A Random all over the place post

– So little 7aki is back to School and holy shit do I have a lot of work to do at work.

– I am soooo hungry right now its not even funny.

– It’s 6:30 in the morning. Why the hell did I wake up at 5:30?!?!?!? Ha? HA? I hate it when I wake up early like that for no reason.

– Apparently there is a blogger (KJ) who super glued his fingers together , LOL.

– Last night I had this conversation with little 7aki

Me: I want to take your cheek with me to work so I can keep kissing it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day

Little 7aki: No you caaaan’t dooooooo thaaaaat (with a little giggle)

Me: Why not? It’s a great Idea, I want to take it with me so I can kiss it on the train, and on the subway, and at the office and everywhere.

Little 7aki: But you can’t because it’s attached.

Me: Ok so what should I do then?  I want to kiss your cheek all day!

Little 7aki: I have an Idea! You can take all of me to work.


– I am bored.

– I need to stop blogging right now and get ready to go to work cos I think I am about to get fired. I come in late all the time or I don’t show up. But I have been good MOST of the time getting to work at like 8:30 … sigh .. seriously, who invented work during the day?

– I am just waiting for my husband to get this new job , please wish him luck, he despises his current job

– Did I say I was hungry, man I am dying here, stomach grumble and all. I am gonna have a Feta and Spinach croissant for breakfast, yummy yummy.

– I forgot what I was gonna say , it was funny, hmm, too bad.


Chao ! Off to the ant farm, the dungeon, the slave plantation , the cave, the devil worship site AKA work.

PS: why did I get chicken pox as a child? I would have had the chicken pox right now and would have been in bed all day for like a week or something .. sigh.

PPS: You know that you are depressed from having to work if you wished  you had chicken pox instead of work.

PPPS: Get the fuck off your butt and get ready to go to work… What the hell man!

PPPPS: Did I ever mention that my spelling is ass and that if spell check wasn’t invented I think I would have , maybe, learned to spell better? Evil spell check inventor.


20 Responses

  1. poor 7aki……im sure u will get over it soon..and u will be glad u dont have the chicken pox….aparently i didnt get them as a a child so im worried about that! did little 7aki get an immunization for chicken pox??

  2. Hehehe! This is what I tell myself before i actually start moving my butt to work 🙂 hope things go well for your hubby 🙂

  3. LOOOOOOOOL ! ta7sheeeesh!


    Mashallah 3aleeha little 7aki she is cute. i love kids when they are not irritating.
    all the luck to your husband.

  4. LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL

    What a sad sad day for both of us!

    I woke up this morning at 6 AM and I told myself I MUST tell my boss I hit a camel on the way to work and we are waiting for the police (roadkilling a camel here [assuming you survive yourself] is a huge deal).

    Maybe I should secretly put camel milk in his tea and he’d be sick for a week (Westerners can’t handle it, lol)

  5. the worst thing happened to me last week, i got sick on Sunday which was a holidy in Dubai, and Monday i was perfectly fine!! 😦

    i sometimes wish that i get sick too to ditch work and sleep all day, not a morning person…

    Good luck to hubby and the little angel is sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet!

  6. 7aki, funny post! thinking outloud on your blog. 🙂
    best of luck to your husband.
    i never wake up hungry at all…maybe because i binge before i go to bed?
    have a great day!

  7. Sam: Yes little 7aki was immunized. They say 20% of immunized children get it but much much milder.
    I hear it’s really bad for adults when they get it I hope your children don’t get it.

    Chika: Thanks chika 🙂 he is super excited about the interviews, he said he did really well.

    Maher: Yeah I love little 7aki too 😀 . Thanks for the good luck wishes 😀

    KJ: HAHAHAHHA. Do they sell camel milk? Is it any good? And why can’t they tolerate it?
    About the camel excuse, it won’t fly in Canada, LOL, but I can say I hit a deer. Or maybe a moose cos a moose is as frikin big as a camel…hehehe
    I was telling husband that I am going to use the flat tire excuse to skip work cos I have never used it, but watch my luck, I will really get a flat tire, and dude, you super glued your fingers together, LOL.

    Wonders: Oh I hate that, being sick on vacation, it’s the worst thing ever.
    Thanks for the good luck wishes 😀 .

    Summer: See I eat a very very light dinner really early and then I never eat breakfast because I rush rush rush in the morning so I have an early lunch at like 12 max. But because I woke up early I got super hungry.
    Thanks for the good luck wishes 😀

  8. Salamit-ha la 7aki el 7ilweh el zgheerh inshallah btinziker oo ma btin3ad

    LOL @ superglue! 🙂

    Ya allah ma azkaha little 7aki 🙂

    You need to find a job with loose work hours. Come when you want, and leave when you leave.

    Good luck to your hubby. Allah ywaf2oh

    I hear chicken pox for adults can be very nasty. B3eed el shar 3annek

    Spell checker is your friend 🙂

  9. YaaaY, I just missed the huge answer all comment!

  10. 7aki fadi!

  11. Q: Yeah these kind of comments are fun aren’t they?

    HAHAHAHAHA Bakkouz. It is the embodiment of 7aki Fadi

  12. You’re quite fresh to write all that at 6.30 😀

  13. Insha’alah, a better Friday awaits. 😀

    but then we would be SO bored!

  14. LooooooooooooL, the flat tire doesn’t work trust me! You might as well tell them you stopped by to watch two UFOs battle.

    Camel milk is good but very very heavy. Not everyone can stomach it.

  15. KJ, can you make your blog allow nickname commenters? I just can’t find my blogger name thing, and want to say hi sometimes. 🙂

  16. I totally get the wanting-to-take-your-kid’s-cheek-to-work thing… If no one minded the smell of soiled diapers or the sound of the cutest giggle in my entire world, I would do it.
    I’m guessing you finally got your ass to work, so I hope it was worth it. And you don’t want adult chicken pox, I had a friend who got it as a teen and it was worse for her than for kids. It took years before the marks faded away, even though she never scratched at them.
    There’s your silver lining for the day.

  17. you know..from now on, I will start calling you “ta2 7anak” (jaw cracker)

  18. Ohoud: hehehe, yeah, I was awake for an hour already.

    Kinzi: lol

    KJ: It doesn’t it? But it happens you know!

    Teacher: Yeah I know it’s horrible, I just wanted to illustrate how much I did not want ot go to work that I would be willing to get chicken pox , hehehehe.

    Hamza: hehehehe

  19. See? Lists are fun. I love 7aki fadi lists. I’m really hungry too right now. God I hate the beginning of the week. God I hate working. EFT EFT EFT. I need to go find me a sugar daddy methinks.

  20. Hal: Yes, I am in the process of turning Baba 7aki into a sugar daddy, LOL.

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