    walkom I am calling all the time and nobody answers, your mom is driving me NUTS..LOL.. tell her to get of her butt and call me because i give up and I am not calling her again. Tell her to get a calling card, auntie said there’s one for 2 JDs that talks for like 2 hours or something.

    What a useless family intoo…LOL

  27. ok I remember something about 7adeeket el toyor monkey…the only time i visited that place, there was a big whole in the cage where he was able to extend his hand and reach the people who jumped off the safety fence/bars…people were handing him food hand to hand..lol..maybe you were there that day 😛

  28. about that movie dom in Gardens..when did they have that? and for how long? cuz i remeber watching a roller coaster movie on the ground as a kid and i always wondered whne and where did that happened..its one of those memory clips tha play in my head and dont know when they happened or if they happened
    could i have visited this dome as a kid o ana mo 3arfe?

  29. 7akiiiiiiiiiiii………..yalla blog, khalseeni, I am low on reading material, blog blog blog, you’re spending the entire day with Baby 7aki, I’m sure she is providing you with plenty of blogging material. U HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! Blog mshan Allah I have no life.

  30. Dana: It was in the early(ish) 80’s. About when you were born. AWWWW you are soooo young , hehehehe.

    And no not I wasn’t in front of the cage, we actually went to the back of the cage where nobody can see us, where the cage door is.

    Hal: LOL Hal. I love it when you have no life cos you blog a lot! Please don’t have a life 😀

    Yallah 3eeshe I blogged something this morning.

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  33. you know , i was slapped by the same monkey
    i tried to fool the monkey by giving him a lit cigaret once he found out he came hard on me and slapped me across the face

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