Book Club Announcement: The Time Travelers Wife

Hi everyone!

This is to announce that the book club started reading the book:

The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger .

So if you are part of the book club lets read!

If you are not part of the book club, join us, go buy it and lets read!

You don’t have to join us actually, just go buy it and lets read!

You already read it? Good for you! Make sure to come back and share what you thought


10 Responses

  1. Cool! I picked it up a week ago. I’ll be over with my personal hell wednesdy and then I’ll join in 🙂

  2. After this it is imperative you read that great short book, Coma, I told you about. It is like 70 pages and 1/4 of it is illustrated. You can finish it in one sitting

  3. w00t..

    I already started reading 😉 and it looks really interesting

  4. I’ve read it twice. I LOVE IT. Love it I tell ya. I think it’s one of those rare books out there that give a perspective on love and romance (my two least favourite subjects) from both a woman’s AND man’s point of view. I’m gonna try and read it a third time so I can participate in the comments, how’s THAT for joining the community? I promise to leave my passive-aggressive behaviour at the door. NOT.

  5. Asoom: Yes take your time, we want to hear the good news when you ace that test 😀 .

    KJ: OK OK I will order it online like maybe not right this second but soon 😀 .

    Hamza: So so so what page are you at? I want to soooo bad tell you about something I thought was disturbing, kinda weird but funny disturbing.

    Hal: yaaaaaaaaaaa Hal. Coool to have you on board!

    Tab did you read “the pillars of the earth?” That’s our not the next book but the one after it . If you have read it, what did you think? I heard so many good things about it.

    And passive-aggressive ? You???? You are not passive. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  6. 7aki,
    i read the pillars of the earth about a million years ago.
    it’s one of my favorites. very good historical fiction stuff 😛
    (i suck at book reviews)

    let me know when you start it for the book club, i would love to read it again

  7. Will do sis!

    So why don’t you read this one with us?

    And hey, Razan khateeb has a blog, did you see it? Also Ruba Saqr, pretty neat, in my blog roll, check them out.
    Websessed and musical thoughts

  8. well, the book is not in the market here.. yet!!! I think 😛
    i’ll look for it again this week.
    yeah, i’ve seen both blogs, they’re both on my reader

  9. where are you in the book now? I’ve been slow with the reading I’m only on 150something.

    It’s cool that I’m reading it while I’m in Chicago, I was coincidentally on a bus on the way to the Field Museum that Henry travels to in the first chapter when I first started reading it!

  10. Asoom: Oh cool coincidence.

    I haven’t read all week this week, been very sick and in bed ALL week 😦 . I am at page 280

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