Accidental Adultery

**Guest post by Bob** 

My wife and l were at a house party. There was food and drink and many people. The people were mostly my neighbours and all of them were couples. We got to the party around 9:00pm and l clung to my wife, so l wouldn’t have to have any meaningful conversation with other people. How many times can you talk about the weather or listen to stories about their wonderful spouse and wonderful kids and wonderful house and wonderful jobs and etc etc. I successfully managed to avoid people for a whole hour, when my wife had to go back home because our daughter woke up and won’t go back to sleep.

So my wife leaves and l’m left alone to fend for myself. I evaluate the party environment. There were at least 5 different conversation groups going on at the time – all chatting about how wonderful things were – so none that l wanted to get involved with. So l head to the bar to get a drink. As l’m getting a drink, the Neighbour lady says in a whispery voice: “Bob, can you please pour me a glass of white wine”. I oblige. I pour the neighbour lady a glass of wine. As l’m handing her the glass of wine, someone bumps me, and some wine spills over onto my fingers.
Neighbour lady says, “Waste not want not.” Then proceeds to take my fingers and put them in her mouth. The wine is expertly removed from my fingers and neighbour lady say ‘Thanks Bob” and leaves.

I was like ‘What just happened?” I think l stared at my fingers for a few seconds hoping they would reveal some answers – but none were forthcoming.


12 Responses

  1. hmm .. im curious ..

    who is this mystery lady .. do you know her .. and was she drunk at the time 😀

  2. Not your fault. I’d tell your wife before someone else does though.

    Why didn’t you go home with her ?

  3. Bob’s got game!

  4. What if, your daughter was not sick, and all of this was a pre-arranged prank/ test/ you name it between the wife and someone else (i.e. the neighbor?
    unless Bob is hot and beyond handsome and the neighbor could not help it. this case follow Hani’s advice..tell your wife

    What is with all the confessions on 7aki’s blog?

  5. well .. be thankful its only your fingers

  6. lol@ mr.anonymous.
    so do we know how this ends or is it for our curiosity to figure out? I think he should have left with his wife. But it really isnt his fault….

  7. This is not even close to adultery but it sure as hell is weird. This woman clearly had a lapse in judgement and decided to just go for something she wanted to do. Maybe she’s just sexually frustrated and wants some excitement in her life. Next time you see her will definitely be awkward.

  8. Did you lick your fingers afterwards? That would give you the answer!

  9. Bob needs his own blog!!

  10. mo: She wasn’t drunk so the logical conclusion is that l have very handsome fingers or she thinks l’m a dentist.

    Hani: I stayed behind because after 8 years of marriage l am no longer capable of independent thought

    Mr.Anonymous: Unfortunately thats the only game l have.

    Ahmed: I think l would have said something if it was anything other than my fingers…at least l hope l would

    Batoul: Nothing more happened..if something does l will blog about it

    Dana: You’re right – its not close to adultery but l needed a catchy title. It won’t be awakward next time because from now on, l’m wearing gloves whenever l’m around neighbour lady – just in case.

    KJ: l didn’t wash my fingers for many days as l wanted to hold on to that dirty feeling.

  11. OK if Bob happened to be a non clean person (which he isn’t, Bob is clean) and went to the bathroom and didn’t wash his hands. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  12. oh,
    you’ve got the old “fingers in neighbors mouth” dilemma…
    good luck telling your wifey cause heads are probably going to fly. depending on how you tell her, it could be yours 😀


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