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Guess what???? This blog is now on Toot!


Thanks for the Toot team for finally recognizing the awesomeness that is my blog hehehehe.

No for real, joking aside, thanks you guys for adding me I am SOOOOOOO SUPER EXCITED about it.

I'm on toot


20 Responses

  1. Ya alf alf mabrook o 3ogbal il umm hadaka il aggregator il 3alami il absar sho ismo 😀

  2. TOOT for me is the sound they use when censoring x-rated stuff.

    so does this mean that your blog will be full of TOOT stuff?..i..e X-rated content (woohoo, can’t blame you for being SUPER EXCITED) :p

  3. Mabrookulations.

  4. Hey … Mabrook and welcome on board 🙂

  5. Alf alf mabruk, you earned it…
    Go ahead 7aki….

  6. mabrook … -_-‘

  7. LOL Bakkouz: You always crack me up!
    While I have your attention, blog something will ya 😀 .

    Hamza: That sound is called bleep not Toot 😛 .

    Jad, Khalidah Ahmad, Bambam : Thaaaaaaanks 😀 .

  8. Yahoo, 7aki, 3anjad it’s about time…you will add one hilarious new angle to the toot homepage!!!

  9. so what do u want … a cookie?

    hehe jk … you seem excited about it so mabrook i guess 😀

  10. congrats girl!

  11. Kinzi: Well now Toot (this word still cracks me up, little 7aki will be giggling her head off every time I will say it) readers now have to suffer through my 7aki Fadi.
    Thanks Kinzi, 3o2balek!

    Mo: I love cookies! But I prefer brownies actually 😛 .

    asoom: Thaaaaaanks!

  12. lululululllllllllleeeeeeesh! menha lal akbar menha lol

  13. Alf mabrook ya 7aki 🙂

  14. 7aki… yea, I told them that to every North American tooting means farting!

    the world will be blessed with Little 7aki stories, and you will be training those tooters (sorry, couldn’t help it!) in good child rearing practices. 🙂

  15. Hey, I just found out I’m on there too. So I guess we’re both tooters.

    Excuse you. 😛

  16. VA,Observer : A thank you a thank you.

    Kinzi: Hehe at tooters, CRACKS ME UP.

    Dave: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no inta excuse you 😛 .
    Mabrook Dave!

  17. ok so im a little late but alf mabrook 😀

  18. LoL

    That makes two of us now 😛 But I won’t steal your thunder and boast about it on my blog. So congrats to both of us!

  19. 7aki, you and Dave encouraged me to get tootified too, so I applied for next year.

    (pee-you, who did that?)

  20. tinker: thanks

    KJ: yaaaaaaaaaaay, mabrook KJ.

    kinzi: it stinks in here, LOL. Never gets old, I think we need to grow up, HAHAHAHAHHA

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