Kill me now or I’ll murder someone!!!!!! (Warning: Mature language)

There’s this lady at work who SINGS OUT LOUD with the fucking radio, could you for Fucks sake shut the Fuck up!!!!!

 I am raging right now, LOL, for real, she is soooooooooooo annyoing God help me, if I go postal I swear to God I am heading to her cubicle right away then I will shoot myself after.

 And by the way, she’s like at least , what? a 100 feet away? (William and Bob, is it 100?) and I can still fucking hear her.



33 Responses

  1. It is about 50 feet for 7aki, and 55 for me. I am fortunate, however, because I have one additional cubicle wall between myself and the “songbird”, and she is also drowned-out by the sound of the air circulation fan behind me that blasts cool air down my back ALL DAY, ALL YEAR! I’ll tell you: the first time I worked past 8pm, when the fan suddenly cut out at that time I thought I had gone deaf!

  2. Well William says it’s 50 feet, whatever I am never good at stuff like that, I just wish she was 100 feet away.

    And lol at going deaf, you cracked me up, hahahahaha.

  3. Oh god … !
    Here’s what I suggest, buy the most expensive Bose or Sennheiser noise cancelling head phones.
    Send her the bill 🙂

    God help you

  4. If I was you, I’d go and cut my toenails in front of her. 😀

  5. OR..

    you smash her radio during the lunch break. 🙂

  6. Q: I have my IPod but I don’t want to listen to ANYTHING.

    Ahmad: HAHAHAHAHA , ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Hamza: hmmm sounds like a good idea, but I would like to keep my Job thank you.

    She is fucking singing because of you right now … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. because of you? kelly clarsson?
    tb is she cute? eza cute ma3alesh mar2eeelha yaha 😛

  8. You can’t go to the supervisor and complain? Is this a free-sing zone, now, offices? Yeesh.

  9. Whew!!! It’s only colleague singing. I thought Baba 7aki didn’t live up to your 933617264 expectations you formed from P.S. I Love You 😉

    Just go over there and tell her that her singing is annoying you. Will provide a opportunity to work on your effective communications skills.

  10. Wanna really really get her? Tell her that her voice is awesome and that she should appear on American Idol. I think that half the contestants end up there this way

  11. hahahahaha, what is she singing?

    If I were you I’d just give up and then start making special requests. As her to sing Chasing Cars for you!

  12. LOOOL!!
    I soo relate..i once had a post about hating “people who breath”.
    It was actually about this trainee with me who did a terrible sound while breathing, sipping coffee and just his whole existence was irritating..

    so yes, i hate people who breath.

  13. Maher: Is she cute???? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well no she isn’t cute, she could be your mother , and how is her cuteness gonna help ME?????
    7ashash inta.

    Kinzi: I guess I could do that but ranting about it is more fun, it’s THAT boring at work.

    Luai: hehehehe, no no baba 7aki is doing great on that front it’s like we are in love or something 😉 .
    Well usually (yeah she does it all the time) it’s not as loud as today bas today I am not in the mood and for whatever reason I am unable to tune her out.

    Hareega: I wish I could do that, she’s too old for that show.

    Asoom: HAHAHAHAHA.
    I lost track of the songs but it seems whenever because of you for Kelly Clarkson is on she is unusually loud.

    Gjoe: LOOOL . OH MAN! I read your comment like three times and every time I read it again I have to like cover my mouth cos I might burst out laughing. I hate people who breath HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    PEOPLE all your comments are effing funny!!!

  14. ya 7ram 7aki!!
    lsn tell her to go to American idol, Simon will make sure to tell her what you can’t 😀

  15. ok ok , why don’t you send one of your friends (Bob and William) to sing in an annoying tune over her head.they would do anything for you.Right guys?

  16. What about noises,when one lives in an apartment building like pillow talks and sex sounds?
    You do not have that problem,as well.

    I think head phones and CD or IPod is the answer.

  17. Give her a taste of her own medicine.

    William… be a man. Go to her cubicle and pee on her

  18. stink bomb in the PC case ….
    sweet sweeet revenge
    (that is if u want to cause distress to the rest of the employees who remained shut about it)
    if you like the personal approach i would target her car instead …
    if no car, then the inside pocket of her jacket on the hanger
    if u can’t get access to that call up baba 7aki
    let him pick lil 7aki, get dressed for a pseudo Halloween party and make her unload a dozen eggs on her when she is ready to head out of work and run like helll…

  19. hahahahah and i thought i had it bad when i was sharing an office with a woman who actually mumbled everything she wrote as she was typing it.

  20. where did my comment go?

  21. Mai: yeah as I was telling Hareega, she’s too old for the show. I sooooooo need Simon right now.

    Dana: Heheeeeeeee. I got William to measure the distance and that’s as far as he is willing to go.

    Crystabelle: No I don’t have that problem I live in a house.

    KJ: OK so your comment was gobbled by the spam thing . Study your comment closely to guess why. Hehehehe

    Bambam: Re people who kept shut about it, there is this guy who sits right behind her we told him dude go complain, he said, I actually like it ,LOL , I want to throw the bomb at him.
    And lol at little 7aki egging her. Man 7aram to involve my child in this

    diptychal: Really? I tell you there is no end to people’s annoyingness. There was this lady at work who used to complain about and I quote” William, you are typing too loud, could you keep it down please?” LOOOOOL

  22. LOOOL @ KJ’s suggestion, that was the best one!

    u should put on eminem and sing along to that, give her a taste of her own medicine 😀

  23. I know the solution, post her phone number and we will all take turns calling her and telling her how annoying her singing is! Or you could go out to your car, speak into a cup placed over the phone mouthpiece and do it yourself! Your buddies can do likewise!

  24. I used to work in a place where they allowed you to use headphones but there was one person who sang at the top of her lungs off key and was so loud that you couldn’t block that sound. GGGGRRRRRR! When I quit I told them why!

  25. just tell her to shut up or out sing her… that’ll teach her. oh oh, what if she starts singing with you? abort abort bad idea!
    and to look at the bright side, imagine if she also was stincky and never took a shower and stank up the whole office. things could really be much much worse.

  26. two words:
    transistor bomb. 🙂

  27. Since when is pee spam!

  28. Say that having a headache stirs sociopathic tendencies in you and that loud singing gives you a headache.

    At the start of this school year, there was a kid who would visit the teacher across the hall for emotional support and he insisted on having her play the same song every day. It made me want to stab someone with a spoon, but I endured for his sake.

    Good luck!

  29. please keep up posted with every song she sings lool i am so interested loool

  30. Tinker: NO NO NO then she might start rapping and that would just make it worse.

    Luai: Hahahahaha. I will consider it.

    Chris/Ohio: So she had the headphones on? Oh dear, nothing worse than singing off key to no music. Welcome here

    Sis: Yes I would take the singer over the stinky. Thanks for the brighter side view 😛 .

    Aniche: Where can I buy one? Link please.

    KJ: Sigh, you are such an amateur KJ. The use of the word Pee accompanied by on her. You don’t get out much do you? 😛 .

    TL: Wow stabbing someone with a spoon takes a very long long long time, your situation is dire to want to inflict slow death with a spoon on someone. This kid is weird.

    Today she is stuck on the song “No one” by Alicia Keys.

  31. How annoying!!! I hate when people act as if they’re home or something…

  32. 7aki,

    I agree with Ahmad. The toe nail idea’s good 😉

  33. […] Hallelujah! Posted on March 6, 2008 by 7aki Fadi So do you remember our very UNtalented office singer? […]

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