It’s been one of those weeks where ..


… I want to either crawl under a rock or stay under the covers until it ends.


10 Responses

  1. Ya 7aram….
    I can’t help but feel really really bad for u…..
    But i know what u’re talking about…last week i was in a meeting with my boss…and all the time i couldn’t help but fight that urge that i wanna sit at the cornor of the room, get into a fetal podition, and just burst into tears.
    Hang in there….it’ll pass

  2. so you lost the ja3ed? but how did they manage to yesta5refokee? 😀

    be fine 7aki.

  3. yeah jazeeno lal kharoof!
    ‘*brings a bag full of food and crackers and crawls into the rock with the other hiders..pops up a pack of chips…”so, cozy eh?”

  4. Fire cracker: biddi mama 😦 .

    Sel3: HAHAHHA allah la ywatrizlak ya sel3, that made me laugh!

    mr. Anon: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Is it Cheeto’s chips? I like Cheeto’s 😀 .

  5. Typo in title!

    But I won’t hold it against you! I have seen one too many of such weeks!

  6. what a chubby family you are :).

    Maybe it gets you to spend quality time with little 7aki. 🙂

  7. Is little 7aki’s name is Timmy? with all the stories you told us, let me tell you that this Timmy might be gay!

  8. ::rubs:: is there a punishing bag in your vicinity ? if not the neighbors dog that barks all night will do …

  9. lol, good one 🙂

  10. KJ: Thanks for letting me know, see I would usually notice things like that but not today 😦 .

    Hamza: I was hoping for another snow day today but no such luck

    Mab3oos: hahahaha

    bam: No I don’t have anger issues I just need my mommy 😦 .

    Samer: glad you like it 😛

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