Run 7aki, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

I have a family that is crazy  I tell ya!

But nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. Even the monkey slap was better.

Here’s how it happened:

Once upon a time 7aki aka me was little.

Mama 7aki left “little 7aki senior” at a park.

The end.

I will never forget that day.

My family and 10 other families were at a picnic in Debeen. I Was playing somewhere and I was pretty occupied with whatever a little person gets occupied with. But something felt funny. All of a sudden I didn’t see any faces I recognized. No Mom, no Grandma , no brother, no annoying Grandmas friends, nobody.

I turn to head for the bus we came in and all I saw was the bus driving away leaving a trail of dust behind.

So I started running after the bus. In full speed. RUNNING like my life depended on it.

My life flashed in front of my eyes.

And as I was running I was thinking, “What’s our home phone number again?” and “Where do we live exactly?” and “My family are MOFOS” (Well maybe not MOFOS, Most probably I said “you poopy heads”, I acquired MOFOS later in life but it is sooo fitting here)

But then apparently my mom was like:

“Hey, where’s my flesh and blood?”

No answer

Panic ensues.

Someone sees me running after the bus which was quite far now.

The bus finally stops.

I stop running relieved that someone finally acknowledged my existence.

How could this possibly get any worse?

The bus didn’t come back to get me. I had to run all the way to the bus to board it. Talk about rubbing salt on the wounds!

Why didn’t you come back and get me you MEAN bus driver???

I was scarred for life.

I think it was a sign of things to come

Moral of the story: Learn how to run fast from an early age, you never know when it comes in handy.


27 Responses

  1. hahaha oh wow, that SO reminds me of when i got lost in the museum of natural history when i was 7…now that was disturbing.

    by the way, have YOU ever left little 7aki anywhere??

    mesh tabee3iiiiii !!! 7akiiiiiii.. poor you, you husband didn’t see you when he came to pick you up once, and you mama leaves without noticing you are not even there, shafafeh ya benti 😀 LOOOOL!!
    o leash kayneh sar7a b3eed 3an emek ha?? leah ma tdalli 7awaleehom? jeel a5er zaman! “that’s what they used to tell me everytime i get lost” 😀

  3. And then there’s the horrifying instance of grabbing some lady’s skirt, assuming it to be the skirt of the woman who gave birth to you, only to peer up into the face of a complete stranger. Not cool, dammit, NOT COOL.

    Thanks for the story! 🙂

  4. loool. I think there is something in you. First your mom and then your husband.

    I only utilized my running talents when I stole a teddy bear from a shop when I was 3 years old. I ran like a maniac crossing two streets. What a scene it was with me running, family behind me running and the storeowner behind my family. I bet he didn’t care about me. He was after my parents who didn’t pay for the dolll. 😛

  5. lol that is some insanity ….. lub it !
    what your missing is that it was training to enable u to think fast while ur on ur feet 😛

  6. yeee..jad z3elet 3aleekee loool
    el 7amdella elle la2oookee!! oh dear!!
    bas beshooo konte mash’3ooleh? How old were you that time?

  7. That guy: OMG in a museum? Freaaaaky
    No nock on wood I’ve yet to loose my daughter.

    Maioush: Kayafty bashoof.
    Ana kteer shafafeh , nismet hawa, LOL.

    Teacher Lady: OMG that is not pleasant, but LOL, masakeen the little ones everything used to scare us.

    hamza: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that is hilarious. So was it a Barbie 😛 .

    bambam: hehehehe. Yeah now my strongest skill is troubleshooting at work and crises solving. But man I still suck at memorizing numbers.

    Maher: I donno with what I was busy , I was scared shitless that everything that happened that day is wiped out of my memory except for the traumatic event.
    I think I was 7.

  8. LOL! ta7sheesh.. bas 3njad ya 7aram.

  9. LOL OMG!!! I always tell Sara if you go away from me some one will take you and you will never see me again! so dont move! … today we were in wallgreens and she just left me wile i was on the pharmacy .. my heart just stop .. when i find out that she wasent there … I just scream her name like this SARA!!!!! ENTE FEEN!!… i want you here in 2 seconds … and I start counting …. she just run to me .. i scream at here in there … ppl was watching me like this crasy women … but i dont care! ….

  10. LOL, thats reminds me when I was walking with my parents to my grandmother’s house, there was mat3am falafel in our way and I stopped to watch him making falafel. Obviously my parents continued in there way, and I was busy with the falafel thing 🙂
    I realized what happened when “3ammo ta3 elfalafel” finished, and my parents realized what happen when they arrive there and was asked why didn’t any of there children came with them :S

    mnee7 enno 7ada sa2alhom, wella allah be3lam halla2 ma3 ay 3ela 3ayesh…

    for God sake, I was alone with them, how haven’t they noticed that I was lost….


    Moogle says you have been Moogled!

  12. LOOL…ur stories are hilarious ya 7aki

  13. LMAO
    I can not believe how mean that bus driver is!
    Well, this explains your cool reaction to the incident of your husband driving away leaving you behind at the train station…I knew your calmness came from believing that HE WILL REALIZE IT …just like your mom did..
    I think people at my office think I am crazy…as of today

  14. HAHAHA… super Funny!

  15. LOOL! 7aki u attract adventure ever since u were a little 7aki! bless ur heart u always make me laff 3a hal esas 😀





  17. Batoul: 3anjad 7aram 😦 .

    Lorena: Yeah big stores are crazy I always watch my daughter like a hawk.

    Ahmad: HAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG I have to share my sisters story when she was lost, ta7sheeeeeeesh.
    I think if nobody asked them you’d be selling falafel on eth street.

    KJ: Was moogle driving the bus? I KNEW IT .

    OA: Glad my tortured childhood is entertaining 😀 .

    Dana: Wow good psychoanalysis. You might be right.

    Ruba S.: Welcome to the blog 🙂 .

    Verbal: Hehehe . Crazy family.

    Dufda3: Wow what a creative name . Ta7sheesh.

  18. [Before you read the comment and start cursing, remember that I’m a dude, and guys are not good when it comes to expressing feelings, nice words and such girly issues. But again, it’s not our fault, our FUNNY-IQ is just higher]….but How does that makes you feel?Tell me about your feelings?

    To make you feel better, running to the bus should not be awful, considering the possibility that you could be running behind the bus and the 3amu hits the break while you are still haywire with all your memories and BAAAM! You hit the bus with your face.

  19. HAHAHAHA Firas.

  20. *LOL* u poor thing..when we were in rum few weeks ago i had that exact image in my head of forgetting ziad…we were a huge group and ziad was with someone different every i had to keep my eyes on him all the time….your poor mom…i’ll bet everyone was looking at her like she is a monster no?

  21. aww… I can imagine how you felt. I once lost my mom for 5 minutes in a big mall when I must have been 8 and I felt so helpless. Listen, they say el teilteh seibteh hehe 😉

  22. Sam: I didn’t notice how mom felt when I got on the bus, I was too busy bieng mortified, LOL.

    Posh: LOL, el teilteh seibteh? So I will get lost forever my third time?

  23. Oh nooo..
    I never knew that story. where was I?
    well to make you feel better, i got lost a couple of times too.. i remeber nothing of the first time but the second time was in a busy market place and I was following the wrong person thinking it was Aunt S. .. all i remeber is the face of the woman i was following and that she was not my aunt. after that, i still have no idea what happened. i was 5 then.. what is it with our family?
    do you think brother ever got left behind?

  24. so…..
    you have to share it? SHARE IT 😦

  25. […] I was reading 7aki’s post I couldn’t help but be reminded of a little incident which I still can’t fully comprehend till this […]

  26. HAHAHAHAHA…omg I have come to the conclusion that ALL families are crazy, we just pretend that our families are normal and that’s why everyone thinks everyone else is normal…..but if you really get down to it, all we are really doing is hiding our family’s unique brand of craziness from each other

    mnha lale a7san mnha ya 7aki 😀

  27. sister: you didn’t come to that picnic or they wouldn’t have forgotten me 😦 .
    OMG I remember the one when you got lost and you came back with 5 2roosh and a piece of bread, LOL.

    Ahmad: will do one day.

    tinker: yes, people should not hide it or people like me will think we are not normal!

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