I am being bombarded with noise. Lots of noise.

Where ever I look there is visual noise in the form of advertising.

Billboards. Magazines , websites , newspapers, movie theater, TV, on the subway, on the train, on the train and subway station doors, on the train and subway station floors, on the food wrapper , on peoples suitcases and bags. They even managed to put ads in the bathroom stalls so it’s facing you when you sit down.

Everywhere I turn I see an ad for something.

I turn on the Radio to try and enjoy some music or talk show, ad after ad after ad.

I turn on the cartoon channel which is supposed to be public and ad free, they started plugging ads in it.

I look at the sky I see one of those airplanes pulling an ad banner.

I open my mailbox and for every bill (yeah I only get bills in the mail, I wish letters never went out of style) I get 15 pieces of junk mail.

I answer my phone telemarketers bombard me with products to sell. By the way I despise these people and the companies that use this method. Nothing is sacred anymore! Not even your home or your privacy.

I answer the door I get people selling something.

I am tired and sick of all this noise, very very very tired. There’s no escaping it everywhere I go I see it I hear it I experience it.

It is soul eroding.

They say on average we hear and see almost 3000 ads a day. I believe that. They are so ingrained in your day you don’t even notice them anymore.

So I put my headphones on really loud so not to hear it anymore and I bury my face in my book so I don’t see it anymore

But I when I take my headphones off and rest my eyes from reading I see it , and I covet things and I hate myself for it.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve always wanted to go live in a country side for a while 🙂

  2. You’re absolutely right! Even when you close your eyes, you’ll probably recreate all those subliminal messages they have sneaked through the movies or even your favorite songs!

    Yeah, I saw the 3000 number before and it’s very true.

  3. Been feeling down lately?

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  4. LoL

    Hopefully books will remain ad-free

  5. Totally agree, it is very annoying, especially the junk emails about viagra and other fake prescription drugs, or some of the stupid cheap ratio ads. And did you ever notice that when a radio station or tv channel goes into ads, you start switching channels and every one has ads, they synchronize that attack on us so no escape. But some ads are funny and smart, do not you agree?

    Now, I have to disagree with you regarding the “food wrapper”, what will you do if you end up having lunch alone and (God forbid) not carrying your book 🙂 those ads can save your face by pretending busy with something.

    Reality, ads are like your old rich uncle, annoying but he pays for these trips to the nice places you join him to. Still you can choose to pay the cost yourself and use almost ad free tv and radio services like showtime and XM radio.

  6. Sara: It feels sooo good in the country and in a small city by the sea 🙂 .

    Qwaider: Yes, its everywhere man it’s sick.

    Mr. Anon: LOL . You’re funny! Too bad you don’t really have a blog, that was a good ad, hehehehe.

    KJ: OMG I would die. Ad inserts in books, the only reason i would accept that is if they give me the book for free.

    FM: Ahlan ahlan FM.
    You know the Radios synchronize the ads way more than TV., I really get angry listening to the radio they piss me off, the adds are ass . At least with TV they spend some money on them so they are mildly entertaining but Radio ads, sooooo cheesy. Old smelly cheese , hehehe.
    No no when I am eating alone and I have no book, I stare at people, it scares them, LOL.
    Well you do have a point, the ads do pay for all the junk we watch on TV. But when you pocket out hte money TV and Radio quality are 10 times better.

    OK this comment is like a post.

  7. while the artistic and innovative ones are entertaining for their duration, the majority is just pesky annoyance.
    Oh god, i forgot how cheesy and retarded the radio ads are , grrr…

    either way while it is true that ads do cover up part of the cost, but nowadays it comes down to the fact that we are bombarded by so much that we don’t even distinguish one ad from the other most of the time. and the majority of the ads don’t serve their purpose.

    Thank god for torrents and TIVO ….. ads B-Gone

  8. B very true, we watch way too many ads that we become emune to them.
    We only notice them if we need that item and we buy the item of the company that advertises the best.

    Torrents rock.

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