Because No One Demanded It – DS Lite: The Conclusion

** A post contirbution by William ** 

Yes, it’s the final instalment of the saga.

As a last ditch effort last week to get the DS Lite, I decided to resort to sympathetic magic. I went to Future Shop and purchased the 18-in-1 accessory kit for the DS, complete with case, screen protectors, car adaptor, etc. The theory is that you create an environment that will make the desired object want to be there, so it makes itself available. About an hour later, my wife called to say that she had found a DS Lite in stock at a store. Coincidence? I think not!

The really unusual thing is that Mrs. William isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about all things to do with video games, so her actually looking for the system and then buying it is sufficiently out of character that I am willing to believe that the sympathetic magic approach worked!

I love the system, the kids are already deciding what games they are going to buy for when they “borrow” it from me and everything is good.

And contrary to what Bob predicted, finally achieving my goal hasn’t resulted in my losing the will to live.

In the comments to the second post, Hamza provided a good example of what I WON’T do for a DS Lite, although that list was getting smaller by the day. If only I had realized that all I needed to do was sleep with someone (i.e. my wife) to get it . . .


6 Responses

  1. Hallelujah! I think there is a God. I BELIEVE.

    Congrats, you earned it. So did you “thank” your wife if you know what I mean? If you did maybe she’ll even get you a game for the DS, LOL

  2. woooow maaaaaaaaaaan…I wonder when was the last time you slept with your wife.

    Forget it..none of my business..but I am glad you didn’t have to do like that warcraft freak 😛

  3. Congrats Williams! May the Master Sword light your path!

  4. PS: How do you manage about with your wife regarding your videogame addiction? I don’t know what I will do when I get a GF or get married… how will I make her understand that at some point I would want to be alone in the house to play a game, and that she shouldn’t be surprised if she came back by the end of the day to find me still on the TV!

  5. KJ: That is a very good question you asked. I have asked the same of William many times. What you do not know is William also has a book, puzzle, movies and camping addictions. On top of that William is the hardest working guy at work and best dad to his kids. He must be on speed to do all these things.

  6. 7aki: Of course I thanked her, profusely!

    Hamza: If only there were a correlation!

    KJ: Sadly, Phantom Hourglass is not yet one of the games I own, but it is first on my “To Buy” list once I get through “FF12: Revenant Wings”. The other game that really interests me is “Professor Layton and the Curious Village”, since it is all puzzles and you apparently can download additional content. Most of my gaming/crossword/reading/etc. activities take place on the commute back and forth to work, so there is minimal impact on quality time with the family.

    As per usual, Bob exaggerates!

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