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P.S. I love you. Warning: A chick post.


I watched the movie P.S. I love you yesterday and let me tell you how much of a sobbing wreck I was at the theater. But everybody was so I am not a freak.

The story is about a man who dies at the age of 35 and his wife dealing with the loss.

Jerry  comes up with a plan which consists of sending her letters after he dies that instruct her on what to do and stuff like that.

The movie is really really funny and sad and the cast is PERFECT.

My friend and I were a total mess at the end and cursing every Hollywood movie that paints the unrealistic picture of a husband or partner.

Men don’t write you letters from the dead and send you off on vacations to Irland with your best friends and send you a birthday present from the dead and on top of all that are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and IRISH .

Men forget important dates and they  are clueless and are just human, not the picture perfect image these movies portray.

My friend said and I quote:

” I cried like through the whole thing and when I think about it I could cry again. Oh yeah there was a lot of hot men with Irish accents so it’s worth renting or going to see it with someone.

It was sad but it was funny and really touching, and no man will ever be able to compete with Jerry (character in movie).
When I got home my boyfriend hadn’t taped a show I watched and I got so mad all I could think was Jerry would have.

It ruins women and gives men no chance really”

LOL, that cracked me up royally, poor boyfriend, it’s not his fault that Jerry is perfect and so unrealistic. I mean the movie just sets you up to feel that you are dating/married to an Ogre no matter how amazing your partner is.

Ladies, go watch it.

Check out the cast ::starts daydreaming:: YOU HAVE TO.  Hot has been redefined.

Gerard Buttler

Jeffrey Dean Morgan


26 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review… I’m not into chick-flicks at all!!! 😛

  2. LOL Iman, Tab don’t go watch it 😛 . LOL. da7akteeny.

  3. I guess this is just like the kind of competition women have to stand against, when the guy looks at haifa wahbe on his TV, and looks at his girdeh at home.

    Showbiz is going to continue to drive these wedges between families .. and couples …

    PS, great review

  4. LOL! okay, I wont :p…I’m into love song though ..I suggest you listen to “Kulli sana w’enta tayyib” – it’s my latest addiction!

  5. OH MY GOD!!! Jeffrey Dean Morgan id the guy who used to love Izzy in Gray’s Anatomy!!! I LOVE that guy, he was sooooooooooooooo nice, and they were about to marry.. SO CUT!!
    when u said Irish, i was like “”ew, nit another blond guy!!” but this dude is something!! OK let me admit, i loved the character he played in that season 😀
    i’m so watching it!! ::evil laugh::

  6. wooo…wait a sec…Gerard Butler is Gerrry…the guy who screams “SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” in 300.


    look at the rest of the cast.
    Lisa Kudrow – psychic phoebe in friends
    James Marsters – the infamous vampire “SPIKE” in Angel and Buffy the Vampire slayer

    and Hilary Swank – the angry bitch of “million dollar baby”. I can never imagine her being ROMANTIC.



  7. ah i want to see it..how did he know he was dying??was he sick and planned the letters and all?? im probably going to hate my husband for few days if i watch this movie….

  8. Thanks for the warning…..not about being compared to such a hunk, but of the crying…….I’ll tell her to go watch it with her friends….Just so she doesn’t see me cry so soon. 😉

  9. Now thats a movie I won’t watch:D

  10. Qwaider: Showbiz is evil.

    Iman: Isma3i, any way I can convert you to go watch it? It’s full of love songs, sigh, he sings and plays the guitar in the movie like 3 or 4 times.

    Mai: YES . He’s the greys anatomy guy. Hotness on legs, LOL.

    Hamza: LOL.
    Listen, trust me, the cast is PERFECT.

    Sam: HAHAHAHAHA @ im probably going to hate my husband for few days . OMG fa2a3teeny min ildo7ok.

    Luai: Awwwwwwww Luai, you cry at movies? Trust me women like that, or at least I do. When baba 7aki cried the first time in front of me watching a movie I thought it was the cutest and sweetest thing a man can do 😀 . But I still made fun of him, LOL. Like a lot…hehehe.

    Ohoud: Why? You have something against hot Irish men 😉

  11. Thanks for the review. I am actually reading the book that the movie is based on, and I am loving it! The book is also called PS. I love you. Do you know that the author of the book is the 22 years old daughter of the prime minister of Ireland? You can check it out, it is really engaging. I read 2 chapters so far and could not stop laughing.

  12. ohhh my god! I watched the movie like two weeks ago. 1. I want to go to Ireland 2. I like the accent 3. Jerry is hot! 4. I cried too 5. The lady behind me has recently lost her husband and drove me NUTS crying. woman, go home! but yeah, i liked it… too bad their rating it like a D! whatever. lol

  13. Lulu: Coool. I envy anyone who can write a book.
    You have to watch it after you finish reading it.

    batoul: LOL. Why would a widow go watch it, she will become suicidal.

    1 – 4 are sooooooooooooooooooooooo true.

    D my ass, I give it A+ lol.

  14. 7aki, late in commenting, but I am totally with you in hating movies that make us discontent with our husbands in INEQUAL comparison.

    Luai answered my question, tho…I thought the screenplay had to be written by a young female who superimposes an immature and femaleish view of men on men.

    That’s not going to stop me from watching it, tho. 😀

  15. the book was very cool

  16. very romantic ..

    had to tell myself men like that do not exist

    but men that look like gerard butler do and it hurts to look at him lol

  17. Kinzi: Yes, you should just watch them and keep telling yourself it’s just fiction it’s just fiction. But as you said they are sooooooooo much fun to watch.
    As for the author, I honestly have to say that with age and marriage you become more “relationship” wise, not dissing 22 year olds but there’s a lot to learn with time.

    inmotion: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I did really laugh out loud when I read the second comment. They do exist and it is painful to watch them. My friend and I were thinking of what if plots to how to bump into him , HAAHAHHA.

  18. via Maioush:
    “No man is charming all of the time. Even George Clooney is on record saying he wished he could be George Clooney.”
    This is what i tell myself, everyday, one of things I do to try and be more realistic !

  19. Actually, I think Gerry Kennedy WOULD have forgotten to record the program. That charming smile and fun attitude and strip tease might have made you forget it fairly quickly.

    Be we can take more from Holly about how she handled problems with Gerry and how she regretted it afterwards. We should remember to treat our loved ones as if they wouldn’t be with us in 6 months. What would we regret?

  20. Ok, Gerard Butler is the most beautiful thing is have ever seen! And guys don;t be intimidated, he’s the guys that played King Leonides in 300 hahah
    Yea that movie was great, really doesn’t do much for guys self-esteem.

  21. YAY CHIC FLICK!!!!

    I haven’t seen one since The Notebook (which I watched three times and I cried every time)

  22. I considered seeing this movie last weekend but the reviews on yahoo were bad and plus Lisa Kudrow is in it, I just can’t look forward to watching a movie that either Lisa Kudrow or Jennifer Aniston are in. We saw “the great debaters” instead which was good.

    Have you ever seen Juno? I think you’d love it!

  23. Dana TO: LOL wallahy inno George Clooney is a nahfeh!

    webberphan: You know what? believe it or not I appreciated my husband more after the movie Losing a loved one is hard.

    Dana: Hehehe, Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Man he is HOT.

    KJ: Hehehe KJ, shhhh don’t tell anyone but my brother in law watched it with his wife and cried, so make sure to take tissues .

    ASOOOOOOM, you HAVE to watch it HAVE TO.
    Hey lets do a movie club? LOL
    OMG my friend and I are gonna watch Juno we saw the preview and wanted to go 🙂 . Good choice Asoom.

  24. ok i was totally gonna skip this movie because I do not like Hillary Swank (and in a ROMATIC??? what were they thinking???) but I didn’t know Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in it!!
    Add to ur review I am so there!!! And have to catch it on the big screen, I wanna salivate over a life size Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😀

    bs yea, you are so right that Hollywood ruins it for you. I used to think there was something fundamentally wrong with hubby till I finally grew up and realized that there is something fundamentally wrong with him… and ever other man on the planet. We were just too head-in-the-clouds-from-romantic-movies to realize it!

  25. movie club is an interesting idea although harder to coordinate…

    Juno was totally awesome I saw it with my sis and my cousins-a group of 6 girls and we all laughed hysterically. It’s like a dark comedy low-budget independent feature so not everyone will like it but I think you will 😉

  26. all in all the flick was ok, i was especially impressed with connick jr.’s performance

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