Just to be this man…

This man represents everything that is courageous, that is fearless, that is brave and that is reckless.

Although I do not know this man but I love him.

It all started in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 where The Unknown Rebel tried to stop the PLA‘s advancing tanks until he was pulled into the crowd by several onlookers. This man was never identified.

This picture moves me and as far as I’m concerned is the picture of the century.

Tiananmen square

And whenever I watch this video it sends shivers down my spine.

If only we had a fraction of this mans bravery.


13 Responses

  1. “everything that is courageous, that is fearless, that is brave and that is reckless.”

    SO TRUE !!!!

    the passion to live free is in all of us.. and something those of us who are lucky enough to have this blessing take for granted too often.

  2. speechless.
    if only…………..

  3. Rachel Corrie paid the ultimate price for trying something similar. I don’t know why I was visiting her site today.

    This guy was way luckier

  4. are u familiar with fares odeh?

  5. I don ‘t like to refer others to my posts, but I talked about this guy a couple of years ago, check this out, http://hareega.blogspot.com/2005/08/larger-than-life.html

    I think we’ve got quite people like this guy.

    By the way, this Tiananmen sqaure guy was chosen as one of the most important 100 men in history. They say that he had disappeared! His identity is still unknown.

  6. That picture is extremely famous, and yeah the man is unknown, some say that he was arrested and executed in discreet.

    Heroine Rachel Corrie that Qwaider mentioned showed the same courage if even more, also lots of Palestinian kids have had several encounters with tanks like these.

  7. […] picture 7aki posted of The Unknown Rebel made me feel proud, to share a species with this man.The picture of the child, Fares Odeh, on […]

  8. Amazing Amazing Amazing..I am as speechless as batoul!

    el ragel dah assar feya awy 😦 🙂

  9. while I agree that this man is very courageous, but why you going so far to china while your people have been one of the most courageous resilient people on this face of this earth,and thank you hareega for posting the picture of palestinian children in front of Zionist tanks.

  10. huh? where’s the SPLOIKH?

    This video is no fun

  11. Hareega: Thanks for the link. It’s a really good post, glad you linked to it.

  12. The ingredients is nothing to lose, dignity boiled with self-esteem and high pride.

  13. jad: you are sooooooo right. If you have nothing to lose then anything is possible

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