365d – 8760h- 525600m – 31536000s

No, these are not Map coordinates, or outer space coordinates; it’s how long I have been blogging.

I cannot believe that I would be writing the “it’s been a year” post.

I mean I just started blogging for the heck of it and to just check it out and connect with home and voila it’s been a whole year already.

Wow a whole year.

In this year I saw bloggers come and go but I stayed and I have to say blogging has become part of my life, some sort of an outlet for me, I can easily say, although it’s been only a year, that it changed my life.

I also made some blogger friends (you know who you are) and that makes me very happy 🙂 . Who would of thunk that I would make friends through blogging?

But why did I call it 7aki Fadi ? I should have come up with something more pretentious or mysterious like for example maybe I should have called it the epigone , which is a more sophisticated way of saying 7aki Fadi, which was the word of the day that day, what a coincidence eh .

In any case my blog is all 7aki Fadi so thanks to everybody who humors me by reading or commenting on my blog.


16 Responses

  1. Happy Blogoversary!! You are one who has kept the bar high, thanks for humoring AND instructing us all!

  2. it’s only been a year ? really ?

  3. شو هل الحكي الفاضي؟*

    * ماذا أقصد في هذه العبارت؟
    1. انو شو هل بوست قال بلوغ انيفرسي قال،خدلك على هلحكي الفاظي؟


    2. انو شو هل حاكي الفاضي هيدي! طقع، بلوج رائع


  4. 7aki … i remember reading ur blog before even making mine … but the archives dont lie :S nither do you 😉

    keep up the good work …

  5. Happy Blogoversary 7aki … wow .. it’s been a wonderful year …
    you’ve made lasting friendships I hope, and may then next year be even better

  6. alf mabruuuuuuuuuk
    I think I have read all your posts, and I enjoyed reading them too much.
    enti bloggaraweyyeh 3azeema 🙂

  7. Happy Blogoversary ya 7aki 🙂 .. WOW it;s been a year already?? yalla 3o2bal el 100 🙂

  8. You made it through a whole year!!
    mabrook the blogoversary and becoming a tooter!

    I actually can not remember when did I start reading your blog..but it sure became a routine now. The 7aki fadi family is more entertaining than anything on TV.

  9. Congratulations 7aki!!!! Thanks for entertain us for a WHOLE year. I love your blog, it makes me laugh must of the times :D…..

  10. Kinzi: Thanks Kinz 😀 .

    Bambam: I know. Can you believe it?

    Firas: يا زلمه لقد فقعتني من الضحك… يملي روكس

    Thanks for reading 😀 .

    Qwaider: Thanks for the nice wishes 🙂 .

    Ahmad: Thank you so much Ahmad, very sweet of you 😀 .

    Maioush: Thanks Maioushtyyyyyy.

    Dana: I did last, can you believe that?
    Hehehehe @ more entertaining than TV.

    Davgay: Thaaaaanks. And I love your comments 😀 .

  11. Happy One Year of Blogging 7aki, may your pen (computer screen?) never run dry and make you always be around to entertain us wit h this AWESOME blog!!!!!!

    PS ROFL @ “laqad fa2a3etni”…. haha, did you do that on purpose 7aki, that sounds HILARIOUS 😀

    (it may not actually be, but i find alot of supposedly “normal” things hilarious in Arabic, sorry 🙂 )

  12. :). Your blog is one of the first blogs I check to start my morning. So the thanks goes to you for keeping it alive and entertaining for over a year. 🙂

  13. Alf Mabrook!

  14. Tinker: HAHAHAHA yeah it was intentional, Arabic CRACKS ME UP too, some words are just ghetto they are so funny, hehehehe. Yamli rocks! you should try it, yamli.com

    Hamza: Thanks for reading Hamza and sticking with my blog and always leaving me the most funniest comments 😀 .

    Arima: Thaaaaaanks 😀 .

  15. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a whole year wooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!

    You destroyed 18250000 brain cells per reader!

  16. Thanx KJ. So how long have YOU been destroying peoples brain cells? hehehehe

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