** A contribution by Bob**

Topper didn’t come to work today because………..<spinning the wheel of excuses, where she stops nobody knows>……. “Her cat had to have emergency surgery”

The amazing part was nobody knew she had a cat. And Topper talks non-stop about herself so its strange this cat has never come up in conversation. Also, Topper never mentions the cat by name.

Topper update: Senior management has been so thoroughly impressed by Topper’s work, that Topper has been given the responsibility of managing the organization’s biggest and most expensive project.


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  1. I was going to ask for an update on Topper when the Bob and William duo were guest-blogging live from the office from Dilbertville. This management move proves the correlation.

    Maybe you could casually ask for the name of her veterinarian for your own cat, inquire seriously as to the nature of the surgery and what procedure entailed and how the cat is recovering, what meds is she taking. I’m sure she’ll trip somewhere.

  2. Wow you guys went to work today!
    you are so dedicated 2al y3ne 😛

  3. Actually, none of the three of us are there (unless 7aki snuck in without anyone else noticing). Bob wrote the post a couple of days ago, and is at home today.

    As for me, I’m digging out the driveway every couple of hours and chaufeuring the family members around. (And calling stores to see if they have the DS in, of course. &:^{>

  4. You guys are jealous, aren’t you? Boo hoo….. 😉 Why don’t you try playing the game.

    I must confess, I play it once in a while to sleep in, go golfing, the beach, the couch in front of the TV, run errands, or deliver pizza’s. Usually my entire group does it together, so no one will snitch on the others w/o they themselves getting in trouble. Even the boss tags along or we plan if for when he is travelling.

    Tipee her cube! Or wrap her desk and computer in aluminum foil.

  5. Hhaha William, you keep on looking for that DS…did you check if they have it in the States’ Best Buy/Futureshop or whoever have it
    or better off, direct your frustration about this to the management of Best buy and see if you can get a free one..
    I have an old school portable GameBoy system, I might even have a game for it..interested?

  6. speaking of Topper, I think I haven’t used any of my 10 day casualleaves yet. And if I do, I am gonna use them to travel somewhere for a weekend. But I need to think of a more creative excuse. 😛

  7. and how is the cat doing now?

    When my grandma died last week, they cut three days out of my own vacation for not coming to work! Talking about compassion!

  8. You guys need to top her excuses. I present to you the Dummy’s Guide to Excuses: Lesson 1 – Tell your boss you are undergoing alien abduction this week and won’t be available except for 3 minutes during twilight

  9. hey cat surgery is important!

  10. Asoom: We think she does not have a cat, we think the cat is only in her head, LOL.

  11. speaking of cat surgery.. I know this might sound cruel, but, the funniest thing is when they wake up from anesthesia and are drowsy and walking lopsided and then they try to jump and miss the sofa.

    Bob, come on start your own blog!
    7aki, Did i ever meet topper?

  12. No you havn’t met Topper.

  13. Are you guys serious or is this a joke?

    I am confused..this can’t be real…who is your boss? jeez

  14. Sister 7aki: Back in my “cat owning” days, we moved from one province to another, and had to transport the cat, who was really not fond of car travel. We had been told to feed him half a Dramamine tablet, which we eventually did.

    Do a web search for the comedy bit “How to give a cat a pill”; I’ll wait. Back? Then we’ll continue.

    When we stopped for the night, I carried him into the hotel room, and he hung from my arm as if boneless. I put him on the floor, and he tried to jump onto the bed, but neither his front nor his back legs actually cleared the floor. We laughed and laughed!

    When he threw up later, it wasn’t nearly as funny . . . we did the second day of driving with no pill.

  15. Sister 7aki rules!!

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