The day 7aki got slapped, AGAIN!

Remember that one time when I was slapped by a monkey? I think it was a sign of things to come.

See, my Mom is a very peaceful person, never in her life did she have to resort to using her loud voice or physical power to get her point across. All she had to do is use her stare, we called in “The death stare”, she will just keep staring at you until she breaks you, LOL. For real, she would just not let up and keep looking you straight in the eye until you didn’t know what to do and then you would surrender and do whatever she wanted you to do.

For example she would ask me: “Go do the dishes”. Like a smart ass I would say: “Ma biddi (NO)”, and my mom would unleash the death stare, at first I would defiantly look her in the eye, and then after 2 seconds flat I would start looking away, then in another 2 seconds flat I would start giggling nervously, and then I would get up and do the dishes (zay ilshatra), mind you , my Mom at this point had not even uttered one word.

So one time my mom woke up really early, 6 in the morning, on a weekend, I also woke up and went looking for Mom to find that she was in the bathroom, so I snuck really quietly and sat down next to the closed bathroom door and waited for her to come out.

My Mom opened the door so I stood up, screamed really loudly and grabbed her. She got sooooooo scared that she slapped me.

It was the most painful KA-TESH slap EVER (The monkey slap was less painful, LOL) .

I really wonder, why didn’t she find it as funny as I did? HAAHHAHAHA.

Moral of the story 1: Never sneak up on my Mom to scare her.

Moral of the story 2: I perfected the death stare and I scare little 7aki into doing whatever I want, hehehehe.


16 Responses

  1. Loool 😀

    Uhm.. at one point of my life, I wished mom had used the Death Stare instead of her Death Grip-slap-scream-and shout 😀

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ya 7aram!! your mom in the opposite of my mom, in the house baba is the quit one, and mama is the one walks around the house screaming and yelling every time she asks to do something 😀
    funny thing is, after 20 years of hearing mama screaming, it becomes not as scary LOL! (bs don’t tell her PLZ!! 😀 )

  3. hahaha….I am imagining the sound-effect of the KA-TESH.

    but what were you thinking when you wanted to sneak up on her? that’s so mean

  4. I loved your mum she is strong hahaaha, and btw you worth the slap from her .

  5. That’s mean! Good thing your mother didn’t panic to the point of committing murder in self-defense…

    Anyway, the death stare proved to be the most effective method of dealing with kids. I’m not a mother but I was a kid myself…

  6. basita 😀
    I once pulled the chair out before my mother sits down and she fell down on her back. That was supposed to be funny but when she screamed in pain I was stunned and scared and I cried and cried bcuz I felt very guilty.
    I wasn’t slapped though, maybe that’s why I still feel guilty until now.

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  8. I slapped the shit out of my brother…same way. I was washing my hair with my head down in the sink. I pulled my head up to put the gel in it and I see another face next to mine in the mirror reflection. I swipped my hand straight across his face and left it’s red imprint there. Poor guy will never do that again….and I may never have kids as a result.

  9. So little 7aki should now expect a slap any day!!! LOOOOL

    Poor 7aki got scarred for life during childhood! You have become a Medusa

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  11. LOOOL…shu hada, seems that “the death stare” is a common code in the international mothers language…my mom does that too! waaa3!!

  12. My mom didnt have even to have the death stae. I was so good, that she only had to put a sad face for me to comply to her requests!

    It is funny how we mis interpret how much our joke can be funny!

  13. My mom used all tactics possible on me, she was the crazy one on us. Only twice did she fall for the “oh whats thattttt” until i ran away. :sigh: good times.
    The death stare is SO awkward!!! little 7aki, Bless!! lol

  14. OMG . The poor woman. You could’ve at least waited untill she had some coffe.
    Did your mom hve a death stare / signal for when you are misbehaving in public too?

  15. LOOOOOOL! ta7sheesh!

    death stare? your mom maybe a hero from heroes no! lol

  16. Jasim: HAHAHAAHA “Grip-slap-scream-and shout “ Hilarious!

    Mai: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL , keef bas atwal min lolltek. Yeah screaming works for 1, 2 maybe 3 years but later on forget it. The death stare is waaaaay more effective. It’s mental terrorism, LOL.

    Hamza: I was thinking that it was funny 😦 .

    Quing: hehe, thanks for stopping by.

    Ola: Well she didn’t have any sharp objects coming out of the bathroom that’s why I am here today, imagine if I scared her while lets say she was chopping onions?

    Diana: HAHAHAHA, you did WHAT???? That is soooooooo funny, LOL. See in your moms case she was on the floor so you were out of her slap reach. My face was right there ready and my mom had an automatic reaction. Hehehe.

    Luai: “I may never have kids as a result.” HAHAHAHAHA.
    So that explains why I don’t have any more brothers and sisters after the scare, LOL.

    KJ: 😦 finally someone feels with me.

    OA: It is soooo freaking scary and awkward.

    The observer: Oh so your mom used the “guilt trip” method. This method I use if I want something extra from my daughter, LOL. Very effective.

    Batoul: “oh what’s thattttt” until I ran away. LOL. That’s so funny!
    3anjad 7aram little 7aki, I never thought I’d use the death stare, hehehehe.

    Dana T.O: OMG in public, if we get offered anything we have to look at her first, if she nods we take something, if not we decline, and then if we dare take an extra helping, God help us, she once took me to the bathroom after accepting another helping of ba2lawa and she lectured me for 5 minutes on how I look like a mafjoo3a when I took the second piece . My mom was a mental terrorist man, LOL. God bless her.

    Maher: HAHAHAHHA, never thought about that. Maybe I should email the Hero’s people and tell them about this super power.

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