Only if …

I could post this picture on my cubicle wall so people think twice before coming to my desk.


If only they made another one for “Tonight you’ll dine in HELL”

PS: Jerard Butler is hot


9 Responses

  1. I prefer the motivational posters seen here:

  2. Butler is hot? I think the girl standing next to him iss Hhhhhhooooooottttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (left cornor-white dress) :p

  3. this poster poses no threat to singing lady

  4. Luai: LOL, I love these especially cluelessness.

    Maher: HAHAHAHA. Inta 3anjad you crack me up.

    Asoom : Nope. Does nothing.

  5. lol i loved it! im stealing it for personal use.

  6. Put the other sign on the singing woman’s cubicle 😀

  7. lol I love it …and i stole it

  8. batoul, unabashed: glad you liked it.

    KJ: LOL

  9. very very cute

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