Happy Birthday Tooooooooo Meeeeeeee

So yesterday was my birthday, I turned 28.

Hehehehe did you buy it? the 28 part? I really turned 29.

OK OK if you insist on knowing the truth I just turned 32 . YIKES.

So I had this conversation with little 7aki

Me: So what did you get me for my birthday?

Little 7aki: Nothing. Baba forgot.

Me: What does baba have to do with it? I am asking you.

Little 7aki: But I can’t go to the store all by myseeeeeeelf!

Me: Hehehe. FA3ES.

Then she went and drew me a picture and stuck some stickers on it.

A very special gift considering that she draws me a picture everyday but does not put her special princess stickers on it.

Baba 7aki took me out for dinner and we went and watched the movie Juno afterwords.

We had a great time 🙂 .


35 Responses

  1. Yay, I’m first 😀

    Happy happy happy birthday 7a 7a 7a 7a 7a 7aaaki !

  2. Thanks Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaani 😀 . hehehe

  3. Happy birthday 7aki .. and okbal el 100 ya rab

  4. Happpy birthday dear 7aki!
    Juno for a bday movie? :s hope you enjoyed it though:P

    Ps: i really dont get the part where women dont like telling us their true age :s

    Happpyyy bday again!

  5. Happy Birthday to you, and wish you many more!
    32 is a great age to be, enjoy it! 🙂

  6. Happy B-day…shu 32 go id7aki 3a someone else..ur like 23 tops!

  7. Happy Birthday 🙂

    Side note, your little one is adorable.

  8. aw happy birthday 🙂

  9. HaBBY Pirsaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀

  10. Happy Birthday! How was Juno?

  11. Happy Belated Berf-day!

  12. Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay 😀
    I can’t wait to become 30 !! and I admire your honesty! hehehehe…I mean you are so brave to tell what yr real age is 🙂

  13. happy belated birthday 7aki 😀 el 3umer kello bannout :flower:

  14. that little girl of yours is going to give you a run for your money when she’s 15 🙂

    her answers are ready right away … but she’s so good natured .. 🙂

    happy birthday lady

  15. الف مبروك
    هاظا إنتي ختيارة

  16. Baba 7aki forgot?!


    *remembers a particular Pink song but is too embarrassed to type the name*


  17. Happy Birthday 😀

  18. Happy Bday 7akiiii… 😀

  19. Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day, o 3ogbal il 126 saneh 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday 7aki 🙂
    so what did baba 7aki get u after all? walla tanash?!! :p

  21. Happy Birthday 7aki :). I am glad you enjoyed it. How sweet is little 7aki 🙂

  22. Happy birthday 7aky 🙂

  23. 7aki, thank your mom for me, for raising such a fun and inredible lady to entertain us and make us think!

    I’m surprised Lil 7aki didnt’ say : “So lets get in the car and GO SHOPPING!”

  24. Wishing you a happy birthday and loads of happy returns

  25. Qwaider: Thanks!

    Maher: Well because it was my birthday I got to pick what movie to watch and baba 7aki couldn’t say no. Loved the movie.
    Well , women unlike men don’t age well.

    Summer: Thanks summer I will sure enjoy it!

    Mr. Anon: HAHAHAHAHA.

    Hala, qu.ing, Maioush : Thaaaaaaaanks!

    Asoom: LOVED IT. It was funny and sweet. The actors performance was great.

    Luai: Thanks!

    Nido: Hehehehe. Well hitting 30 was lots of fun , really, its just hitting 31 and 32 makes you realize that you are just 3 years from being 35 and then 40 and then ….

    VA: Thanks!

    Inmotion: OMG she is, at first she said, but mommy I don’t have any money to buy you something so I told her, what about your piggy bank? And she said, but that’s my money! LOL.
    Thanks for the wishes 😀 .

    Mab3oos: hehehehe.

    KJ: HAHAHAHA. No baba 7aki didn’t forget my birthday, apparently he forgot to take her gift shopping for me.
    And baba 7aki would never forget because everyday before my birthday I ask him what he got me. Hehehehehe.

    Wonders, batoul: Thaaaaaaaaaanks!

    Bakkouz: HAHAHAHAHA. Shu hada dinasour? B3eed ilshar 😛 .

    OA: He got me a bunch of books I wanted, and some music, and he got me a nice basket from the body shop 😀 .

    Observer, Razan: Thaaaaaaaanks!

    Kinzi: You as always are sooo sweet. Thanks Kinzi. No little 7aki is not a big shopper YET, I am waiting for her piggy bank to fill up to see what she wants to get with the money, she claims that she wants to buy ME something with the money, isn’t that sweet?

    Princess N: Thanks!

  26. happy birthday 🙂

  27. Thanks Mo 🙂

  28. Happy Birthday 🙂

  29. Happy Birthday 7akiiiiiii!
    So you are never planning to ‘lock’ your age 😉

  30. *calculates the difference in age between him and 7aki*

    OMG..I think I should call you an auntie from now on. happy birthday.

  31. HaPpy Birthday 7akii
    32 is cool and blooming, 3o2bal il 3omor kullo

  32. So are you trying to tell me you didn’t shed just ONE tiny tear at least at being yet another year older? HUH?? You tryin to tell me that??


    Happy bday galbi 😀

  33. Diana: Thanks!

    Dana: Well I look younger than my age and I enjoy people telling me that OMG you don’t look 32, hehehee. As soon as I start looking like a geezer I will lock it in baby, I am thinking at 38, LOL.

    Hamza: HAHAHAHAHA. true but it goes both ways you know. I could have easily changed your diaper when you were a baby 😛 . What’s the difference like? 12 or 11 years? hada inta baby.

    Tala: Thanks Tala! So sweet 🙂 .

    Hal: HAHAHAHAHHA. I think I am going to start hating March soon.
    Thanks ya 3omri, LOL, shu 7afartalieh i7na man! galbi and 3omry.

  34. Happy belated birthday 7aki!!! I am glad you had a great day!!!!

  35. Happy belated birthday 7aki, el 3omor kollo ya rab! 🙂

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