Hi! My name is William, and I have an addiction

**Guest post by William**

I have always been something of a video game geek, but I have also been something of a late adopter to the technology. I am generally at least one step behind the latest thing, and if I do “bite the bullet” and decide to get whatever the top model is, it is almost a certainty that the company is about to replace that model with something new, almost immediately.

I am now looking at getting a Nintendo DS Lite. I have a daily commute of 1½ to 2½ hours each way, and I can only spend so much time reading or doing crosswords. I like the portable aspect of it, the ability to play games in short intervals if need be, and I have no desire to watch movies on a very small screen, which is the selling point of the DS-L’s closest rival, the PSP. I can also share it with my kids when I’m not using it, since they are video game fans as well.

In late November, I had pretty much reached the decision to buy. There was even a bundle package that came with a game I was interested in (Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass) and a special gold-coloured version of the DS-L itself. By the time I made it to the store in early December, however, they were sold out of the bundle. “We’re getting more, soon” they told me, and I believed them. I decided to just buy one of the regular DS-L systems. “We’re out of those too,” was the response.

Time passed.

December ended.

January began.

Still no DS-L units on the shelves.

Major retail chains would advertise the DS-L for that weekend’s sale, and I would either call or visit them as soon as they opened. “We haven’t gotten the shipment yet, so call back later.”

The Zelda bundle? “Oh, that was just a limited edition release, you’ll never see those again.” What about eBay? “Buy-It-Now price: $225US”

I finally got one store to issue a rain-check to sell me a DS-L at the advertised price, if/when they get them in. “Try in mid-February.”

It turns out there is a shortage everywhere, which is ridiculous: This is technology that has been available for at least two years at this point (four, if you count the DS itself), and Nintendo still can’t make enough of them to keep up with the demand?

Why do I bother? Well, there’s the “addiction” thing again: I have actually started buying games. I’ve seen deals on new games, deals on used . . . heck, I even bid on several on eBay this weekend! (2 successfully)

I’m even considering buying a couple of DS-L units that have different things wrong with them, and building one good one out of the pieces.

7aki just laughs at my obsession. Bob has suggested that it would be a disaster if I ever actually buy one. His rationale? This gives me a reason to get up each morning, and something to strive for, a goal. If I actually buy the DS-L, then what will be my purpose?

Bob also thinks I should get an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 instead, at 4 or 5 times the cost, since they are more grown-up options. Of course, carrying the TV and power generator with me on the bus is the main obstacle to that plan, since this is supposed to be for commuting purposes.

And the worst of it? There is a stigma attached with being so fascinated with “children’s games”. I suppose I could take up smoking or gambling, so that my obsessions were more adult . . .


11 Responses

  1. Death to white bread the infidel. lullulululululul.


    Honestly Willaim, I am soooo going to start a DS-L Fund for you, maybe a donation button on the blog or something.

    Dude, buy it already! Bob and I have suffered enough through the DSL rants.
    But I gotta say, once you buy it, what the hell are we going to talk about?

  2. Oh .. that is nice
    Listen up
    I live down the street from Nintendo HQ. I can walk over there and post this article on their door 🙂

    Good luck with your addiction, to each of us, his own!

    7aki for example is addicted to Fa3es ..

  3. “…Bob also thinks I should get an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 instead, at 4 or 5 times the cost, since they are more grown-up options”

    I don’t agree with bob. I live in Japan and I see “grown-ups” engage their DSs and PSPs in the train all the time.

    I own both and I carry one of them whenever I go. I even play against my friend on long rides. Did I mention that it can access the internet too?

    I’m just surprised that the DS-lite is still out of stock. Here its available almost anywhere.


  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ 7aki and Bob…. they are right, you will have nothing to talk about and nothing to get up for in the morning if you actually buy it.

    seriously dude, have you ever thought about buying it online? I mean, electronics are kinda the one thing you CAN buy online since you don’t need to try electronics on/check fabric/taste etc.

    good luck…man, u shuda waited to buy the games 😀 or you can take advantage of the really good deals you got and resell at a higher price, turn into a business 😀

  5. I love this, we get the whole 7aki work crew at this blog!!

  6. 7aki – although it’s a nice idea, the donation button is unnecessary: I’m not holding out because I can’t afford it, I just can’t find a store that has them!

    Qwaider – please do share this with them. I’d love to hear their rationale for the shortage. (And maybe they do have a few of the Zelda packages lying around the office . . .)

    Moha – that’s right, Bob: in your face!

    tink – I would prefer to get it from an actual store, in case something goes wrong, but you are right that this is a viable option. Of course, if I order it from someplace other than Canada I will have to pay the duty, but it’s not about the money, right?

    kinzi – Yah, even Bob is getting back into the act!

  7. William…ditch the video games and start blogging

  8. wil, don’t let them tease u into thinking its an infantile thing to play a DS and have fun on ur commute. plus brain age:train your brain is addictive 😀

    so game on !

  9. Williams, you and I can be best friends. See… I am a video game fanatic too! In fact… I just got a PSP as a gift (I forced my best friend to buy it) and will be posting on it in an hour!

    I strongly suggest you get the DS or anything limited edition or out of stock from the Middle East. We ALWAYS have stocks. I was laughing when the whole West was not finding a single Wii while we had a bundle. Same for all the special editions of consoles and handhelds.

    If you want you can bribe me to purchase the Zelda edition and ship it to Canada 😉

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