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Too much bling bling?



17 Responses

  1. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to children lol, this pic is adorable! (little 7aki I presume)

  2. She sure has expensive taste! 😉

    She’ll soone be asking for ankle bracelets and toe rings!

  3. keep an eye on her, she might ask for a belly button pierce or a nose ring!!!
    cute picture.

  4. shekshy :p

  5. theres nothing blinging in that photo 😛

  6. dana: yes this is little 7aki trying on almost ALL the rings in her jewelery box.

    Luai: sigh, I know Luai I know.

    summer: she might I guess when she’s older, I’ll take it day by day.

    chika: LOL, it took me a bit to understand what you said, hehehe.

    Mo: yeah, she’s a cheap date 🙂 .

  7. little 7aki can I borrow the one on ur left thumb, pretty please?! 2al wait till u see her hair… bkoon fee 20 bokleh lol, cuteeee!

  8. adorable!
    little 7aki shakilha btit3allam min nasssss.. I wonder meen hummeh, hmmm??? looool

  9. Of course not, as long as she can hold a spoon

  10. r u kidding ?? my friend has even more stuff on her hands and she’s in her 3rd year in college, and don’t let me begin on the stuff she puts on her nick,, i really can’t understand girls.. at least little 7aki is cute..

  11. Naaa, one could add another bracelet or two:p

  12. 7aki 3’atsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fel break 🙂
    little 7aki is just like me when i was a kid .. I LIVED FOR ACCESSORIES …this is why my mom still calls me dandash

  13. People your comments are CRACKING ME UP!!!

    Batoul: LOL. OMG one time I sent her to school with like 20 hairclips and they had danadeesh on them, hehehehe.

    Secratea: HAHAHAHA la2 we7yatek I am a minimalist, I only wear my watch on daily basis and MAYBE a pair of earnings, but then again I have a lot of jewelry hehehehe.

    KJ: HAHAHAHA , next time I will make her try holding a spoon.

    Psg: LOL. Ta7sheeeeeesh

    Ohoud: I guess you can 😉 .

    Dana TO: yeah too many things to do to blog.
    OMG little 7aki lives for accessories and lip gloss, and people keep buying her more!

  14. this is how i was when i was little…i used to drive mama crazy making her buy me all sort of accessories…and all hell breaks loose if one broke or got lost! she is adorable! i love little 7aki

  15. lol…cute 🙂 but she may not grow out of it be careful 😉 replace those rings with silver and/or white gold rings and you begin to approach what I’ve got going on 😛

  16. aaaaaaw your stories about lil 7aki and pictures like that make me all fuzzy on the inside ..

    does she speak any arabic? its probably all sorts of cute on her

  17. Sam: Awww thanks! I love little 7aki too.

    tinker: hehehehe. Yeah, well I can give her soooo much costume jewellery that I own, like crazy amounts.

    inmotion: Little 7aki makes me vry fuzzy inside 😀 .

    Unfortunately little 7aki does not speak Arabic, I know I know shame on me , but I am teaching her Arabic, she knows a little.

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