Why I love the location of my work

I don’t know what’s up with me and lists lately, I don’t feel like writing proper posts (Asoom, I will post the book erview over the weekend I promise 😀 ).

I never realised lists were so easy to post so here goes:

– There’s a Lebanese restaurant in my building  that makes the best Shawerma I’ve had outside Jordan, it’s the real deal drenched in taheeneh sauce, they also make mujaddrah (Rice and Lentils) , they make kufta , and Arabic stews.

– There is access to the subway without me having to go outside the building, gotta love that when it’s -100 degrees outside.

– There’s a future shop (electronics store) across the building. I like to consume so when we are bored Bob , another colleague and I go there to look around and I always end up buying Disney DVDs for little 7aki and blue ray DVDs for baba 7aki

– There are a bunch of yummy restaurants around, Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Thai, Korean , Mexican, junk food, pub food , Sushi and Italian so if I crave anything in the world I can have it and I crave a lot and I like to eat a lot so it’s restaurant heaven.

– There is a library that has 7 floors in the building . Yes SEVEN so to a book addict like me it is Heaven so I am gonna go and get me a library card and I will start borrowing LOTS of books for me and little 7aki (baba 7aki does not read 😦 ).

– There’s a nice place to sit outside when it’s summer. A nice wading pool that turns into a skating rink in the winter I just need to get off my lazy butt and buy skates. There’s also a little outdoor amphitheater like stage where we sit and eat there in the summer with lots of trees surrounding us.

– We are on the 11th floor so the view is stunning , too bad I am still considered a newbie at work so I don’t get  a window cube 😦 . It’s not fair 😦 .

On other news fronts :

– Bob is back from a 7 day vacation to the Caribbean (I hate you Bob 😛 ) and he had loads of fun.

– William is growing a mysterious beard, I think he grew it to mourn the fact that Bob took a vacation and William had to do his job for that week. If my theroy is right then on Monday willaim will be beardless, hehehehe, poor William.


18 Responses

  1. 7aki, i so wanna have that Lebanese restaurant you have, I’m so craving for shawarma, ya Allah , it’s too early for lunch ya 7aki, and you made me hungry.. Allah ysam7ek 😦

  2. aham shee el ma6a3em 🙂

  3. Sounds awesome, but it would be even better if there was a gym in your building!

  4. Jawa3tina 🙂

  5. where do you work? what part of the city?

  6. ok i just read the part about the pool..i guess you are somewhere aroundNathan Philips square…YEA i love that part of the city
    i always wanted to live somewhere on Yonge..right across from a subways station…probably the buildings by Yonge and Yorkmills i have not come with the perfect excuse to move out from my parents house yet..

  7. oh..around Nathan Phillps square…that’s the place where I bought the yankees vs Blue Jays ticket…from the black market. 😛

    I work on 10th floor. I have a cubicle near the glass window but the scene is not encouraging at all. It oversees the old downtown of Jeddah which is basically small buildings on the verge of collapsing.

  8. Sounds nice. Almost makes me wish I could work there.

  9. Mai: Tab did you see Summers Shawerma recipe? It looks delicious and I bet you tastes like the real deal. Try making it.

    Chika: They are the most important thing ever.

    Asoom: Yeah that’s the only thing htat is missing 😦 . But there’s a gym 5 minutes away.

    Jad: Mahoo I was hungry when I wrote it.

    Dana: No it’s not Nathan Philip, I used to work around there (Queens park) but we moved all the way up to Mel Lastman square.
    We lived on the harbor front for 2 years, that would be my choice if I wanted to move back to Toronto, I used to love waking up and walking out of the building and I am right by the water and the ducks and the swans, what a nice area to live at, I really miss it.

    Hamza: Why would you buy baseball tickets from the black market? These tickets are a dime a dozen and they give them out for free 😛 .

    Dave: One thing I don’t like about it is that it’s added an extra 20 minutes to my commute 😦 . I miss how my job in Amman was a 15 minute walk, 5 minute cab ride.

  10. Hmm. If I were Baba 7aki I’d think you are indirectly telling me to purchase a flat in this building or the next one 😛

    I think William is growing the beard so he can secretly raise vampiric insects that he would unleash on Bob when he comes back

  11. Damn it, now I’m hungrier. Enough with the food stuff, yeah? Go back to talking about the kid. I like the kid.

  12. LOL @ KJ!!

    actually, I’m suddenly hungry as hell too and would sell my kidney for one of those greasy shawermas now…mmm….

  13. ohhh so you work in the north york neigbourhood….
    does not that area have a 3amman feel to it (north york)?
    maybe cuz of all the up/down hills

  14. lol 7aki…are u sure you should be up this early? hehe
    well honestly, sounds like u work at a pretty nice place, food always makes it easier to go to work, especially shawerma!!!

  15. ooops! i read both this and the previous post together, its the other post that should have had the “are u sure u shud be up this early” LOL

  16. I just notcied sister 7aki on Hala’s blog!! Where is she? say hi to her 🙂

    and I hate Bob too!

  17. wow..sound like an awesome place…and i though my office area is great :p

  18. KJ: OMG how did you guess? LOL.
    And ew about William, oh oh it’s Monday I better go check the beard situation.

    Hal: hehehe

    That guy: I hear kidneys go for a good price these days.

    Dana: Well it really has a China feel to it more than anything really.

    Tinker: Did you have your coffee yet 😛 . Yeah food makes it bearable and lunch break kinda makes the day go faster.

    Observer: Yusal 😀 . Yeah but he is miserable now he’s back, oh the curse of going away.

    OA: Nah it’s not that awesome, I wrote up this list so I don’t kill myself and feel better about going to work , hehehe

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