Me: Drink your chocolate milk, some people have nothing to eat like in Africa and it’s not good to waste food.

Little 7aki: So will flies come out of my eyes if I don’t drink it like in Africa? 

Me: No, flies won’t come out of your eyes if you don’t drink it.

Little 7aki: Why do the children in Africa have flies in their eyes?

Me: Because they don’t have any food and because they have no rain and they don’t have any money to buy food because they are poor.

Little 7aki: And in Canada if we don’t eat and if we don’t have money will we get flies in our eyes?

Me: Sweetie in Canada there is no famine, we have money and people are not as poor as they are in Africa.

A bit later …

Little 7aki:  Mamaaaaaaaaa, I have an idea! Why don’t we share our money with Africa and then they won’t have flies in their eyes. But not ALL our money because we don’t want to have flies in our eyes either.

Me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, FA3ES.

Children are so innocent. See it’s simple; Africa has no money, we have money, we share our money with Africa, and voila, problem solved!

If life was that simple my little philosopher.


25 Responses

  1. Fa3es

  2. That’s interesting because my kids have also asked about the flies when they’ve seen African children on tv. Hard to explain it all to them so that they can understand.

  3. Oh my god … she’s adorable!!! Bitjannin 🙂
    7abeebti 🙂

  4. Ma azkaaaaha! If only it were that simple, indeed.

    I thought for sure she was going to mention that flies would eat her brain like Dave’s son asked his mom.

  5. I LOVE your little philosopher

  6. 7abeeeeebtiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. ya bayeeeeee 7aki, when r u going to jordan bezabt?? FA3ES!!!! 😀 allah ye7meeha 🙂

  7. so cuteee!! Mushallah 3alaiha!! By the way…i wonder, Do you say the word FA3ES to her?!

  8. Awwww 🙂 mashallah ma askaha, fe3lan bedha fa3es!!!

  9. How sweeet 😀

    Allah ye5aleelk yaha

  10. Little 7aki for president!!

  11. hahha mashalla how cute.. they’re so innocent and simple, and for them everything is as simple.. allah iykhaleelek iyyaha!

  12. Awww…we have a little miss UN ambassador here!

    Btw, the kid got a point. I felt the same way about those flies when I was younger. It is fascinating how those young African boys are never bothered by the flocks of flies on them, as if they actually came out of their faces, and have been there all their lives!
    I guess 3njad Eljoo3 Kafer..sigh

    “Why don’t we share our money with Africa and then they won’t have flies in their eyes.”

  13. ur little philosopher is w-a-y too cute! shes so right, if it was that easy :/

  14. But it is that simple! Take Little 7aki to some charity that sends to Africa and let her pay up!

  15. 🙂 Very cute. One day she might surprise you and rally all her friends, family and classmate to raise money to buy food to send to organizations working in African nations.

    if you’d like, I’ll take her with me next Fall so she can get a first hand experience with the flies and her and I can work on some educational programs for the kids. Ask her if she’d like to go to Malawi or South Africa for 6 months? She can start saving her allowance to bring with her. You do give her an allowance don’t you? 😉

  16. What is it with kids and flies these days?

  17. awwwwwwww li’l 7aki.. I wish the world was that simple 😦

    i love you li’l 7aki.. & love ur mommy 🙂

    you know mama 7aki, sadly, some parents tell their kids, if anyone asks you for a bite of your sandwitch or some fries from your meal, DON’T GIVE THEM..


    mashaAllah 🙂

  18. she’s adorable! very bright too:)

  19. Dude. Every time this girl of yours opens her mouth and utters another little pearl of wisdom, I feel extra stupid. Like more stupid that I already am. It’s kinda like, HELLO. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT.

    I wanna eat Little 7aki.

  20. aww! 3anjad fa3es! lol

  21. have no fear, when i have increased my mental and psychic abilities into insane proportions I shall use my new found powers to destroy all the files in the universe…

  22. That is a wise answer, not innocent one 🙂

    Why don’t rich people give poor ones? It is a legitemate question.

    But Canada does give some finacial aid to some african countries, doesnt it? Maybe you could have pointed that out?

  23. Honestly..if ur kid ruled the world, all life’s problems would vanish.

  24. Sister: fa3es 3aneef

    Lisamm: It is hard

    Qwaider: Thanks 😀 .

    Kinzi: Oh yeah I read Dave’s story, hahahaha. Kids are sooooooo cute!

    Sel3: I love her too 😀 . Thanks!

    Maioush: I am going end of June, wooooohooooo can’t wait.

    Nido: HAHAHAH, no I don’t say fa3es I baf3sha for real, I hug her and squish her really tight, lol.

    Tinker, Qabbani: Thanks 😀 .

    Maher: LOL, I love this slogan! I should ask her what she thinks about the health care situation.

    Simply me: I wish adults had simple thinking like that because solving issues should be that simple.

    Dana: They don’t have energy to even swat those flies, poor poor children 😦 .

    Batoul: yeah.

    KJ: Hehe, well we spnosor a child in Ecuador, her name is Eva and she is 10 years old 🙂 .

    Luai: That would be something cool for little 7aki, too bad she’s only 3.5 years old and still learning how to write her name 😀 .

    But your trip is soooo cool , you should create a blog to talk about that experience. Really cool!

    As for the allowance , no she doesn’t get one yet, hehe, but what I do is every time she learns a new word in Arabic she gets some money in her piggy bank 😀 .

    Dave: lol, your son is sooo cute.

    Sara: I am shocked at how mean some parents are, once little 7aki hugged a 1 year old, when she was 2.5 and the mom scowled at her like she was going to kill her child! I hate people.
    Thanks for your sweet words, you are very sweet.

    Salam: Thanks 🙂 .

    Hal: HAHAHAHA. Yeah Hal, why didn’t you think of that. You crack me UP.

    VA: hehehe

    Bakkouz: Do let us know how that goes 😛 .

    Observer: Yes the conversation didn’t end there, I started telling her how we do give poor people money and I told her about the girl from Ecuador that we sponsor 🙂 .

    Mr. Anon: Little 7aki for president 😀 .

  25. hahaha! cracked me up!

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