So do you remember our very UNtalented office singer?

Well she just moved to a different location now and she is miles away.


You don’t understand what a relief this is!

Her favorite song was “Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie” so I had to listen to her sing it BADLY everyday sometimes more than once a a day.

The funny thing is when I was talking to a co-worker she said: ” OH NO, I forgot to warn the people she will be working with” LOOOOOOOOOL, that is sooooooo funny, I have a friend that works in that office location and I can’t wait to talk to her , heheeeeeee.

 I am thinking of having a 4:47 minutes of silence with “Big Girls Don’t Cry” playing in the background to mourn her move. It will be like a tribute. HAHAHAHAHA. Maybe I’ll even bring some doughnuts.

Ooooh maybe some Boston cream doughnuts. Yuuuum, my favorite.

P.S. I had to search for her favorite song to link it here and while listening to it now I felt myself die inside a little. I think she scarred me for life


9 Responses

    and another LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ “I am thinking of having a 4:47 minutes of silence with ”Big Girls Don’t Cry” playing in the background to mourn her move” 😀
    alf mabrook!! 😀

  2. 7araam…!! wallahe i kinda liked that lady! lol

    singin while you know you cant sing…is like dancing when knowing you cant dance :s


    you so mean 7aki! lol

  3. She couldn’t be worse than Fergie could she?

    If you hear her sing it or any song in the future, ask her who sings it…when she replies with the correct artist, then you say “not you, right?!?!?” and walk away.

  4. she ruined big girls don’t cry for u ! good thing shez gone !!

  5. lol @ 4:47!!! and I feel so bad for your friend haha!! el mohim mabrouk, we’ll see whose the a-hole that will replace her hah!

  6. trust me..your subconscious mind is damaged forever. Now each time you’ll hear “Big girls don’t cry”, you will remember her.

    I would not be surprised to see you in handcuffs for assasinating Fergie 😛

  7. Mai: Hehehe. Thanks.

    Maher: 7abaitha!!!!!! Allah yib3atlak wa7deh zayha 😛

    Luai: You do have a point. So imagine how Fergie is bad and then she sings even worse. She’s gone now but I’ll pass your suggestion to her future office mates hehehehe.

    lost within: THANK GOD

    Batoul: HAHAHAHA. Yeah I guess we might get an A hole.

    Hamza: My subconscious is damaged beyond repair.

  8. She WHAT

    *calls up Human Emotional Scarring Facility by Moogle Inc. and files a complaint*

    *waits for response*


    hehhehe… they’re sending a replacement.. mihmihmihmih

  9. KJ: LOL. You are evil

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