Guess What!!!!

Remember when I was telling you about little 7aki and how she’s bugging her dad to stop smoking?

Well guess what! He did!!! So wooooohoooooooo.

Cold turkey for hubby is not an option so he’s been taking this new stop smoking medication (CHAMPIX) and it is making him not only stop smoking, but hate the taste the smell and the after feel .

Wish him luck, it’s really hard to quit something that’s ingrained in your daily routine and that is proven to be addictive he’s trying really hard and I am so happy for him … actually happy for all of us 😀 .


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  1. […] Serendipitous wrote something noteworthy recently.Here’s a little excerpt:Cold turkey for hubby is not an option so he’s been taking this new stop smoking medication (CHAMPIX) and it is making him not only stop smoking, but hate the taste the smell and the after feel . Wish him luck, it’s really hard to quit … […]

    YAAAAAAYyyyy. Bravo little 7aki … bravo … bravo mama 7aki …

    Alf alf alf mabroooook… Let me know if you need any support. I did it too and I feel so much better.

    BRAVOOOOOO!!!! 🙂

  3. thats good news.

  4. mighty little 7aki. Be sure she won’t convince you not to shop!

  5. YAYY!!! I must tell tinkerbella about this Champix!

  6. Yahoo, Abu Lil 7aki!!! Let’s send that guy some Galler chocolate. Lil 7aki can cover him with kisses. I’m sure you’ll find special ways to reward him, too 😉

  7. This is great news, I’ll smoke for that 😀

    congrats for baba 7aki.. this is great wakahi enha little 7aki gada3a .. FA3ES !! 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

  9. Congrads…. 🙂
    A friend of mine who is a heavy smoker stopped too..
    But he cant stop eating since then!
    Good luck !

  10. Good for him! Wishing him much success.

    It’s stories such as these that get me up and excited to come into work every day. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear much from the patients perspective, but just knowing we are developing these drugs that make differences in the quality of life for our patients and their familes (especially the little cute ones) is what makes my job so fulfilling!

    BTW, it’s known as Chantix in the US.

  11. wooow… awsome news!!!
    This will be hard for him,,, and he will gain weight lol so i suggest working out 😀 bas 3njad, so happy for yous!

  12. The power of little women

  13. Good luck with that, he’s gonna be PMSing a lot now. It’s all good – you can make yourself feel better by buying more boots. 😀

    High five for Little 7aki.

  14. Bravo to Mr. 7aki..and good luck to you, 7aki..although this is the best news ever, I have to prepare you for this..the following months will be very hard on YOU!!! It’s no easy task quitting smoking, and when my husband quit-cold turkey- it was terrible for some time..he was edgey and irritable for a few took a lot of patience and perseverance, on both our sides wallahi, to get him through this phase..and to this day , three years later he still says he craves it sometimes..and the children jump on him immediately ..there is no way they would forgive him if he went back to smoking..bravo little deserve a healthy father:)

  15. Wish you a great healthy happy non-smoking life 🙂

    way to go : D

  16. Alf alf mabruk, I’m getting excited… I think I’ll join sel3 😀

  17. Qwaider: Thanks!

    Mr. Anon: 😀 .

    Globalorama: lol, no no she likes shopping too, I trained her well 😉 .

    Asoom: Wallahy I thought about tinker when I wrote this post, do tell her about it.

    Kinzi: lol Kinzi. I’ll sure think of something.

    Sel3: HAHAHAH you cracked me up!!!

    Mai: Fa3es labokra .

    Life: Thanks! Yeah the food thing is an issue since he’s trying to lose weight to begin with so every time he has a craving he sticks gum in his mouth, lets hope it works 😀 .

    Luai: Cooooooooool! Please keep working there and make more of those life altering (in a good way) medications 😀 .

    Batoul: hehe. Thanks!

    KJ: I have been bugging to stop for ages, little 7aki says it and poof! Done!

    Hal: Don’t get me started on the PMS … sigh … I am actually going to the mall today to make myself feel better, LOL.

    Salam: I know Salam I know, this is not the first time baba 7aki quits smoking, one time he quit for 8 months and oh boy were they rough. But it seems this medicine is killing the cravings and the mood swings a lot better than when he quit cold turkey last time.
    I am happy to hear that your husband has been smoke free for 3 years, that’s an accomplishment!

    Sara: Thanks!

    Ahmad: lol, inta w Sel3 majaneen.

  18. you realize what this means dont you ..

    anytime you want your husband to do something .. you can manipulate your daughter into asking him to do it 😀

  19. Mo: kashaftni. LOL.

  20. Yaaaay, alf mabrook! insha Allah he can keep it up and suceed and you can keep your sanity in the meantime 😛

    LOOOOOl @ KJ tho!

    thanks to u (and asoom!) for thinking of me, bs I’ve already heard about it (as Luai said, teh US version is called Chantix) and I was going to try it bs I read a report that it puts you at risk for a heart attack.
    Maybe I’ll come up to Canada for a vacation and ask for the canadian version (I wonder if anything other than the name is different, if not, plz check with ur dr, because in the US at least, this medicine is VERY new and for ther to already be concerns about heart attacks scares me).

    im going to have to go thru it cold turkey… UGH. wallahi starting to smoke is one of the biggest mistakes of my LIFE!!

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