I think I died and went to heaven. Godiva heaven


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Baba 7aki got Godiva chocolate from his boss at work for Xmas


Not just Godiva chocolate, HALF A KILO of Godiva chocolate, droooooool


Yummmmmmm, I can’t wait to eat every single one of them, ok not every single one, I will share a couple with baba 7aki. Llittle 7aki? she won’t even get to sniff them, LOL.


Look look, 2 layers 😯


 What shall I eat first, what shall I eat …hmmmmm

Speaking of chocolate, sister 7aki went to the Galler opening in Amman and because we are a dysfunctional family, we truly are, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her since BUT apparently she LOVED IT so much that she told Mom all about it who filled me in yesterday. It seems that they have chocolate that is out of this world AND she apparently had THE BEST hot chocolate she ever ever had (Yes, she said ever) in her life. Wow must be really good!

Yumm, I can’t wait to go and visit because ,didn’t you know? They also have FREE wireless.


22 Responses

  1. 7akiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ana jay open the door 😀
    i got one last year and ate all by myself .. faj3aneh ana 😀 LOL!
    sa7teaaaaaaaan!! bs bardo ana jay 🙂

  2. Christmas is fun for muslim chicks cause we somehow end up with a whole lot of boxes of chocolate, and occasionally the motherload described here lol.
    (p.s: check your email!)

  3. So imagine how great it is to go to Godiva store and buy as much as you want for half the price!! yess! This is what we do, We know a girl who works there and she is super nice! I love Godiva…Sa7tain ou hana:)

  4. 9a7tein!!!!! *droooooooools*

  5. NO!!! Does Galler REALLY TRULY have free wireless? Galler, set up my desk, I’m outta here. Thanks for the linkety-love 🙂

    7aki, MommaBean gave me Godiva for Christmas!!! Can you believe she apologized….now that we have both tasted Galler? he-he-he, but you enjoy that Godiva…yum-yum, my boss in Orange Country used to give that to me for Christmas. AND, he’d let me eat all the See’s candy his clients sent in!

    (Did you hear that Godiva was bough tour by that horrid Turkish chocolate company Uelker? Like you said, Godiva isn’t even SEEN by kids, mine get the Uelker)

  6. Sweet cream..!! on an icecream sandwich! these look so tasty!
    As i am a hot choclate addict i am gonna go to that place tom! thanks for the tip!

    Sa7teeen 🙂

  7. Wow I want one of those!
    And I thought a snickers was special…

  8. lool 7akii… you sound like baba 7aki never showed you choclate in his life which im sure he did haha.. anyway I want the milk choclate oyster, the one right on top of the ones with the green wrapper! bas jad you should try the cold milk choclate caramel drinks they have, sooo good!

  9. some of us are trying to lose weight dont cha know????
    i have already setup a date to go checkout the galler with hubby…screw weight loss! i want yummy chocolate!

  10. *draws espionage plan*

  11. 🙂

    Have a nice day

  12. Choclate is the closest we can get to heaven;) and the darker it is the better it is for our health;)

  13. you are one lucky lady

  14. godiva chocolate reminds me of the dutyfree at bahrain airport

  15. sa7teen ya 7aki bs daroori etjakreena with those pics 😀

  16. Maioush: Heheheh, ta3aly, I still have some 😀 .

    Dana: The mother load indeed, I will check my email ASAP.

    Nido: OMG lucky you! Does your friend want more friends 😀 .

    Chika: *drools along with you while liking her chocolaty fingers*

    Kinzi: They really do have wireless, dontcha know!
    So is galler better than Godiva, OH man I gotta look for one here then.
    Yeah I heard it was bought by Ulker. I hope that doesn’t change the taste.

    Maher: So did you go get the hot chocolate yet?

    Mr Anon: LOL. Man snickers is still good.

    Batoul: HAHAHAHA. No no he does get me chocolate all the time. Once he got me amazing chocolate and me the idiot shared it at work and this woman had 10 pieces, the pig, so no more sharing , hehehe.

    Sam: hehehehe, well pictures don’t make you gain weight thankfully, LOL.

    KJ: Ha?

    Qabbani: Thanks you too!

    Ali: It is. I like all shades of chocolate.

    Hareega: 😀 .

    Tinker: 3ala 2albek. LOL at bitjakreena, no no I was sharing my happiness that’s all, maybe inspire you to get happy too by buying some chocolate.

  17. You totally just reminded me, we were out of town this christmas so as a result we ended up missing out on the annual sweets and treats from all the neighbors which includes the best chocolate fudge I’ve ever had in my life. On Eid my mom returns the favor with baklawa and knafa, I’d prefer the fudge.

  18. Asoom: I love fudge. Yuuuummmmmmmmm.

  19. Assom: Oh, by the way, where are you at with Cholera book? What page? Should we have a mini book discussion since we are in a book club 😀

  20. 7aki, I actually finished it on the road trip back home. I don’t know how you and hamza are feeling but I really liked it. Mini book discussion sounds great-I guess that’s part of being in a book club LOL.

    I was actually going to post something to discuss but I wasn’t sure how far along you and hamza are I think you’re both somewhere in the middle. I’m not sure how I feel about Fermina’s marriage to Dr. Urbino-like whether it was the right decision or if it was a major mistake, so I was interested in what youg uys thought.

  21. OK since me and 7aki are on page 163, then we are at the point when Fermina has just returned home from her honeymoon.

    so to follow up on asoom’s point, I was a bit disappointed that so far the book didn’t discuss the wedding in detail. Considering how the book narrates it, I was expecting at least 10 to 20 pages of Fermina’s thoughts as she goes to the altar and what was on her mind. Instead, I got a 5 page description of how she and her husband were sexually arousing each other. I am not saying it is not necessary but I expected the novel to focus more on the love relationship rather than the “making love” one.

    For me, it is too early to judge whether the marriage is right or wrong because as they said, they were “building their love”. I think all of us can relate to it since this is the practice adopted in our cultures.

    Personally, I felt sorry for Florentino Ariza for the sacrfices he made and to be denied based on his social status.

    woof..I wrote so much. Maybe we should take the discussion to another post…because this one is about chocolates..and i desperately need to navigate away from the page before I start licking the screen.

  22. Asoom, Hamza; I posted a special post and added your comments and Q’s.

    Hamza; you lick the screen but i end up eating the chocolate, lol, it’s a good idea to move the discussion.

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