The Coke Finger

I’ve always seen Men in Jordan with the infamous long pinkie nail and I always wondered to why they have them, I thought it was a taxi cab driver specialty.


I always thought that they grow them to pick their noses (I threw up in my mouth a little right now just picturing it in action)

And then I came to Canada to find out that this phenomenon is not limited to Jordan only!

We have a manager (Yes. A manager who does not drive a taxi and who is in his late fifties) who has a long pinkie nail and one of my hilarious coworkers dubbed him “The Coke finger”.

This was the first time I learned that people use that nail to snort cocaine.

Since I always wondered why people grew that fingernail and to expand my knowledge base (OK it’s Friday and I am bored) I went on a google quest to find out why people grow it

OMG some of these entries are just tooooo funny!

First there is a blogger who lives in Honduras that posted about this issue. Apparently in Honduras there are A LOT of men who sport that long fingernail which resulted with her going on a quest of her own to find why. Fascinating read, hehe.

I continued my search to find out that the one and only Dave has already tackled this issue on his blog, he was so weirded out by it that he wrote a Treatise .

There’s even this page that is dedicated to this subject and lists MANY reasons to why some men choose to sport that disgusting VILE nail.

And last but not least the Urban dictionary confirms that people use the coke nail to , well, snort cocaine.

It’s funny how so many people are so interested in knowing why that nail is being grown all around the world.



21 Responses

  1. Wow, all of that.
    I thought they grow it to cut things with it, like to cut tapes or papers and such! But know we know there’s a whole culture based on a nail. 😀

  2. I am off to my brother to sniff around his pinkie ! * he and dad fight all the time about it *
    They use those for coke ! this is really freaky !

  3. I just use a $100 bill, but maybe these guys want everyone to know they snort coke.

  4. I’m afraid this is a question that will be baffling us through the ages.

    Thanks for the link!

  5. wow..its such an eye-opening post.

    heh..and i thought they use it to slash ppls’ throats

  6. lol @loai.
    Thats too funny, I always wondered what that was about! i thought for when they fight? lool and I see a lot of taxi drivers pick at their teeth with it EW EW!

  7. Hey…first comment on your blog.

    Man. Oh MAN! That picture is sickening…I’ve seen many taxi drivers with that pinkie nail and it makes me wanna hurl. Well, at least now I know there are many (rather odd) reasons for doing it.

    You reminded me of my friend, a girl, who liked letting her nails grow but they would often break so that they were all different lengths. One time her pinkie nail was the only long one and I kept hounding her until she cut it off. I kept going, “Please…you look like a Lebanese taxi driver!”

    (Funny thing was that we were standing in line for a ride in an amusement park. She actually took out a pair of nail clippers and trimmed it right then and there. That’s when I realized that she does an amazing job of humoring me.)

    Anyways, love your blog!

  8. So we still need a treatise on men who grow ponytails!

  9. Oh how gross that nail is…ew ew ew
    From now on it’s the nose picking nail thanks to you 7aki..I can’t take that mental image off my mind.
    It was a much simpler time when I believed it was the coke sniffing nail.

  10. thank God eno hada el finger 3ende noso 6ayer lol
    yes i have 9 fingers and a half! 7aram momo! lol

  11. Jasim: yup, a whole culture.

    Lost within: Hehehe, do let us know if your brother is using or not, HAHAHAHA. But don’t worry too much, maybe he picks his nose with it and that’s it. Tell your brother to CUT IT.

    Luai: LOL. I always wondered why they use 100 dollar bills, I mean the dollar bill is the exact same size! Enlighten us.

    La Gringa: I have been wondering about it all my life and there is no one satisfying reason, if you are not using drugs why the hell do you have it!!!!

    Hamza: That could be a reason.

    Batoul: EWWWWWWWW.

    Hala S.: THANK GOD she cut it off.

    Welcome to the blog!

    Hani: Hmmmm, my theory would be that they are trying be hippies. Or cool rockers.

    Dana: LOL. That picture is sooooooo bad. And I had to share that mental image with everybody.

    Maher: Awwww, 3anjad 7aram 😦 . But you still have another pinkie don’t you DARE grow that nail, LOL.

  12. 7aki…check your email

  13. People need to understand two reasons why the nail was grown:

    The nail was grown so people can busy themselves in trying to understand why the reason was grown. With people investing so much time in the Nail of Enigmas, they will not focus on other important matters in the world, like why people only have two kidneys or one liver. It is also a COVERUP for REASON B

    The True Reason on why the Nail of Enigmas is being nurtured throughout the world is that The Company Responsible for the Great Moogle Invasion (subsidiary of Moogle Inc.) injects nigh-invisible larvae in said nails. Therefore when people eat mansaf or shake hands or sniff coke, they harvest the larvae within themselves. Given proper brain conditions and environmental variables, a Moogle shall sprout in said brain.

  14. ew ew ew and EEEWW. That has to be one of the most disgusting habits ever!

  15. Haha you know i laughed OUT LOUD when i read this, literally i’m at my office desk and the laughter just BURST out of my mouth obnoxiously and my coworkers gave me the strangest look ever…. because this is sooo true! i’ve always wondered about this DISGUSTING phenomenon of long fingernail, and i realized somwhere along the way years ago that it had to be some kind of drug use, but i laughed particularly at the youthful innocent assumption that it would be to pick your nose… HAHAHAHAHA kids DO think that too i bet… 😀 thanks for giving me a smile.. disgusting though this whole topic is …

  16. that pictures creeps me out!!! can you write something new :0), hehehe….

  17. FYI your blog is the first I’ve heard of of the use of coke with that finger.. and I wish I didn’t know that.
    i was in a meeting today and one of my colleagues, a very respectable looking African American lady had a very looooooooong pinkie nail and I saw that and burst out laughing. Everyone looked at me and I had to feign coughing, and people were offering me water and asking me if I was okay. Very embarrassing and so not worth the mental image of that lady using her “coke” finger!!!

  18. A manager with a coke finger 🙂 now that’s a mystery.

    I remember a long time ago my weird aunt. She used to chase us around the house with her friggin long finger nails and hiding her face behind her long hair. It’s like the Grudge but without the creepy sounds and faces. LOL

    By the way, your blog rocks! Keep it up (^v^)

    Saloo7i from KSA

  19. KJ: HAHAHA. So coke finger people have Moogles? Ew.

    it is gross man! I know.

    Maha: LOL. Glad you liked my gross topics.

    heheeeee. I know. Haven’t been able to pot anything since then.

    Tinker 2: Are you serious? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Saloo7i: LOOOL. Hilarious aunt!
    Glad you liked the blog.

  20. Why do you use my foto without my permission. Did you ever hear about copyright?

  21. Would you like me to remove it? I will gladly do that.

    Unless you give me the permission to use it 🙂

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