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Topless Babies, Cute or a NO NO?


I was reading this post which made me remember my last visit to Amman almost 3.5 years ago

Little 7aki was only 4 months old at the time. A month prior to that I had some professional photos taken of her and one of them was her dressed up like a fairy, so she was topless in it with fairy wings, the photo was soooo cute.

I brought my Mom a copy of the picture because I was sure she is going to love it, and she did, right away she framed it and hung it up on the wall.

Some family friends came over to visit to see little 7aki , I knew these people since I can remember, since I was sooo little so I was super excited and was showing them little 7aki’s photo album and some photos I took in Amman and in a couple of them little 7aki was topless . The guy told me flat out that I shouldn’t be taking any topless pictures of my daughter and if I did I shouldn’t be showing them to people and that my mom should not put this picture up on the wall.

I had heard this comment in Canada before from 2 different men (who happened to be single with no kids of their own), one was pure Canadian born and raised and another one was Arab, at how I shouldn’t be showing this picture to people and how it made them uncomfortable.

Until this day I really don’t get it, how can a topless baby picture make people uncomfortable, IT’S A BABY that’s only 3 months old!

And if the photo was of a boy you’d be OK with it? I mean all babies look the same be it boys or girls! It’s not like the baby was naked or anything and I was showing any private parts!

It got me to thinking, do the men who feel uncomfortable have something wrong with them? Is it because they don’t have kids of their own that they feel weird about it? Culture in this case was not the factor since Canadians and Arabs alike said it made them uncomfortable.

I also remembered a statistic I’ve read somewhere that showed that men who fathered children especially men who fathered girls were very less likely to become pedophiles or to look at children as sex objects than men who never fathered children. I know that this statistic of course does not include all men, but it was done on the pedophiles and a huge percentage of them had never had a child or if they did have one they were never involved in taking care of them like changing the diaper or bathing them, etc etc (sorry I tried to find the source but I had read it in the newspaper)

Makes you think.

So I need your opinion readers:

Topless baby girl pictures, cute or a no no ?


31 Responses

  1. they are not a no no !
    3adee , we all have our half naked pictures ! such stuff are gud to have and it is not like u r making it as a childpornography photoshoot for ur baby! ! the litlle gurl looks cute topless and topless she will be 😛 after a certain age it will be a bit 3eb bas 4 months is cute 🙂

  2. Cute or a no no ? I think neither.

    It’s your kid 7aki, and it isn’t really any of their business.

    I think the guys who told you they are uncomfortable are a bit eccentric, but linking this to pedophilia is going a bit far. Different people deal with nudity differently. It’s usually about the way you were raised.

  3. Lost within: I do agree that it is cute.

    Hani: NO NO Hani I didn’t mean to link those people to pedophiles, I just remembered this statistic and that the fact that having a child changes your outlook on things, I bet you if these guys who commented on the picture had a kid them selfs their reaction would have been a bit different.

  4. How can someone relate a photo for a baby to anything sexual!?!!! And I don’t even think ‘topless’ is the right word to describe those images.. i mean it’s a BABY for God’s sake!

    Yes, they definitely have something wrong!

  5. It makes me wonder ,at what age,pedophiles,get attracted to little girls.
    Has anyone seen the statistics about that.

  6. I am nuetral on the cuteness.

    But on the other topic…you’ll be very surprised as to who is and who isn’t. We’ve busted CEO’s large hospitals and senior VPs of Fortune 100 companies…we busted mothers, teachers, yep teachers, relatives abusing children and stuff on their computers. From all walks of life from all sorts of backgrounds. You can never be too careful.

  7. It’s not about cute or no no, for sure its cute.
    bas talking on a personal level, I hide those pix of me today lol. at this age I feel uncomftorable that ok that was me 😀 half naked, cool huh? lol

  8. Well I don’t know if my opinion was shaped by what I observed from being raised in Arabia, or because of what society think of topless baby pictures in Canada. I know for sure my opinion on this has been shaped in this country.
    However, I think that displaying those pictures to not so close friends is a no no.
    I don’t feel that getting them professionally is a good idea too. just because I would be paranoid over who sees my baby picture.
    I mean I think I would find my topless baby girl or boy REALLY cute. But the paranoia of this picture making its way to a children pornography of any type makes think twice about it.

  9. I was gonna come to say it’s not only cute but also smoking hot, until I read again and it was “topless babies” and not “topless babes”

  10. You know in England they would never show a baby’s bottom on t.v., but adult nudity occurs frequently.

  11. They’re adorable, and those who say it makes them comfortable are mental – with all due respect!

    They’re just blobs of meat and baby fat, what’s not to like! Al uncomfortable al!

  12. Thats probably fine, I am totally against having nudies of babies taken though. Not because I really think a pedophile would get off on it if they saw it but because it is a contradiction. If its not okay for people to be photographed like that later in life then it is not okay as babies. On the other hand I think we have some hangups as an entire civilization about nudity. We havent been clothing ourselves fully for too long anyway.

  13. i think it’s cute and nothing is wrong with it!
    ya3ni for God’s sake it’s a 4 months old baby!

  14. Isma3i man, babes in general are not cute, that’s a myth that someone started in order to populate the world or something. Balla topless bala zift. People take way too many pictures of their babies in the first place. Ya3ni you’re excused of course since Little 7aki is an edible delicious little thing with an attitude problem. But the majority of kids should be hidden away until they are 21 and you can start drinking with them and hitting on them and the such. Hide them away and stop taking pictures already. MOHAHAHAHHAHA.

    I swear, the world would be SO MUCH MORE FUN if I was put in charge.

  15. i think it is super cute and there’s nothing wrong with it

  16. i agree with hani on this one, its ur kid, ma 7ada ilo da5al! plus its a kid, law mud wrestling it will look cute!

  17. they are so cute but as long as you are showing them to friends and relatives and hanging them inside the house no problem.
    my friend was telling me how some public workers stare at kids wearing shorts so thinking if there are people hooked on baby pictures, you never know, i think yes.

  18. It doesn’t matter either way. It’s a baby. Like you said, all babies look exactly the same and I doesn’t matter whether the baby is male or female. In fact, until the female child develops breasts it really doesn’t matter if they are ever topless. It is society that has told us that it is wrong for a female to ever expose her chest, which has trickled down to young females who don’t even have chests yet.

    The picture is lovely. Those silly men don’t know what they’re talking about.

  19. Fathered or not, what the hell is wrong with them? You shouldn’t take this kind of pictures for your baby?! For crying out loud she’s 3 months old!!!
    The same happened a while ago with a friend of mine. They banned his 4 years old daughter from swimming because she was wearing a 2 pieces swim wear!! Give me a break people!! Those are children, not sex objects!!

  20. Ya3ni you put the cutest picture ever on the top of this post and then you ask whether it is cute or not? 😛


    Habibty ma azkaha the baby in the picture.

    Do pedophiles have a certain ago for being attracted to babies?! Does a couple of months matter to them or they prefer a couple of years old? or it differs from a person to another?

  21. i dont see anything wrong with it … i see something wrong with the ppl who feel uncomfortable looking at it.

  22. Dima: Honestly Dima I agree 100%. I did feel that it was bizzare and I did tell one of the guys that he is sick, LOL. I told him , man what’s wrong with you? It’s a baby!

    Bella: I have noooooooo idea, why don’t you google it?

    Luai: That is just sick. There was a home daycare in our city where the woman was babysitting but her husband was abusing the kids who were 3 – 5 years old. How sick is that? His wife was devastated. That’s why I am scared of home daycare unless it’s is someone I trust 100%, like my mom.

    Batoul: Once Baba 7aki before we got married was looking at my baby album and I forbade him from looking at certain pictures. I was completely nude in them and showing it all and they embarrassed me, LOL.

    Dana: I think putting it on the internet is a no no but taking it professionally is OK. And don’t forget that child pornography always exposes full nudity and genitalia so I don’t think that those people will enjoy a 3 month old baby picture.
    These people are sick

    Hareega: HAHAHAHA.

    Clark: Wow really? Interesting. Maybe they just want to protect the baby. The adult is mature and knows the consequences of exposing their nudity where the baby isn’t.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    KJ: They are blobs of fat, LOL. These men are just weird wallahy.

    Treadmarkz: I agree. Nude photos are a no no in my book unless and if I do snap one it is strictly for the immediate family. Although their bumbums are soooooooooo cute.

    OA: Exactly! It’s not like she was like 5 or 6 years old!

    Hal: I am just waiting for the day you get married and then get knocked up so every time you post a baby photo I am going to post this comment for you, HAHAHAHAHA.

    There is a very big possibility that you will think that your babies poopoo is golden when you have them. GOLDEN. You will actually obsess about their poopoo a lot when they are really young. LOL.

    And about the drinking, here in Canada is 19 not 21 so you can start 2 years sooner.
    Why don’t you have a post about the rules you will change if you were put in charge. LOL. That post would be super funny!

    Wonders: And I agree.

    VA: Yeah I know inno ma 7ada dakhaloh I was just surprised.

    Tala: Those people are gross. Just the thought of them makes me shudder.

    Ty: I agree. It was just weird hearing it from those people, I was not excepting that reaction at all.

    Isn’t the picture cute? I found it off the internet 🙂 .

    Jasim: Are you serious? Who banned her? The pool people? This is just sick wallah. She is only 4! And even if she wore a 2 piece, ma 7ada dakhaloh.
    I hate demented people.

    The observer: Isn’t that baby the cutest thing ever! She is not little 7aki. Found this off the internet.
    Wallahy ya Observer I don’t know. But if you google pedophilia you will get thousands of helpful links, studies and information.

    Mo: I agree.

  23. Ya rait the pool guys, her school! And it was an activity for girls only or something like that! How sick is that?!

  24. I think people who even associate sex or sexual connotations with babies are mentally sick or religious fanatics. It’s a baby for goodness sake! Babies are cute, lovely, adorable, angelic and that’s about it! So I personally don’t mind and shouldn’t see a problem with naked or topless babies!

  25. oh come on..Of course they are cute. How can they not be when they have this soft skin that invites you to silk, pinkish body that makes you wanna devour, delicate fingers that you wanna hang on to, the strands of hair that….

    ok, I am gonna stop with these fantasies. Maybe I was a pedophile in a past life. :S

  26. Jasim: That is just sick.

    poshlemon: I hear ya wallah.

    hamza: hmmmm, no comment (stepping back slowly facing you)

  27. topless babies are not a problem.
    babies on the other hand…. hmm, thats sth else 😛

  28. did you see this…

    they’re everywhere.

  29. OMG diptychal, this is just toooo funny!

  30. tayeb…what if i hate babies…lool

  31. I think that picture is adorable!
    Clark you said in England they would never show a baby’s bottom on t.v. Have you never seen a nappy advert?? watch the kids channels and you see bare babies bums on TV 24.7!
    worrying about pictures of naked babies is ridiculous. remember most normal people would not find anything offensive about such an image.
    Some people do get weird though. probably the same people who get offended by breastfeeding.

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