OH NO! Not another happy new year post.

The first day of the new year is a time of reflection for me. To reflect on my previous year and put my resolutions for……..

Naaaaaaaaaaaah. I am just saying that because I have a blog and I need to sound reflective and mysterious , LOL.

Honestly, new years eve and new years day and the whole thing means nothing to me. Why make the new year day, that is on January first in the middle of freaking cold weather and laziness and just flat out depression, be the time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions? I propose we do that in the spring or in the beginning of summer when most likely you would keep them since people are active and going out and generally in a better mood.

New years feels like Valentines to me. A man made thing to pay 10 times more for the exact same meal you can have the day before or pay 10 times more to go in a club you go to all the time. Then you wait until its midnight and then kiss your partner or call your friends or your family to wish them a happy new year. It’s all like a script you have to follow and it’s boring to me.

Too much pressure to have a good time. The perfect party.

But never the less we went out and partied last night till 2 in the morning wooooohoooooooooo.

Gosh this post is boring so I’m outa here, we rented the movie super bad so I’m off to watch that.

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you everything everybody already wished for.


25 Responses

  1. Happy new year

  2. Happy new year to you too Chika 😀

    Happy New Year 7aki to you, little 7aki, and baba 7aki, inshalla 2008 will be a wonderful year for all of you 🙂

  4. for people in the Souther Hemisphere, new year’s day is in the middle of the summer!

    happy “cold” new year!

  5. Happy New Year! Stay warm and cozy. Hug Lil 7aki for me. 🙂

  6. Happy New Year! I like the part were you said there’s just too much pressure to have fun.. soo true!

  7. party pooper 7aki 😛 its just a good excuse to have fun, so even if its for one night i try to have a lil bit more fun than i normally do 😀 (no reflections or resolutions or any of that)
    So happy new year to you & the family. super bad is mental and hopefully you had a blast at the party 🙂

  8. I agree on the cash in… a hotel here charged 2419 US dollars per person for the new year party

    And some people actually went

  9. hahahah I’ll say it anyway….Happy New 2008!

  10. Happy new year 7aki.

  11. 9arli 7 saneen mesh zayrek..
    happy new year…

  12. whatever. I won’t wish you a happy year then. I’ll save my dedication for someone who deserves it
    like little 7aki.

    So “happy new year ya little 7aki. and hey, you are cuter than sam’s little son. But don’t tell her that.” 😛

  13. whatever. I am saving my new year wishes for people who deserve it

    like little 7aki. So tell her on my behalf: “happy new year little 7aki. and yes you are cuter than sam’s little son. But don’t tell her that”

  14. Maioush: Thanks! Happy new year to you and all your family and I wish your year out-bests all the previous years!

    Globalorama: OMG I NEED to move to Australia!
    Happy cold new year to you too 😀 .

    Kinzi: Thanks Kinzi 😀 . I hope you have a great new year.

    Wonders: Happy new year to you too!
    It’s true, there is too much pressure to have a good time.

    Bambam: Hehehehe, man I am not a party pooper, I partied like it was 1995(At the height of my partying years LOL).

    We had a great time, as you said it’s an excuse to have fun.

    Yeah no reflections or resolutions for me either , I hate to not do something I set out to do so I don’t set out to do anything hehehehe, I just go with the flow.

    Happy new year to you and your loved ones my friend 🙂

    Oh oh super bad was CRAZY . Seriously, too funny!

    KJ: Yeah crazy man.

    Asoom: Hehehe. Happy 2008 to you too.

    Jad: Happy new year Jad.

    Imhannad: Man inta laish batalet itzoorny 😦 ?

    Happy new year to you, um Jude and little Jude 😀 .

    How old is Jude now? Like 7 months or something like that?

    Hamza: No happy new year for me 😦 . Aslan if little 7aki has a happy new year I am happy 😛 .
    And LOL, Sam is going to boycot your blog now , hehehe.

  15. Happy New Year 7aki! Hope 2008 will bring you more happiness and joy to your life! 🙂

  16. happy new year .. how did you like superbad .. mclovin is great isnt he 😀

  17. Heyyyyyyyy who-sane! You and Muhannad comment on the same day? oh boy am I lucky or what 😀 .
    Same to you my friend, I hope this year brings more happiness than you wish for.

    Mo: Happy new year to you too and McLovin is McEffin funny!!!!

  18. Today she’ll become 8 months 😀

  19. happy new year 7aki…i think jan is the perfect time for new year to end…everyone is busy complaining about the cold..give them something else to talk about..instead of can u believe how cold it is today…people would ask so what r your plans for the new year…or complain about how the past year sucked..blah blah blah…give the weather talk a break…

  20. Happy new year sis..
    I went to the crappiest party ever and paid too much money to get pissed off.. New year”s Eve is sooo overrated. House parties rule from now on.
    kiss the little one for me!
    Miss you guys lots

  21. Mohanned: Awwww, Allah yilkalilak iyaha inshallah.

    Sam: Never thought about it that way, come think of it weather never came up and all we ask about is vacation and plans.

    Sister: Happy new year sis!!!! New year in Amman always sucked aslan


  23. lol @ ” I am just saying that because I have a blog and I need to sound reflective and mysterious”

    I personally think New Year’s eve is another commercialized holiday that really is a waste of time…bs never really thought about it weather-wise. I think it would be a great idea to have it in the spring, thats when the world is renewing itself anyway.

    I personally think everyone should celebrate the New Year, like I do, on my birthday 😀

    bs yalla, Happy New Year 7aki, to you and yours… have a great year!

  24. bsara7a thats the coolest new year post I’ve seen, may all your days be a celebration script “don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing…but its from good intentions”.

  25. Dana: Thaaaaaaaaanx.

    Tinker: Hehehehe, yeah haik there is a lot of reflection on the blogsphere.

    LOL at celebrate the new year on your Bday. Yallah when you become famous ordain it 😛 .

    Happy new years to you too!

    Mr Anon: That is the nicest new year wish I’ve got. Thanks 🙂

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