This is the inevitable facebook post.

– What’s up with people that keep poking you? They poke you then you poke them back then they poke you answering your poke then you poke them back cos you think they just poked you the first time and then they poke you back and then you forget who poked whom and you poke them back and poke after poke after poke until you get all poked out. It’s like they are running a poke-a-thon. By the way, the word poke still makes me giggle heheheh. I just want to know who thunk it.

– That stupid fun wall, they should change it to SPAM WALL I installed it for just one week and it’s like all those annoying forwards you get by email. Stupid videos and pictures. I took it off because the likes of my 10 year old cousin (who is on facebook by the way) flooded it with cute little kitten pictures and stupid if you love me send it back and crappy poems. The only good thing about Spam wall is that my email in-box right now is spam(forward) free since everybody posts spam on facebook now.

– Those Effing ANNOYING application invitations. Stop effing inviting me to add the stupid vampire application, or the stupid what color eyes you really are or that stupid X me application. But did you know that you can block any application from even detecting you? like that stupid trackzor app which tells facebookers who read their profile and for how long. The ultimate invasion of privacy man. How I’m I supposed to stalk my friends without them knowing it? LOL.

– OK lets talk about my 10 year old cousin on facebook, REALLY??? Am I running a daycare on my facebook friends list? But I gotta admit he is cute. But now I have to be G rated on facebook and watch my language and stuff like that. Damn.

– Ah, the Jordan network. Let me tell you about the Jordan network, Specifically the males of the Jordan network. When I first joined facebook I joined the Jordan network and I got FLOODED with hey hottie, momken nit3araf, wow your husband is lucky and some things I am not going to elaborate on…. EW. Yes you guessed it, the facebook wankers. I left the Jordan network and joined the Toronto network and MIRACULOUSLY no more wankers bothered me. These guys really REALLY need to get laid.

– I love the free gifts facebook App . I like gifts. If you are on my facebook, send me a gift dammit!



19 Responses

  1. If you’re a bit tech savvy let me know, I have installed Greasemonkey (a useful Firefox addon) with some Facebook-specific scripts that automatically block all invitations as well as many useful things, up to the dramatic removal of applications from other people’s profiles (like when you keep scrolling for hours just to get to their wall). Email me and I would give you the step by step, uh, steps.

  2. Really KJ? That sounds great.

  3. zombie poke * zombie poke * zombie poke *
    check out this cute video of absar meen donig absar aish zombie poke * zombie poke *

  4. I hate facebook altogether.
    And my what a lucky husband you have 😀

  5. ukhh so agree!!! bas must admit, nice way to keep in touch with family and friends specially when you’re so far away.

  6. Qwaider are you on the jordan network?

  7. hey hottie, momken nit3araf?

  8. tell me about poking eeeeeer

  9. POKE

  10. i am proud of the fact i have no applications on my wall .. no fun wall .. nothing .. old school 😀

  11. most of those apps are a pain! ugh!

  12. I would send you a gift if I had you on facebook (hint hint)

  13. Bakkouz: ah hweh hada il movie hadak illi honak 3end hadolak? 😛
    I youtubed zombie poke I got nothin man. Is it funny?

    Q: check out dana T.O. 2 comments below yours, that’s my reply ot you too 😛 LOL

    Batoul: That’s why I love it. There’s no way I can be this in touch with all my friends who are scattered all over the world.


    Bakkouz 2 : HAHAHAHA
    la2 mish haik man, this is what they say, shu hadi il7alwaweh, eish ya 7eeloo, WOW you are soooooooo pretty pretty girl, talk to me pretty girl , ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww inducing 3anjad
    shikklak inta not in the Jordan network, you don’t have any experience kinno 😛

    chika: about poking.

    Sister: ma abrad wishek inti, hehehe, and you never poke me aslan (I really still think that the word is just wrong! Especially telling your sister that she doesn’t poke you ewwwwwwwwwww)

    Mo: Good stuff mo. When the apps started coming out I was excited then I removed 99.9 % of them, ghaba2 man, it’s like teen dream land.

    Iman: they sure are.

    Dana: Hehehehe, email me your info I’ll add you 😀 but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.

  14. I am in the Jordan Network, I think, but I’m not a chick, so naturally nobody bothers me 😉
    And, there is no significance to zombie poke LOL its just a combo between the poke and the zombie application 😛

  15. Excellent article.
    I really enjoyed it.
    I would recommend replacing the use of “cos” by the more proper “because”. It gives the piece depth and legitimacy.

  16. yes i hate those invites..every once in a while i go through them and ignore ignore…
    but i do love facebook…i am getting closer to my family..not siblings but cousins and i finally found my lost best friend…

  17. Bakez: hehehe, I meant that you are a guy from the Jordan network but you have no experience in the harassment department.

    So you were pulling my leg ? 😛

    SATAT: Cool name! I love that cartoon! Glad you liked the post.

    Sam: You found her!!! That is GREAT!!!

  18. Yeah the poking thing is annoying. Just don’t poke a none friend back it gives them a higher access level to your information. I always just hide the poke.

    lol@facebook wankers.

    A colleague at work, a “sheikh” no less was telling me he read Roba’s blog complaining about how a stranger sent her a compliment about her picture and she got upset. Something along the lines of, if she wore a veil and didnt’ post her picture, this would dont have happened. She only has herself to blame.

    I tried to explain that we as guys don’t realise how annoying it can be for a woman to get this unwanted attention from strange men.

  19. Hani; I changed my privacy setting that if I message or poke non friends they cant see anything.

    You know what, those people who say the woman deserved it because she who don’t wearing the hijab PISS ME OFF. It kinda means that non Muslims who are not wearing the hijab are fair game. Islam SHOULD teach that shaik that the need to اشاحة البصر

    These people piss me off.

    by the way. YAMLI ROCKS (www.yamli.com)

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