Sugar Daddy

Me: Gosh, work is soooo overrated. And the whole career thing nonsense. I wish I could just not have to work. If I ever get a chance to not HAVE to work I would so take it!
So right now I am grooming my husband to become my sugar daddy.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: I need one of those.

Me: You so should get one of those.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: but I don’t want an old and ugly man.

Me: Or worse, a good looking Daddy’s boy, they are the worst, looks and money but as dumb as doorknobs.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: OMG yeah, these are the worst.

Me: See I did the smart thing.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: What did you do?

Me: I married potential.


Me: Yeah, Sugar daddy potential.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: I am sooooooo gonna use that line one day.


16 Responses

  1. THere is only one problem with sugar daddies. They eventually become bored with their wife and leave them for a younger woman. The wife becomes bitter and ages prematurely – which results in more bitterness. Its a cliche but thats the way it is.

    The answer is to become a sugar mama.

  2. HAHAHAHA Bob. But I need to work to become a sugar Mama. Your plan is flawed.

  3. I am sooooooooo going to be a sugar daddy!! I’m just going to spoil my wife rotten…
    She can even keep her job 🙂


  5. I think you should hook qwaider and your nahfeh girl friend 😛

  6. lol@ Hamza’s comment.
    thats so funny, married potential. What a good way to put it, now I can actually phrase in a word what im trying to say haha 😉

  7. Qwaider: cool.

    Hamza: No woman in her right mind would marry him, LOL.

    Batoul: Hehehehe. There you go, you learn something new everyday.

  8. Hamza….


  9. Baba 7aki will not be pleased

  10. Your post 7aki Fadi and the comments, puts in my mind this:David Tyre and “the greatest catch ever”.Hey! I aim High.

  11. can i have a sugar daddy? or sugar mama? or sugar anything? I dont want to work anymore and want someone to give me money for the rest of my life 😛

  12. Nahfeh: inti 3anjad nahfeh, LOL.

    KJ: No trust me he will be pleased. There are benefits to him too 😀

    bella: cool.

    Observer: HAHAHAHA. You should look for a sugar mama.
    But unfortunately for you Fadi there are more sugar daddy’s than sugar mamas so your chances are slim to none. You better stick to your ice cream shop idea 😛

  13. I’m afraid I’ll end up as a sugar-free daddy

  14. ana shayeftellek inti il nahfeh girlfriend mish heyeh! LOL

  15. Hareega: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Tab at least sweetner maybe?

    VA: Heheheh, no no she is a nahfeh.

  16. Sho 7aki!? Why are you censoring my comments?!

    Wallah 3aib!

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