I HATE February


 And this year we have to suffer through one extra day of it. Feb, I  can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can say BBye!

Why do I hate February?

Take a look at this:


This weather is just inhumane. Nobody should suffer through this.

And honestly, when my husband finished his Masters degree in the West Coast in the States can you tell me what POSSESSED him to come to Canada? Ha? HA????



At least we have free health care so in your face West Coasters!!!


I just say that to make my self feel better 😦 .

Biddi Maaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa.


16 Responses

  1. you know..I am just imagining you crying “mamaaaaaa” as one of Popeye’s kids when they cry. in the cartoon, you only see a big mouth with a “MWAAAAAAAAAA”

  2. February and September are my favorite months of the year 😦

  3. Your hubby must be boxed and shipped to the antarctic.

    Sorry to keep rubbing it in your face but February here is quite pleasant with 15 degrees in the evening and 30 degrees during the day 😉


  4. ya3layeeeeeeeee. 7aki, you have to spend few days here in LA. it’s almost summer here now.. yalla ta3ali, i’ll tell mama to make dawali and other yumy stuff 😀 .
    yalla bring baba 7aki and little 7aki and ta3ali 😀

  5. As usual 7aki is right. I’m looking out our office window and l’m seeing a MOFO of a winter storm.

    Another reason February sucks – it has an extra pretentious R in the spelling. Whats up with that?

  6. Wherever Winter is, whenever the temperature goes below 0, it’s my home 😀

  7. yallah it is almost over! inshallah march will be better for us…ha! well yeh u never know…please please please…no more snow! check those stats for sasktoon and u will be happy to be in toronto:)

  8. yeah, in your fast West coasters :looking at Mai: East coast is cold too 7aki, hang in there. Im thinking how exciting it is for the summer to come and little girls like lil 7aki dress in the cutest things! and I just wanna give them a big hug ef3ashom FA3ES! hahahaha 😛

  9. March is here 😛 Wish you a good spring 🙂

  10. I second you, February SUCKS. For more reasons than just the damn weather

  11. awww well it’s march! yay!! hope the weather gets better very soon!

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  12. yallah March is here now…which means 2 more months and we kiss the good weather goodbye here in UAE 😦
    i’m so not excited about summer here when it reaches 50 degrees outdoors and u can’t stand out for more than 3 minutes or u’ll get dehydrated

  13. It’s gonna be through soon 🙂

  14. I too hate February. I just can’t seem to stand it. As for the free health, trust me it is worth it!!!

  15. I hate February as well, but I have a different reason, I have to buy 11 gifts for 11 close family members and friends whose birthdays are in February… can you imagine that??!!

  16. Hamza: Hehehe. No it’s more like a whiny voice than a cry.

    Lina: LOL Lina. Well I never hated February until I came here. IT SUCKS!

    KJ: 15 to 30?????? I am moving that’s it! Or better still, I will have a winter house in Dubai 😀 .

    Mai: OMG dawaly???? Even if it was -10 I would still come, LOL. If we ever come down to L.A. I am definitely dropping by with the family, it will be SUPER fun.

    Bob: Did you see htat effing storm on Friday? Feb had to leave with a bang. MOFO February.
    OMG that pretentious R. Yeah. What IS up with that?

    Jasim: You mean like winter? But trust 0 is not like -30. For real.

    Sam: yeah I betcha Saskatoon is worse. But William says that this winter is like the winters in Thunder Bay. And they have MOFO winters.

    Batoul: East cost and us it all sucks 😦 .
    Heheheh. 7ayaty little 7aki in the summer I like to dress her in those short shorts . those thighs haik baf3ashom.LOL

    Dimaka: hehehe. Thaaaaaaaanks!

    Tinker: Yup. I also have more reasons to hate it but I liked to highlight the weather today.

    Bre101: Thanks

    OA: Well yeah heat is as bad as cold really. I want to live in Spain. I decided. The perfect weather.

    A.Ho: It finally ended and today it’s 9 degrees. Woohooo

    Poshlemon: The free health ROCKS. I love it for real. The best!

    Princess N: Wow, now that’s a reason to hate Feb. Being broke for a month is not fun.

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