Lucky Seven

Seven years is a long time but it can still fly by really fast.

Baba 7aki and I celebrated our 7th year wedding Anniversary on January 12 and we couldn’t believe how time flew by so fast. It just feels we’ve been married for 2 years.

He is loving, he is sensitive he is attentive he makes me laugh. Humor plays a big part in our marriage, we laugh at each other and with each other.

We’ve had our really rough spots and our really amazing spots and spots that just flew by in the chaos of responsibilities and work and just life and after seven years I still love him (he better still love me too or I’ll kick his butt!).

With years we both changed and evolved and met in the middle, he picks up where I am lacking and I pick up where he is lacking without any resentment to each other and it was hard work getting there.

I love how he drives me crazy with his OCD. Hey less house work for me eh!

I love how he is very supportive and he always pushes me when I need it. Could be annoying though when i jsut want to procrastinate hehehe.

I love how he is with little 7aki. She worships him, he is always there for her, plays with her, takes care of her , is not embarrassed to be silly around her. All hugs and cuddles to the point little 7aki runs away from him sometimes, LOL, He just hugs her too too much.

And it helps that he has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen .

But seriously, why would God give him those eyelashes? I mean what about me????? Helloooooooo, eyelashes are a waste on a man. SO NOT FAIR.

And the Cherry on top?

The new watch he got me. Ooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Check out the bling bling.



40 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Mabrook 3asa3a, and what did you get baba 7aki?

  2. sanaa 7elwaaa ya jameeels (jame3 jameel lol)

    mabroooook….o 3o2baaal el 191837476 saneh..
    tb what did you get him? :s

  3. thanks you guuuuuuuuys.

    Well I got him a watch too, I know I know we are gay. hehhe

  4. lol so cute! happy anniversary. and nice bling! mabrouk..

  5. OH WOW! This is awesome 😀
    Alf alf happy anniversary oo 3o2bal ma titjawwazo, because you kids do sound like you’re two cute teenagers falling in love all over again.. kidding kidding

    Okbal el 100 saneh

  6. Happy Anniversary 7aki, Happy Anniversary BaBa 7aki 🙂
    Allalh y5aleekom la ba3ad o yhaneekom, mabrook el sa3a, I LOVE big watches 😀 COOL!

  7. awwww! that’s so sweet.. Happy Anniversary o inshalla il 3omor kullo together.. lovely watch by the way, I have a guess white watch.. i really like their watches!

  8. How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  9. happy anniversary, allah y5alekom la ba3ad

  10. 3eed zawaj. shoo hath. goomi enthaby. gal we’re gay?

  11. hehe soooo cute. happy anniversary 7aki and baba 7aki! 🙂 wow, 7 years seems like forever.

  12. That was so sweet!!

    Happy Anniversary 7aki!

    You know, I heard lately that once a couple passes their 7th year mark successfully, both their lives become more enjoyable. So enjoy the rest of it 🙂

    The watch looks amazing too, but what did you get him? lol

  13. Gratz ou nshalla another 100 happy years together.
    Mabrook il watch, thats 2 watches leading to his pocket…then valentine is close…hang in there man we’re all in it together.

  14. ah neyalkom.

    you will always be remembered as the “watch buddies”..hehehehe

    keep up the good spirit. We wanna see the same spirit when you guys start racing with your wheel chairs 20 years from now 😀

  15. hey mabrook, and hopefully its a happily ever after moment 😉
    hmm i don’t think its appropriate but i can’t help but think of that term for what happens on the 7th year of marriage … it gets itchy 😛
    either way, happy anniversary and congrats on the bling bling, get lil 7aki a faux bling and we can dub u the bling bling family

  16. […] = “0099FF”; var mooter_wrapper_url=””; var run_method = “preload”; var mooter_target = “0”; Lucky Seven saved by 1 others     shimmeringflowergirl bookmarked on 01/18/08 | […]

  17. Alf Mabrouk! seven years may sound like a long time but really time flies and soon you will be celebrating your 20th anniversary and you will be wondering where did all the time go!
    enjoy your years together and enjoy your new watch, pretty nice!

  18. 7aki, I’m not surprised. You two seem to have reached that place of comfortable stability without loosing the spark. It seems OCD and a great sense of humour will carry a couple far!

    Heaps of congrats. 😀

  19. Batoul, Qwaider , Maioush, simply me , diana, sel3: Thaaaaaaaaanx and 3o2balkom kulkom ya rab 🙂

    Mab3oos: Man I just crack up when I see your name, never gets old.
    Tab inta lesh ya3ni daiman mab3oos? LOL.

    Roba: It does seem like a long time but mish tabee3y how fast it flies!

    Whosane: Thanks 🙂 . But where did you hear that?
    I got him a watch .

    Mr. Anon: HAHAHAHAHA @ “2 watches leading to his pocket” . No no they lead to my pocket man cos I take all his money, LOL.

    Hamza: Wheelchairs in 20 years? How old do you think I am. I will be lissa in the prime of my years.
    OK I don’t like you anymore 😛 .

    Bambam: HAHAHAHA. It’s called the seven year itch I know I know, I was just briefed about it on the train the other day by my older and wiser lady friends.
    Don’t worry baba 7aki and I have some anti itch creams at home, LOL.

    Summer: Thanks Summer 🙂 .

    Kinzi: OCD and humor sure go a long way.
    Thanks for the wishes.

  20. Congrats!

    Are they a matching set? Now that would be G-A-Y No picture of his watch? Do you collect them as well? 😉 And most importantly, you think I would be able to convince my wife that watches should be given for every anniversary we will celebrate?

  21. Oh, I forgot to mention…when I read the title, I though you went gambling and were throwing the dice in craps! I can only imagine you at the table yelling out “Lucky Seven” before tossing the dice!!!! That is where I am heading tonight. Canada, yeah bay-bee!!! Come on LUCKY SEVEN!!!!

  22. No no they are not matching. We are not THAT gay 😀 .

    Baba 7aki is not a collector but I am, I LOVE watches sooooooo much that I force him for at least one special occasion a year to get me a watch 😀 . I get him a watch every 2 – 3 years.

    About the wife, hey why not! You could argue that: “How better to commemorate our TIME together other than a watch ?”

    Good luck at the Casino. OK confession, I never gamble because I am a sore loser, LOL. I get angry and I am most probably one of those people they make those stickers for to fight gambling because I will keep doing it , hehe. Baba 7aki is good at roulette, he actually manages to make some money.

  23. congrats 7aki!


    No I’m not shy. At all.

    I LOVE watches.

    re: lashes – no its not fair but hey just think if he wasn’t such a great partner he’d still be nice to look at.

    haha shameless I know.

    I kinda think that if you have to put up with the idea of being married to one person your entire life then you either have a great friendship and can laugh at each other or you have something to look at. Its obvious which of the two doesn’t last but its safe to say that he sounds like he’s the perfect guy for you.

    How old are you if you’ve been married for 7 years already? you can email me the answer 😉

  24. Happy Anniversary!
    I love that watch. And NO it is not gay that both of you got each other watches. Even if you got each other the matching watches. IT IS CUTE. But advise; don’t ware them at the same time, especially in front of older couple, they will think that you too are naive/ high school-esh/ masakeen mo 3arfeen sho jayeehom type of couple. and maybe gigle a little.
    Other than that, congrats the watch. Allah y5aleekom la ba3ed

  25. inmotion: I am addicted to watches.

    Hehe at emaling you my age. I will turn 32 on March 2nd so I was almost 25 when I got married, I was a little pupp.

    Thaaaaaaaaaanks, 3anajd 3o2balek 😀 .

    Dana: HAHAHAHAHA khalas adivce taken, if we ever buy matching anything I’ll make sure to follow your advice.
    Thanks for the wishes.

  26. wow 7aki I am so proud of you. Yo managed to read and understand my comment, despite of all the errors. 3njad I should never be allowed in public when I am fasting.

  27. Congrats, 7aki, and I wish for you many more happy years.

  28. happy annivarsary….love the watch…mabrook!:)

  29. Happy Anniversary o 3o2bal 107 anniversary 🙂

    and congratulations for the watch. Baba 7aki hasa good taste 🙂

  30. A Guess watch for an anniversary 😛 tsk tsk tsk


    Happy Anniversary woman, may Allah bless both of you 😀


    AND WOOHOO 7aki Skin! 😛

  31. WOW that was so heartwarming and it gave me a great hope in men and marriage altogether. 😀

    inshallah more years of happiness together 7aki…u realtionship with ur hubby sounds amazing…i hope i can say the same about myself one day…

    and the watch is just beautiful…i’m addicted to watches, can’t stop buying them….i was dying for a Givenchy one lately, but i was waaaayyyy beyond my budget!
    i prefered to buy a ticket to Europe with the same amount…glad i still have some sanity :p

  32. happy anniversary o 3ogbal gadd ma ento 7abbeen 😛

  33. Happy Anniversary! Wish you happy long life together.

    And taking a picture of the watch 7:30 PM on the anniversary day is so you 🙂 But funny. Like the watch.

  34. Dave, Sam, Observer : Thanks very much for your wishes.

    KJ: And malha Guess watch? Is that the Dubai in you that is talking? LOL.
    I was gonna say inno “KJ, there are people out there like you”
    Thanks for the wishes

    OA: Thanks a lot for your nice words 🙂 .
    Having a good relationship is hard work but it’s worth it.
    I am a watch addict 3anjad, but I’ve never spent more than $350 on watch , I don’t know ba7es inno 7aram 🙂 . But Jewelry, I spend more, LOL .

    Ahmad: Thanks!

    FM: HAHAHAHAHA you noticed the time and the date on the watch, lol. After I posted it I looked at the picture and I said, I wonder who’s going to say anything about that .
    Thanks for the good wishes 🙂 .

  35. the watch is absolutley beautiful!!

  36. Ok, prepare yourself for this:

    Alf mabrook oo 3o2bal ma ta3meloo Little 7aki Part 2 (oo Part 3 oo Part 4 kaman, leish la2, aim for a baseball team, lots of Baby 7akis in da house) oo 3o2bal ma Baba 7aki ya3mel upgrade lal gift oo next year Bulgari watch (oo Omega, leish la2) oo most of all…..

    3O2BALI (i.e. lalalalalaleeeesh for Rambling Hal)

  37. aww! many more to come sweets happy anniversary w allah y5aleekum la ba3d :hug:

    mabrook il bling bling *wink wink* but damn girl, ur just as white as i am! lol 😀

  38. unabashed: wait till you see it in real life! Soooo sparkly 😀 .

    Hal: Inti kaman biddek little 7aki 2? I should introduce you to my mother in law, LOOOOOL.
    And an upgrade would be highly appreciated 🙂 .
    And most importantly lolololololeeeeeeesh for Hal. LOL.

    VA: LOL. I am translucent in the winter 3anjad.
    Thanks for the sweet wishes 😀 .

  39. yeeeeeeeee, wala I missed alot! Happy Anniversary inshallah o 3o2bal el meet alf saneh… tet-hanno inshallah!

    btw, is ur hubby’d OCD (as in I-need-to-clean-the-house) contagious? could you make it contagious? please, pretty pretty please? I want to send my hubby to visit him 😀

  40. tinker: hehehe, no unfortunately it’s not contagious.
    Thanks for the wishes

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