Happy Kharoof Day and Merry Xmas


 I just wanted to wish everyone a happy kharoof day and a merry Christmas.

I took 2 days off this year and I am super excited, I took Thursday and Friday off  giving me a super long weekend of 4 days, then I am off again next week on Tuesday for 3 days for Xmas and then it’s new years, gosh, you gotta love December!

 So I wish you all a happy Eid and Christmas. Relax, eat a lot and be Merry . Well at least that’s what I’m doing 🙂 .

oh oh, one more thing, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.


17 Responses

  1. happy karoof day to u too..did u change the kharoof picture?? enjoy your time off….

  2. mama 7aki, kel 3am o enti o the family bkheir! SAVE THE SHEEP for Chikapappi!

  3. sam: Yes I found a better one that has boht Xmas and eid so I thought join them w haik.

    Happy Eid to you too Sam, I hope you enjoy it 10 times more sicne you are in Amman 🙂 .

    chika: save the kharoof? NO WAY, it’s tasty, LOL.

    Happy eid to you too Chika 🙂

  4. Hey! enjoy the holidays

    Happy Eid,Christmas,new year,,everything :p

  5. It is a good thing you took some days off. Thankfully since we are in an Islamic country we got 3 days off + 2 days weekend.

    Lucky Bahrain and Saudi get 10 days off *mumbles*

  6. kol 3amo enti b alf 5ear 7aki, wish you and little 8=7aki and baba 7aki a happy eid a and a merry X/mas 🙂

  7. Kol saneh ou 7AKI family sakmeeen:) Hope you enjoy your vacation together:)

  8. happy holidays !!!

  9. Eid Mubarak 7aki.

  10. Thanks all, have a happy holiday 😀

  11. happy holidays

  12. The goat is very cute.

    We’re actually having stuffed Raqabat (goat neck) for Eid coz that’s where the best meat is ! I can smell it now – drool

  13. mo: Thanks!

    Hani: yummmmmmmm, jawa3tny 3ala hal sobo7 man.

  14. Hey kol 3am winti 2o kol 2illi bit7ibeehom bkhair, hope you enjoy the days off and stay warm since it seems you are having one hell of a frigidly winter this year
    oh … and talking about sheep i should show u rudolph the red nosed sheep one of those days

  15. OMG I just came back from you blog Bambam, freaaaaaaky.
    Thanks my friend 🙂 I wish you have a nice eid and time off.

    PS: blog something man khalisni 3ad!!! It’s been 12 days, yes I am counting 😛
    PPS: Oh oh oh I heard you bake wicked cookies, you should post the recipe 😛

  16. happy eid 7aki, enjoy your holidays 😀

  17. Thanks sel3! Right back atcha.

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