A dose of mystery: Shadow of the wind

This book is the closest thing to a movie thriller. You are at the edge of your seat from the first word you read until the absolute last one.

Shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a really good read. Some might be intimidated by the 500 + pages but it is really a page turner.

Is it life imitating fiction or fiction imitating life?

It’s the story of a book and it’s author. Follow the journey of Daniel ,who was 10 years old when he started, while he uncovers the mysteries behind the book “Shadow of the wind” and the always elusive Julian Carax the Author.

A story wrought with mystery and people and love and hate and sacrifice in it’s most beautiful form.

I give it 5/5 .

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Currently reading: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

Too lazy to review but will do it eventually: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris

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18 Responses

  1. Oh My…i love mysteries… i’ll check Virgin if they have this one..i hope so!

  2. So does this qualify to go under your all-time favorites?

    I loved this book but one thing that got on my nerves is sometimes I didn’t understand where all of that information was coming from, like fermin would go off and come back to reveal his discoveries of the day and they don’t always say where he was or how he got the info.

    I bet Hamza won’t check this until he finished reading, what’d you think about the ending?

  3. I want this book NOW godamnit!

    Someone send it to me!!!! EXPRESS MAIL PLEAS!

  4. we should do monte cristo at some point.

  5. It’s a brilliant book isn’t it 😀

    BTW Brave New World is really creepy. I’m 2/3s through it but it is freaking me out especially to think it was written before grandpa was born

  6. Maher: You’ll enjoy it 🙂 .

    Inmotion: I heard from Hal that Aramex has a service where you get a new York mail box and then they deliver it to you, ask her , maybe that way you get your books faster 🙂 .

    monte cristo is interesting, I watched the movie I wouldn’t mind reading the book.

    KJ: So do you like it? Isn’t it AWOSME, really freaky you are right.
    The last chapter is the best when the savage talks to the head honsho.

  7. ********WARNING: SPOILER ********

    Asoom: I freaked out when on that page he said he will be dead in a week but he was dead for .

    I liked the ending 1 minute.

    ************END SPOILER ****************

  8. The last time I read fiction was in 2005 when I finished Dan Brown’s “The Davinci Code” in 2 days. Eversince I have been drowned in academic books, mainly in the field of history. Don’t get me wrong. I find it very fulfilling to read academic books and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t expect myself to produce a 400 page PhD thesis. But, after a while, it gets so exhausting. I think I might check this book out. Why not. I should find the time.

  9. Sound interesting read! Oh God! I have a lot to catch up :S

  10. posh: You should start with a shorter book :). Try “lullabies for little criminals” or “curious incident of the dog in the night-time” or “spot of bother.

    Observer : 🙂

  11. 7aki .. i did have that service ..

    one word


    i’ll just find a bookstore here to order it for me and pay for it .. i kinda told amazon I:D NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN .. in a fit ..

    it took them 2 months to deliver a dvd the last time I ordered books from them

  12. oh and monte cristo is goooooooooooooooooood

    like wow good

    movie was really good too but if you appreciate literature the movie barely scratches the surface of the book ..

  13. i meant to say

    if you appreciate literature you will find this book highly interesting and a great page turner ..

  14. inmoition: Hehe, I did get what you were trying to say 😀 .

    I will definitely get the book then :D.

  15. and i am here. a little bit late..as in 10 days late.

    you summarized the book in really one statement “Is it life imitating fiction or fiction imitating life?”.

    I was shocked like you at page 312. My theory about the mystery man of Lain Coubert didn’t turn out right. I went too far in thinking that daniel is a manifested image fo of Lain Coubert’s mind or vice versa. Maybe I watch too many action and thrilling movies. That’s why the ending was a surprise for me too.

    I really wish they made this to a movie. I am sure it’d win an oscar. 🙂

  16. I knew it was him I swear from the second he came out, I thought it has to be the author or why would he be so intersted? I was so happy with the ending and was very upset at page 312. I hate it when the hero dies

  17. come oon..I love it when heroes die. Gives more recognition and importance to other characters.

    I think my favourite character in the novel was Miguel Moliner. My God. He was the best friend a guy could ever have. The sacrifices he made are invaluable

  18. I was certain that julian and daniel were going to turn out to be related somehow-there were a couple of references to their resemblance.

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