Blatantly lying , Xmas festivities and the Beard

Baba 7aki: I am pretty much fully booked next week because of all the Xmas parties and outings with my work and stuff 

Me: Yeah but on Tuesday I have my work Xmas party , make sure you don’t book that.

Baba 7aki: What!!!! You didn’t tell me!! I already have something for Tuesday and I can’t change it

Me: WHAT!!! I told you last week about the Xmas party. This is great, as usual I tell you things but you forget that I told you. And what is it that you are doing you can’t cancel?

Baba 7aki: I am going out with blah blah blah blah blah

Me: Why don’t you postpone it?

Baba 7aki: But I did already, this is rescheduled. You did not tell me you had a work party. I don’t remember you telling me. This is what you always do, tell me things last minute.

Me:I did soooooooo tell you, I did! It’s typical you, never remember or listen when I talk to you. You know what. I don’t care, go with blah blah blah blah, I don’t care about the party anyway and I will just go home (then I proceeded to pout)

Baba 7aki: Ifffffffffffffft! OK OK I will reschedule.


Tell you a little secret? I never told him about the party, LOL. It’s tomorrow and I forgot to tell him and Tuesdays he usually doesn’t have any plans. Poor baba 7aki, hehehehe.


This just in: I found out why William had a mysterious beard. He was Santa for his daughters school(or something like that) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooo Sweet.

I am trying to convince him to be Santa for tomorrow’s Xmas party. Bob said he will allow him to be Santa on the condition that he does NOT sit on his lap, LOL.

He has to draw the line somewhere!


21 Responses

  1. LOL! Isn’t he gonna read this though!? LOL

  2. HAHAHAHA. He will eventually. But he already reschduled. LOL.

  3. LOL 7aki u r evil…this is something i would do to hubby..*lol*

  4. LOOOOOOOOOL 7aki 😀 won’t you be in trouble if he reads this post?? he’ll know you never told him right?
    HAHAHAHA poor baba 7aki!

  5. YYIIIIIiiiii 7aki! Ma’ooooooool? You two are a pair! Don’t you get that little look in your eye when he can tell you are bluffing?

    I have a feeling you will make it up to him, mish? 🙂

  6. I could never pull something like this off ! but it’s for a good cause so it’s ok 😀

  7. I am with 7aki ALL THE WAY… You go girl! 🙂

    Wallahi innek shattoura 🙂

  8. You could have solved the problem by making little 7aki go to a xmas party for kids.

    But now, with all your selfish plans, each one of you will end up going to different xmas parties on different days while poor little 7aki would stay home all week.

    Shame on both of you.

    *thinks about calling social services*


  9. Make sure to pass the wisdom down to your daughter once she get married lol

  10. LOL…u evil!
    and he totally bought it!

    so how are u going to make it up for baba 7aki?! 😀

  11. William is evil! He was going to unleash the vampiric insects on children!! Blasphemous

    As for you and your hubby… damn the emotional blackmail! You women toy us men like the Japanese toy with their pens

  12. Hehehehhee, if Baba 7aki reads this, u r screwed.

    How much would u pay me NOT to tell him? Coz I have an e-mail all ready to send to him, its in my drafts folder, I just gotta hit SEND.

    OK that’s bullshit, but it would have been funny 😀

  13. FINALLY one of you admits to doing this!!! 🙂

  14. Oh Man! Typical Woman! 😛
    They always get what they want . 😦

  15. Sam: Honeslty, I think every wife AND husband did it, but I admit to doing it, LOL.

    Mai: Baba 7aki is not a fan of the 7aki fadi blog 😦 He never checks it unless I forward stuff to him to read 😦 so he won’d find out 😀 .

    Kinzi: hehehehehehe. Well if I said the truth I will never hear the end of it, LOL, he will keep saying inno I am so disorganised and that he has to change his plans for me. I will still get to go to the party but it will be a big jmeeleh. hehehehe

    But honestly, I think he knows but he is humouring me, LOL. He knows I am the most disorganized person on the planet and he makes fun of that all the time.

    He is going out EVERY SINLGE NIGHT this week so I don’t need to make up ANYTHING to him, he actually owes me 😀 , I am sooooooo using this to get the weekend off.

    Hani: Yeah a party is always a good cause 😀 .

    Q: hehehehe

    Hamza: Little 7aki’s Xmas party is on the weekend, she is going to a build a ginger bread house party.

    Dana: See inti fahmaneh mnee7 Dana, lol. Bluffing like that is a skill and requires training at a young age.

    OA: Check out my response to kinzi 😀 .

    I’ll check the youtube when I get home. Is it funny ?

    Hal: Hehehehe, it would have been funny, TO YOU MAYBE 😛 .

    That guy: yeah man EVERYBODY does it, and a man would be naïve to think that women don’t lie like this to cover their asses.

    Maher: We always do get what we want 😀 .

  16. looooool, i do that to hubby all the time!! he knows wn im bluffing tho but goes along with it, since its just easier cuz if calls my bluff, then hell just be “unsupportive” and “unresponsive to my needs” and he’s learned to be smarter than that 😀

  17. It is funny in the context of what I said 😛

  18. Women!

    I’m sending baba 7aki a tape recorder for Christmas

  19. Tinker: You go girl!

    KJ: I just watched the video and LOL. By the way, I can spin pens too, I am pretty good at it.

    Firas: So he can tape our conversations? LOL.
    But you should thank me because I am opening your eyes to what women do to you and you don’t even know it.

  20. 🙂
    One kiss here & there would be enough ;D
    Good dad never say No to their angelic daughters

  21. Baba 7aki is my husband not my dad 😀 . And the last thing I am is angelic, LOL.

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