Ahhhhhh. Do you feel all the love in the air?

Yesterday I got yelled at because I took someones parking spot. And you know what? I didn’t care.

She was yelling at me and I told her “Lady, I didn’t see you.”  And I honestly didn’t see her car because it was obscured by other cars. So she started yelling ,no, SCREAMING at me and I told her “Sorry I honsetly did not  see you” And she was like “Bullshit” and “This is called ignorance” and ” I want you to move your car RIGHT NOW” and I was like “You know what, that’s not how you talk to people and that’s not the language you should be using so I am not moving”.

She was soooo angry and I think my calmness and indifference enraged her even more. If she was nice I would have definitely backed out of that parking spot but screw her.

Ahhh, I love Xmas. So much love in the air.

Little 7aki was there to witness it all and she was like, “What’s wrong with the mean lady, why is she screaming?” I told her that mom accidentally took her spot and this lady has no manners , and i told her that if the lady was polite and she asked nicely mommy would have moved her car. Little 7aki said ” I think the lady should calm down, that’s what I do when I am angry, I calm down. Next time I see her I am going to tell her to calm down, I will not forget”

I love little 7aki soooooooo much! They are doing a great job at the day care about teaching them how to deal with tough situations and how to vent their anger, they are actually doing yoga and breathing exercises at school, awwwwwwwwwwwww, FA3ES.


21 Responses

  1. LOL! yup! she should!

  2. little 7aki is soooooooo cute 🙂

  3. FA3ES…. allah y3eenha hal bent sho btenfa3es 😀 i guess enha ray7a 3ala el janneh bedoon 7sab LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL J/K allah y5aleelek yaha ya rab 🙂

  4. tough situations? yoga for toddlers? Allah yirham ayyamna.

  5. I would have keyed your car. 😉 You are SO mean!

  6. *LOL* i was thinking about the keying your car thing too..haha….i do not beleive u were so calm through the whole ordeal…little 7aki is adorable…

  7. Chika: Totally!!!

    psg: She is .. sigh.. I love her.

    Mai: Thanks Mai you are the sweetest 🙂 .

    mab3oos: I know, when I saw her daily update sheet I was like, you are learning yoga??? And she taught me a couple of moves, LOL.

    Luai: Listen, I would have been mean if i did it on purpose and I didn’t and she was yelling at me so screw her, hehehe. And it was kinda on a main way and she drove off cos there were no other spare spots so she couldn’t key my car 😛 .

    sam: I was very calm really and I was not even upset or affected at all which is odd I am usually sensitive so that pissed her off more hehehehe

  8. I was in that lady’s position once, and the guy did it on purpose, I went out of my car and it was clobbering time. I pulled the guy out of the car and was about to rip him a new one, when I noticed he had his kids in the back seat. So, I backed off … and let him have the stupid spot.
    You can’t teach people courtesy

    Eid mobarak 🙂

  9. That’s too bad as you said it’s just a stupid spot wallah. inno I don’t think it’s worth you getting out and beating him for it, at the end he will not move and you would have hit him and got yourself into trouble.
    I mean she almost had a heart attack yelling like that. All she had to say, sorry but I was waiting for the spot and I would have gladly moved.

    Eid mubarak to you too 🙂 , hope you are having fun in Amman.

  10. I love it when kids comeback from day care using big people’s phrases. My friend’s son once asked me if he may ‘EXPLORE’ our park…ba6ee5

  11. Cuttie little 7aki 🙂
    That’s exactly what i love about my little ones…smart yet so innocent..I just wanna eat their cheeks 🙂
    3eid mubarak 🙂

  12. Ya 7aki, good for you being calm. I had a run-in with Little Kinz” KG teacher this week, you inspire me to post about it.

    Bless that little 7aki!


    I think Moogle has found himself a bride 😀

  14. L7 sounds very wise for her age.

    Here, you might end up with scratched paint, or a flat tire if you take someone’s parking spot !

    Don’t mess up the sterotype of all Canadians being nice 😀

  15. i would have thrown my drink at you and driven off 😀

  16. Dana: Little 7aki always says, I feel like doing and activity, LOL. Cute your friends son.

    Rasha: I also feel like eating little 7ak’s cheek too 😀 .
    3eid mubarak to you too.

    Kinzi: Thanks Kinzi, bless your little ones too. You should post it.

    KJ: i7na ma binzwej banatna to imaginary friends, LOOOOOOOL.

    Hani: You know what Hani, she is very wise, she asks the hardest philosophical questions out there that I am baffled by.

    Mo: I am glad you are not in Canada then 😛 .

  17. ya3ni bete3mali mashakel wain ma trou7i, mesh 3aref sho bedi agolek

  18. they teach them that in day care? ???? OMG! what a brilliant idea!!

    Way to Go little 7aki!!

  19. Jad: Hehehe. Ana urdonyeih mashkaljieh.

    Maher: They do. The best daycare EVER.

  20. Sometimes…Actually, no…often times, I just hate people!

    speaking of hating people … my sister-in-law was sharing some of her classroom stories with me … one of which I found relatively amusing…it goes something like this … A student showed up to the final exam after missing 3 straight months of the semester …during which she was not in contact with the instructor (my sister-in-law) what-so-ever… my sister-in-law was very surprised to see her show up to the final because she’d fail the class even if she scores perfect…my sister-in-law welcomed her back and asked where she’s been all semester… She answered: “I was away. I needed to be away. I found out what was wrong.” my sister-n-law was happy to hear that she found out what was wrong and proceeded to ask her what it was. she answered: People. They are what’s wrong. I found out that I really really really really hate people.

    that’s funny…what do you say to that? :d my sister-in-law told me she just looked at her and smiled … lol

  21. LOL Iman, I think I love you because i am a people hater too!!! I just HATE people.

    Funny story.

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