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Updated: I beg you

For whatever is holy to you pleaaaaaaaaaaase STOP with THE SNOW POSTS.

Seriously, stop, it all looks the same, all the pictures.

EVEN the snow men look the same.

Except for Tololys I gotta admit it’s cute.

Mishaaaaaaaaaaan Allah stop.

Oh oh oh , update, check this and this out. LMAO


They say if you can’t beat them, join them.

It appears that there is a war of the snowmen:

– Dave wins most artistic AND hilarious snowman. At first I thought it was the thinking pose but then I paid closer attention hehe.

– Jad wins most patriotic snowman, hehehe, I called him 3oglah

– And finally Jano just because hers is the only snowWOMAN AKA snow-white.

– OH Tololys is still the cutest.

OK it seems that we are going to get snowed in tomorrow too, can you believe that?


19 Responses

  1. I agree, man snow was almost the only topic in blogs this week.

  2. Bravo 7aki! LOL I was *waiting* for someone to post something like this…

    If you haven’t noticed, I stopped before you published this 😀

  3. are you jealous that you are not enjoying snow as much as you used to before living in Canada? 😛

    tell you what I’m gonna post something about the snow in Dubai Ski 😛

  4. hmm i wonder … doesn’t this qualify as another post about snow -_-‘ ?
    thanks for link up

  5. […] it’s another snow post. And it contains a snowman. It’s not as cute as Tololy’s, but it’s not […]

  6. It’s another snow post with another snowman, but mine is a bit different, so I hope you’re happy.

  7. From a man living in arizona, thank you

  8. ya allah!! thank u.. i was about to break my laptop if i read one more post about snow!

  9. They aint’ the same 7aki

  10. well, is it too hard to resist those posts? i wonder why when a blogger having enough of posts should beg people to stop writing.. why dont you stop reading and looking at photos?

    I don’t think all the same since Tololy has a nice one and Dave has a hmm cool idea and Jad has a nice one and I have a giant snow WOMAN (snow-white).. and those only found when reading half your post.. so i guess finding cool things worth reading usual snow-posts to get to those 😉

  11. I too had enough of snow posts. but, don’t you think it is almost like you posting about heat waves in Canada. Not that you post ten times about it!

    p.s. thanks for the link.

  12. lol, yeah it is kind of funny to see all the blogs all of a sudden become a copy of each other 😀

    I’m not in Jordan now, but this snow storm must really be big since never has this happened in the last couple of years!

    But it’s all good for those of us who are outside the country now. The more pictures the better 🙂

  13. 😀 thanks!

  14. Samer: yeah man, zhi2et.

    Tololy: Hehehehe.

    Sel3: That ski hill is just amazing, a ski hill in the middle of desert? CRAZY.
    And yes I am not really crazy about snow, especially on the weekend, which happens to be all the time.

    HAHAHAHAHA, oh man! It is a snow post!

    Well if you can’t beat them, join them, I updated the post to my favorite snow posts, hehehehe.

    Dave: seriously Dave yours is the best snow man I saw EVER.

    Hareega: You are most welcome doktoor.

    Mai: Man izhi2et kollo snow, I look out the window I see snow I look on the blogs I see snow.

    Jad: They sure aint 7aj Jad.

    Jano: I did actually stop looking at photos since they are all the same , yes, all the same, out of maybe 100 snow posts only 3 were cool.

    Mab3oos: Heat waves? In Canada? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I wish man.
    You are welcome 😀 .

    Hamzeh: That’s true about the pictures 😀 .

    Simply you: You are welcome, so did you ever end up going to the beach by the way??

  15. You see I would’ve refrained from posting about the weather in Amman and how it affected my daily life routine and whined about the new guy at the office’s non stop singing just like you do if it weren’t for the fact that there is no new guy who can’t stop singing to “Because Of You” and I’m also unemployed and hence do not have an office or work in one. Ya3ni ma3lesh it7ammalouna, we know our personal posts/personal lives aren’t as interesting as yours and whoever else thanked you, bas eventually we’ll get the hang of it, so this is what people should be blogging about from now on:

    1- People we dislike and cannot confront
    2- People we barely know
    3- People we don’t know
    4- People we know

    LeRax, mishaaaaaan Allah, all blogs look the same, whining, w some more whining 🙂

  16. I posted a new post about snowmen :smily with an evil laght:

  17. hmmm …. someone has issues …. how interesting … NOT!

  18. LOL Bam, did you see that? My feelings exactly.

  19. […] والفرح الواضح. المدون حكي فاضي يدعو إلى هدنة. حتى أنه يرجوهم [انكليزي]: بحق أي شيء مقدس لديكم, أرجوووووكم توقفوا عن […]

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