And I Hate March Too

2008 so far hasn’t been a good year health wise for me.

Got sick From February 18th till like the 25 and now I have been sooooo sick that I have been in bed all week.

Every muscle in my body aches, coughing, sneezing, I got the chills, and then  the sweats, can’t remember sleeping for this long in my life. And been kinda disoriented; I was so disoriented I couldn’t even watch TV!

So I decided that I hate March too.

I mean what’s to love when it’s flu season?


20 Responses

  1. Ya 7araam…
    Think of pretty warm May..its just around the corner….
    Get better soon 🙂

  2. Salamtek sis 😦
    hope you feel better soon 🙂
    i’m sending a huge mug of herbal tea, a box of tissues and a nice warm blanket.
    while I’m at it, do you need something else?
    Miss you lots and tell your hubby that he better be taking care of you or else 8o|

  3. 7aki salamtek alf malion salameh, i dont comment often but i read all u write and u left a hole in the blogosphere, we miss you

  4. yikes! salamtek.. No march maddness for 7aki!? tsk tsk lol.. yallah sheh 7elek wo come back to us, you’ve been missed!

  5. sheh? what! lol shede* 7elek.

  6. Salamtek!
    i was wondering where you were! hope you feel better soon. take care and do not go around spreading your germs to everyone! kidding!

  7. Salamtek 7aki .. inshallah you’ll feel great soon

  8. Aw, i’m really sorry. I hope your hubby and the little princess don’t catch it. You should get the flu vaccinations shortly before its season every year. Belive me they are a huge relief, at least when you get it you’ll think that you’ve done your best.

    Get well Soooooon, we miss you already ^_^

  9. There is always some thing to love… like little 7aki worrying about you and making mommy some tea 🙂

  10. salamtek..shu you didn’t get the flu shot this year?

    anyway, I’ll try and look at bright side and think of it as a way of catching up to you in reading the Blogger’s current book club. ;P

  11. Hey 7aki, may you be well LONG TERM soon. Miss you!!

  12. o salamtik….i hope u feel better soon…i hate jan,feb, and march so much…

  13. ya 2008 has been a shit year so far bas lissa bakeer 3alaih so im keepin the faith 😀

    feel better 😀

  14. I reached the point where I thought I have something wrong with my Immune system :S I’ve been sick for almost 3 weeks and I still can’t have my voice back loool but still I don’t hate march

    Salamtek :roses:

  15. i was struck by the darn flu, o then kol my family were sick lol ! yes 3adethom! they made fun of me when i kept on sneezing lol i do sneeze funny lol

  16. Who needs health? Hope everything else is better.

  17. I hope you feel better soon….. I hate been sick too….

  18. Salamtek 7aki :(. I hate flu. Thank God I only got it once this year! Last year it was something like 5 times, and the year before maybe 10!

    Try to have more tea. I feel it really helps.

  19. Salamtek!

    But you gotta admit…being in a warm cosy bed, not having to shower or meet people, feeling that head buzz that is akin to some drugs buts its LEGAL, and having an excuse for being lazy and grumpy…c’mon!!!!

    but still…salamtek! =)

  20. Thank you all for your wishes 🙂 . I am much better now and today I am back to work.

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