A Dose of a Thousand Splendid Suns

I have been called the iron heart because I rarely cry at movies or anything but this book brought me close to tears.

A Thousand Splended Suns is a story about two Afghan women, Mariam and Laili, brought together by war to live under the roof of one man.

The story takes you from their childhood since the Soviet invasion to the rein of the Taliban and finally to post-Taliban rebuilding. Three decades of their struggle to find love, hope and friendship.

The part that moved me the most is when a child unconditionally loves a woman that is not her mother who has never been loved in her life, a woman rejected by her father, married at a very young age, abused by her husband and who was unable to conceive a child. The moment the little girl goes to her, yearns for her company broke my heart, it was so moving to see her finally being loved it sent shivers down my spine and tears to my eyes.

The author is so talented that I felt I was there. I felt the love of a father to his daughter. I felt the feeling of helplessness and resentment and anger when you lose someone because of war. I felt the feeling of disgust when you have sex with a man you are forced to be with because of circumstances. I felt the feeling of budding love between two people. I felt the injustice towards women and it hurt me to know that women in Afghanistan are treated worse than you would treat an animal.

I am tempted to tell you the whole story in this post but I won’t because you need to read the book for yourselves.

A Thousand Splended Suns  is a story about war and friendship and hate and kindness and ugliness and resilience and helplessness and sacrifice and love.

Completely different from the Kite runner, you can’t compare them, but another masterpiece by Khalid Hosseini.

It was voted the best book in 2007 on Amazon.

Review to follow: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Currently reading: Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris
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14 Responses

  1. Yayyyy what I’ve been waiting for!

    Oh wow what a review 7aki! Did you love it enough to go under your favorites of all time? I’m glad you loved it, it was a good book. I also rarely cry at movies but I personally was bawling like 3 different times while reading the kite runner.

    I hope Hosseini releases #3 soon!

  2. Hey you’r reading Namesake too? I saw the movie and loved it so much (you can check out my review also)

    I think Khalid Hosseini is an amazing writer. Lets see how the movie of this novel is going to turn out

  3. Fantastic, I shall have to get the book sometime soon perhaps since I am in need of new stuff to read :]

  4. This is what makes reading a great experience on it’s own…better than any movie…as your own personal mind writes along your own version of detailed scents and lights and feelings.
    Good review 🙂

  5. My thought about it back in August when I was reading it:

    I’m reading A Thousand Splendid Suns now…and I’m simply addicted… loving every word… the power of words when crafted so well is amazing; you cannot help but fall in love with every letter, every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every page, the Author… and for those who say that I am emotionless I gladly say F off! I’m amazed at how sensitive and sentimental I am, and you will be too! 😀

  6. Asoom: I know. It took me FOREVER to post it.
    I am not sure if I will put it under my favourites of all time, I am pretty picky like that and the book has to be very different and unique and quirky.
    I am definitely buying his next book, he is one to not disappoint but I wonder what would the subject matter be? Will it be another book about Afghans?

    Qwaider: Yeah I read the namesake and I loved it. I will sure check your review. Thanks Qwaider.
    See I am very interested in seeing the movie for this book more than the kite runner(I do want to see it) because of the imagery in it, the cruelty, I am very interested to see how the characters will be portrayed.

    Bakkouz: You will not be disappointed inshallah.

    Rasha: Books just take you places you would have never gone to.
    Sometimes after I read a book and I watch the movie I feel in some cases that the movie doesn’t do the book justice.
    Glad you liked the review.

    Iman: What a great mini review 😀 . Thanks Iman, I agree 100%.

  7. ***** Spoiler warning*****

    I totally understand you and agree within you 7aki, Finished the novel two days a go. What a story? Very touching and the writer is talented. Tears filled my eyes more than once. I remember at least two occasions; Mariam experience with her father and the death of her mother and all the feelings during that period that young girl was going through. And the second time, when Laila was looked in a room with Azeeza with no food and no water, though I do not know in the second case which moved me more, was it what Azeeza must have gone through, or was it Laila being helpless watching the death of her daughter.

    The problem is such stories are real not only in Afghanistan, but every where in the world. The severity and how systematic these stories might differ from place to another and from time to another, but our area and Jordan is not among the best. I kept wondering how many women go through similar feelings in our country. Those who get killed for the family honor in Jordan every year, how was their last days before the killing? How many did not get killed but reached the edge of death. And many other questions.

    One last thing, do not read this story in the morning, before work, my mood at work during the last week was the worst in a year and it was showing. And I hate 7aki for that :)) (kidding with you of course, you know)

  8. ***** Spoiler warning*****

    OMG FM, that part when Laila was locked in a room with Azeeza tore me up big time, it was just unbearable. And also the part when Laila had to deliver her baby with a C section without an anesthetic.

    This is why it took me so long to review the book, I finished reading it 3 weeks ago but I didn’t know what to say about it. It was every single bad imaginable thing that could happen to a woman and to know that this still happens in this world tears me apart.

    Glad you liked it

  9. I’m an emotional wreck I cry at anything. From your review it appears that the book would be so unreadable y the third page from being soaked with my tears

  10. oh great. now fadi ruined the juicy moments for me. Now how will I enjoy the book?

    *deletes it from his reading list*

  11. KJ: hehehe, but it’s worth it KJ it is.

    Hamza: No no trust me this is not a juicy moment there’s more to it.
    But in any case I put a spoiler warning on his comment, hehehehe.

  12. I loved this novel:) I wrote a review about it back in August.

    If you’d like to have a peek:p


  13. the book was beyond description, the minute i finished it i ran and got the kite runner, and loved that one too

  14. ohoud: I really liked your review. Thanks for sharing.

    nada: I sturggled with what to write in this review, it wasn’t easy.
    The kite runner was good too.

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