Cartoons and LSD

Little 7aki loves cartoons. I present you with a sampling of what she likes to watch and some questions that plague me every-time I sit there and watch.

1) Toopy and Binoo.

Little 7aki’s favorite, she is mesmerised every-time she watches it.

Where do I start on Toopy and Binoo, my goodness.

I can sum it up pretty easily; Toopy is a cross dressing mouse on LSD.

Look at this picture, that is a dress and an apron. Dude, what’s up with the dresses, this guy wears dresses every chance he gets, and makeup too! Every Halloween he dresses up as a tutu wearing ballerina or a princess. It’s been 3 years and every year I check he’s in a dress.


This mouse(or creature) is always hallucinating and dreaming up rainbows and weird things, like he once had a daydream that he was in a bowl of cheerios cereal and that the spoon was a big water dragon following him. Seriously, he is on LSD. (The Wiki page is facinating)


2) Little Bear.

This is little 7aki’s 2nd favorite show, she loves it. I like it too because it’s very soothing, they play classical music as background music and it’s all charming, I really don’t have any issues with little bear. But I do have one question.

Why is little bear naked while his mom and dad wear clothes? It’s a mystery to me.


3) Max and Ruby.

Oh I hate hate hate Max and Ruby. It’s the bossy little sister that is ALWAYS looking after her little brother.


Look at these pictures, she sweeps AND changes her brothers clothes, I really need to know where the parents are at.

max_ruby_team.jpeg  max-and-ruby.jpeg

4) Barney.

We are a Barney free household, he is banned at our house, little 7aki is not, under any circumstances, allowed to watch it. I just wanted to share that piece of information 😀 . BANNED.

Here is what I like to see done to Barny


5) And since I am asking questions,  I have another one. Why does Donald Duck always wear a top and no pants but when he comes out of the shower he puts a towel around his waist? Always puzzled me as a kid. Another unsolved mystery.


ps: Thanks to everybody who emailed me or showed concern over my absence (Tinker you are so sweet), I was away on a trip and then came back and was sicker than a dog but I am back on track now and will delight you with some more 7aki Fadi 😀 .


17 Responses

  1. ما في المناهل في كندا
    الحمد الله على السلامة

  2. when I saw Barney I was about to change my opinion of little 7aki, but then I read what you wrote, phew…

    7amdella 3al salameh

  3. Welcome back! In rare form, bardo! LOLOLOL!!

  4. yaaaay, u’re back 🙂
    Glad everything is ok, salamtek insha Allah

  5. welcome back 7aki!
    I’m really glad barney is banned, its so…… pathetic.

  6. I love it. Brilliant. By the way can you please tell us if “Tinky WInky”, the purple teletubbie with male voice and red handbag, is gay or not?

  7. Welcome back, hope it was a nice trip and u were surely missed …
    hmm … The title definitely got me sold and am so gonna check out Toopy and Binoo. so i would show them to the kids i have around here 😛 Sounds like one hell of a show …
    And earlier on i thought that barney is as bad as it gets then i was horribly tortured with the wiggles ..GRRRR thats not banned ?

    while its funny to discuss an aliens sexuality in the case of tinky winky, maybe its fashionable it tubby land to carry your grandmas purse when your a purple tubby with an inverted triangle sign on ur head …… or maybe not …

  8. Good post, kids TV has a lot to answer for! I could never work out what sort of animal Goofy was, I initially thought dog, but then what about Pluto? BTW Winnie the Pooh wears a top but no trousers like Donald Duck.

    @Bambam – oh the Wiggles are definitely banned in our house along with the Doodlebops!

    When I was in the UK recently we saw a kids tv show called In The Night Garden, it’s a bit like the Teletubbies in that they use nonsense words and it’s set in a surreal environment. If you let your kids watch programmes like this you might want to think about what they are learning from it.

    Check it out

  9. Barney must be obliterated

  10. Remember Alice in Wonderland from back in our days? The caterpillar was smoking some naughty naughty stuff with his “argeeleh”. Why all these things are in children’s cartoons is beyond me!

  11. Rajol 7adeedi rules em no.1 choice to any parents who want their kid turning out tough and solid!

  12. you know what else is an LSD cartoon .. samurai jack

  13. Mab3oos: لأ. بس في إفتح يا سمسم. هاهاها شكرا

    Sel3: hehehehe. No Barney for little 7aki.

    Kinzi: Thaaaaaaaaaanx.

    Tinker: I aaaaaaammmm baaaaaaack. Thanks.

    Batooul: it is the 2nd worst kids show after teletubbies

    Tallouza: Honestly, I only watched the teletubies only once and it was FREAKY. It really freaked me out!

    Bambam: Thanks Bam, I missed you guys too!
    HAHAHAHHA. There are NO toopy and binoo what so ever on ou tube. It’s bizarre. But the show is a trip, LOL. I get lost watching it, HAHAHHAHA.

    As for the wiggles. It’s not on regular TV so she doesn’t watch it, but I betcha it would annoy me too.

    And lol at Tinky Winky. What a weird show. There’s another show called Poobah, OMG it’s FREAKY too.

    Ross: Goofy was definitely a dog, but yes Pluto was a pet. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Like on little bears all animals talk and function except for Tutu the dog. No logic.

    OMG the doodlebops. How can I forget those annoying doodlebops.

    Agreed Ross, it’s rare that you have a show that has any content. And what about the old shows that had a story to tell and the events built as opposed to 15 minute segments. It’s like the kids have zero attention span.

    And this Garden show. More crap.

    KJ: We should start a movement.

    Anon: HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah that caterpillar sure did smoke up something gooooood. LOL. But they say that the author who wrote the book was actually was under the influence of something trippy. It’s a fact.

    Mr Anon: Hehehe.

    Mo: Never watched it I think.

  14. Looool! i wondered bout donald duck as well!

    and i wud like to c that done to barney as well! my nephew and neice love it and i cant stand him! i donno what is that effect that he has on kids! eukh!

    on a silly note, i cant stand Dora as well! :smily bished sha3ro:

  15. good point about donald duck .. let me know if you find an answer
    and 7amdella 3assalame .. wen konte?

  16. well thats good .. dont watch it .. it sucks 😀

  17. VA: I KNOW. Barney is EVIL. Dora is OK, at least it promotes thinking, trouble shooting and following instructions.

    Ozz: I went to Washington DC 🙂 .

    mo: hehehe, OK.

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